Our Adair County Ancestors

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Last edited 10/23/08

Millerfield School - 1934/35

Submitted By: Morris & Lavelle Shepherd

Columbia High School 1947 - Freshmen Class

Top Picture:  

1st. Row:  Dorothy Sneed, Virginia Blades, Hubert Fitch, Bobby Wanty, Jane Barnett, Donald Harris, Jimmy Fason, Zelma Smith, Robbie White.  2nd Row:  Louise Sparks, Dorothy Montgomery, Sue Thomas, Betty Jean Branham, Flossie Parnell, Yvonne Lawhorn, Ellynor Vance, Claudette Durham, Avon Coomer, Mildred Farris, Lavelle Farris.  3rd Row:  Charles Barnes, Helen Coomer, Jeanette Bradshaw, Gene Lawless, Delano Bryant.  4th Row:  Hyman Loy, Jr. Rodgers, Jack Wilkinson, Cecil Turner, Bobby Morris, Jim Callison.


Bottom Picture:  

1st Row:  Eva Bailey, Rena Coomer, Evalene Shepherd, Kathlene Collins, Rose Mary Hancock, Mary Stephens, Alice Jean Burton, Audrey Shepherd, Louise Burton, Wanda Morris, Vera Hadley.  2nd Row:  Eugene Hadley, Van Keith Burton, Earl Cundiff, Maurice McFarland, Jesse Loy, Harold Young, Austin Curry.  3rd Row:  Morris Shepherd, Kenneth Corbin.                

Submitted By: Morris & Lavelle Shepherd

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