Adair County Brick Wall Archives


Posted 12/31/07


Please if you know of any information regarding Milly Ormes and her father Philip Ormes and as to where he might be buried, please contact me at the  address above. She married Joshua Selby and moved to Overton Co., TN and then Roane Co., TN. Milly and Joshua were married in Adair Co., KY. Thanks for any help, Blanche Jernigan,

Posted 12/31/07


I am looking for more information on Levi B. Clark born about 1821 in Ohio. I have Census records on him from 1860-1880 in Adair Co. He served in the Civil War. I think he may be buried in Mt Carmel Cemetery. He moved to Adair Co. from Shelby, IN between 1850 & 1860. Any help will be appreciated, Maggie Earl,

Posted 12/28/07


Looking for the location of probate and heir information for James Trabue brother to Daniel Trabue.

James Trabue b. 29 Jan 1746  VA ; d. 25 Dec 1802 KY??  Son Robert Trabue b. abt.1790 KY; d, abt. 1833 KY.

A source other than the Trabue family history please. Thanks for any help, KJS,

Posted 12/24/07


Sevier Beard, my GGG Grandfather, was born in Adair County in 1802.  He married Catherine Hill on 9 March 1825 in the county.  He had 5 children born in Adair county before relocating to Henry County, Tennessee around 1840.
The children are William Henry Beard, Rebecca Jane Beard, Mary Elizabeth Beard, Kitty Ellen Beard and tabitha Caroline Beard. I am looking for any information and possible electronic copies of documents about Sevier and his family. Thanks, Thomas Beard

Posted 12/16/07


I'm looking for the Obit and burial location for Evaline Hopkins born 1877.She is in the 1900 census living in West Columbia with her husband John Hopkins and their twin sons John (My Dad) and Richard born 1900.She
gave birth to another  child in 1904 and 1905,but in the 1910 census my Great Grand father John Hopkins was still living in West Columbia, but had remarried. That leads me to believe, she died sometime between 1905 and
1910. Thanks for any help, Dave ,

Posted 11/27/07


I am looking for any information concerning Thomas Collins and his wife Nancy. In the 1850 census they are listed as living in Adair County with their son William F. William F is the father of my ggrandmother Mary Elizabeth Collins that married James Willis Glass. I am looking for any info on the Collins family that I can locate. Thanks,
Jennefer Woods,


I am researching my Montgomery family of Menard Co., IL. My grandfather Harry Dickey Montgomery was born in Menard Co. in 1858. His father James Walker Montgomery was born in Adair Co., Ky in 1821-24. His mother Martha Jane Dickey was born in Ohio in 1827. I have information on her family, but not on James Walker Montgomery family. I know that they were married in Putnam Co., Il in 1849. They later moved to Menard Co. I would appreciate any suggestions or information you might have on this family. Thank you for your time. Mary  Montgomery Douglass


Posted 10/29/07


Anyone who has information about "Elder" James Jones who was there from the very late 1700's till about 1810. Sometime after that he ended up in Johnson county Ill. about 1818. He married Elizabeth White in 1807 in Adair
county. Any additional information welcome. Milford Jones,

Posted 10/28/2007


I have hit the wall with my search for Lillie Mae Hawkins.  She married Lanis Janes and lived in Hodgenville KY. Grandma passed in 1955 and I am looking for her parent's and grandparents. Thank you, Joanne <richards> Harms,

Posted 10/10/2007


Looking for information on Alexander Blair b 1763-d 1831?. Alexander was married to Elizabeth Breeding b1765-d 1813 in childbirth. Was in Adair County by 1803. Registered a stock brand in 1803. Early records show
Alexander, Isaac McHenry, and Peter Breeding had land jointly. Thanks for any help,
Fred Blair,

Sanders / Shessell

Looking for decendents / info of Henry Harvey Sanders (b 1885) and Mary Millard Shessell (b 1892).  I know they had two boys:  Hershel R (b 1912) and Jackaria Mirell (b. 1924).   I believe Hershel died in 1984 in Adair Co.
Hershel would have been by dad's second cousin. Any info on this branch of my tree or live decedents to contact would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon Sanders,


Posted 09/25/2007


I have traced my family back to Adair, Kentucky. John Stone (b. 1804) married Mary (b. 1805) and I found them in the 1860, 1850 and 1840 Census but unable to find a Stone in 1830 in Adair.  Not sure where they originated or when and where they passed away. One of his son's, Stephen R Stone was found in Adair up until 1900 when he moved to IL.  My thoughts are perhaps the parents passed and he moved away. Any information about the Stone's while they spent the many years in Adair would be much appreciated! Thanks, Amy Ching

Posted 09/25/2007


I am looking for information on George Washington Stotts b. 25 July 1847 in Adair County, Kentucky, married 14 Sep 1876 in Lucas Co. Iowa to Margaret Ellen McClain, and who died 6 July 1936 in Ottumwa,Wapello, Iowa. On his death certificate it states his father was M. Stotts and his mother was "Polly" Ann Smith b. in Virginia but have no idea if that is accurate. Am trying to determine the parentage of he and his brothers: Green Stotts, (b. abt 1851, mar. Emeline Hunt in 1871 in Marion Co. Iowa), John R. Stotts, (b. abt 1854 in Adair Co. KY, mar. Mary Newell in 1876 in, Marion Co. Iowa, d. 14 Mar 1929 in Glenwood, Mills Co. Iowa). I cannot find George, Green or John in the 1850 Adair Co. KY census. They are in the 1860 census with Mary Stotts and John Stotts who is listed as an idiot. It is not clear whether Mary Stotts is a sister, wife or caretaker to John Stotts (idiot). This Mary Stotts shows up in the 1870 Census in Marion Co. Iowa as residing with John Fletcher and family and in the 1880 Census in Marion Co. Iowa as married to John Fletcher with John (idiot) living with them which seems to me indicates that she and John were not married but perhaps brother and sister. If this is the case who are the parents of Washington, Green and John R. Stotts? See Census Information Any help would be appreciated in trying to sort this out.
Joan Pulis, joanpulis@lissalou.comAm

Posted 09/25/2007

Judd / Greer

I need something to connect Robert Judd and Rachel Greer Judd to their son John Greer Judd.  John was born in Green co Ky abt 1811 married Martha Ann Elizabeth in 1831. They moved to TN. abt 1850 and John D. in TN abt 1884 The DAR says I need something showing John Greer Judd is the son of Robert and Rachel Judd.  The will not take the Judd Book  he said that was a guess. thanks looking forward to hearing from somebody with some info on my family Mary Ann Karnes,

Posted 09/25/2007


Looking for the parents of Young Montgomery (sic) born 29 Oct 1803 Adair Co., KY m. Anna Gabbert (b.1809 Casey, KY on 23 Oct 1825) in Washington, IN Supposedly his father's name was John Montgomery. Thanks for any help, R. Montgomery Viets,

Posted 09/25/2007

Wheat / Booher & Booher / Medaris

I am looking for information on Nancy Wheat (1771-1821) and her husband John Booher (1782-1861).  I am especially interested in finding out who their parents were.  I am also researching their children with emphasis on Lydia D. Booher (1803-1857) and her husband Austin Medaris (1805-???) Any help appreciated! Jeff Loftin,

Posted 09/12/2007


I am looking for information on the lineage of my father, Edwin L. Grider.  He was raised in Adair County, and his parents were Edd Lee & Bertha Grider.  He had 2 sister & 1 brother, Mary, Marie & Osmond.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we have no records whatsoever. Kathy,

Posted 09/05/2007


I am researching Wil Alford or William Alford McGinnis who married Mary E. Spoon. They had three children, Homer, Lillian, and Burton. I found William A. McGinnis born abt. 1841 in Adair Cty, KY.  Mary E. Spoon was born about 1864 also in Adair Cty, KY - just hoping William A. is our infamous "Wilalford". I am looking for any leads or connections between the two. Kathleen,

Posted 09/02/2007


Looking for Prescilla Crossley/Crossly/Crosby, Born abt 1810 Adair Co KY, Parents unknown
Married 1827 Temple Calhoun Smith, Randolph Co IN. No marriage application taken until a later time. Unable to locate in 1790 census from reconstructed tax lists, unable to locate anyone in 1810/1820 census Adair Co KY or Randolph Co., IN. Who is she? Who was her family? Did she have any siblings? Any help out there? Coleen Coleman

Posted 08/26/2007

Scott / Rowe

2nd Request : Looking for any information on John Scott and Jane Virginia Rowe, husband and wife. They lived in Adair
County, Ky. in early 1800s,need any info on them. They are my G-G-grandparents on my father's mother side of family.John was shown living with his son Isham Scott in the 1880 census of Adair County. Thank you for any info.
Robert Cravens,

Posted 08/19/2007

Elmore / Leach

Researching George Elmore residing in Adair Co. Ky, Columbia Township circa 1783-1820 and on.
Married to a Leach; unknown first name. He was a Revolutionary War veteran (Virginia Continental Line) who was
granted 100 acres in KY in 1783 for service in the war. Never used grant, just took up residence in Adair Co and died there. Born: 1750 Richmond Co., Va  Died: 1820 Adair co. Married: 1774 in Surry (Wilkes Co.) to Miss Leach. She was born approx. 1754 in Adair Co. Some known children: Elisha Elmore   Rhoda Elmore  Elijah Elmore   Sarah Elmore  James Elmore    Anderson Elmore. A great-grandson was John Smith Elmore.
Thanks for any help 
Sharon Gullett, SHARON2445005@YAHOO.COM

Posted 08/19/2007


I too am interested in learning more information about the genealogy of my Perryman ancestral family.
My known lineage includes:

1.  John Perryman (<1745->1766) and Mary Hays Perryman (<1745->1762).

2.  William Perryman (1759-1854) and Ann Stokes Perryman (<1762->1829).

3.  Sarah Perryman Grider (ca. 1787-ca. 1884) and Frederick Grider (ca. 1781-1853).

4.  James Grider (1826-1909) and Mary Margaret Bryant Grider (1846-1936).

5.  Daniel Marion Grider (1888-1949) and Effie Burton Grider (1896-1987).
6.  Katherine Louise Grider Lepiarczyk and Gerhard Lepiarczyk.

7.  Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk II.

The preponderance of evidence indicates that John Perryman and Mary Hays Perryman are the father and mother of William Perryman.  William's wife, Ann Stokes Perryman, was known as "Nancy", a common nickname during the
colonial period.  It will be a pleasure to communicate with descendants of John Perryman and Mary Hays Perryman.
E. H. Lepiarczyk,

Posted 08/15/2007


Looking for death information on my great-great grandparents  Greenup England and Eliza.  Greenup and his father George Washington England both born in Adair County.  Would like to have more information on both generations.
Thanks in advance, 

Posted 08/15/2007

Cross / Geloton?

I have a marriage record showing that Solomon Cross married Betsy Geloton in Adair Co., KY on 07 Sep 1803 .  Yet I can find no other reference to the surname "Geloton."  I have done many searches without success.  Perhaps the surname is misspelled or misread. Solomon Cross does show up in the 1810 Census. I would appreciate any information or ideas. Norm Hare,

Posted 08/15/2007


Two of my close family members have been DNA tested they match members of the documented line below:

1. William Perryman (c1715-)/Susanna Smasson
2. John Perryman (c1736-)/Mary Unknown (c1738-)
3. William Perryman (1759-1854)/Nancy (Ann) Stokes (c1762-1829)
4. William Perryman (1792-1865)/Sabrina Johnson (c1795-1863)
5. Richard Hardin Perryman (1841-1912)/Mary Catherine Wolford (1848-)
6. William Curtis Perryman (1869-1927)/Trasia Clementine Bertram (1880-1949)
7. Jessie Hoyt Murry Perryman (1916-1981)/Alma Ruth Rogers (1921-2004)
8. Sandra Lee Perryman (c1946-)
8. Elliott Murry Perryman (1949-)

Their relationship is uncertain.  My known gg grandfather is William Perryman born abt 1811 in KY, according to the 1850 Smith County, Texas census. His son James was born Nov 1836 in Hardeman County, TN.
I would appreciate any help with the connection to this line. Syble Glasscock

Posted 08/15/2007

Gill / Dameron

I am looking for a marriage between Stephen Gill and Agnes Dameron that I believe took place in Adair County, Ky ca 1830. Would anyone happen to have any info on this item?


Posted 08/15/2007

Hatter and connecting families

Family names that I am researching for my family are: Lowe, Doss, Jones, Thornton, Sumpter, Brummett, Massengale, Dishman, Morgan, Morris, Hancock, Randolph, Woodall, and Millsap, and various spellings of all the names. These are some of the names that I am descended from. Some may have relocated to Casey County, KY


Family names that I am researching for my husband, Bobby Hatter’s family are: Boston, Chriswell, Coleman, Criswell, Durham, Gaddis, Gorish, Grigsby, Hatter, Henson, Johnson, Napier, Raborn, Rayborn, Sims, Sluder, Wall, Walls, Wilcher, and various spellings of all of the names. I am interested in all the families that are related or extended families. These families lived in these counties: Casey, Adair, Lincoln, Boyle, Russell, and Wayne.

 Help with any of these lines would be appreciated, Betty Lowe Hatter


Posted 07/13/2007


In the back of the Loy Cemetery, also known as the B rockman-Loy, just off Rte. 1729 near Free Union Church, is a Civil War military for "B.W. SMILEY, 13th Kentucky Cavalry." (No other information is given on the the marker.) I'm annotating a transcription of the grave markers in this cemetery, thus my interest in Mr. Smiley. Does anyone know with certainty "who" he was? He doesn't appear in the 1860, 1880 or 1900 Adair County census. Thus far, the only possibility I've found is William Smiley, age 41, in the 1850 Adair Co. census; age 46 in the 1860 Russell Co. census (the proximity of nearby surnames places his residence very near the Adair-Russell line, not far removed from the Loy cemetery); and age 64 in the Adair Co. census. Despite the vagaries of the ages given for William, the presence of other family members his household in the 1850/60/70 census records establish this as being the same person. With thanks in advance for any insights, Cyrus,

Posted 07/16/2007

Breeding School

I am looking for a photo copy of the old one room school house in Breeding on Independence Ridge Road close to Dirigo.  My mother and her siblings went to school there and I have pictures of the students but none of the school itself back then.  I will gladly pay for the copy and postage if someone has one of this school.
Contact Info: Roberta J Dooley, 


Posted 07/13/2007


One of my brick walls is Mary Kay Williams McAllister, who were her parents, she lived in Adair Co. Ky. and was a school teacher. She was born ca 1815 in Ky. She married Samuel McAllister probably in Adair Co.
Ky. Her will was written in 1873, however don't know exactly when she died. She may have been married ca 1829-1830, again probably in Adair Co. Ky. There were two Williams in the 1820 Adair Co. Ky. census who had 5-10
yr. old females in their families, one was an Aaron Williams and the other was a John Williams. Other names connected to Mary's family are Benningfield, Thomas, Bryant, Johnston. any  info would be much appreciated I always am willing to share or help. Marilyn M Fair,

Posted 07/13/2007


Still looking for James Walker Montgomery born in Adair co in 1821-24. he is my greatgrandfather. need to know who his parents were. can anyone direct me in the right direction? Polly Douglass,

Posted 07/13/2007


Martha Ann "Patsy" Lampton and Jane Lampton Clemens (mother of "Mark Twain") were born in Adair County in 1807 and 1803.  Their mother, Margaret "Peggy" Casey had three sisters, one of whom was named Anne, married to John Montgomery. I am trying to find the names of the other two sisters, the names of the men they married, and the names of their descendents. I will appreciate any help. Irene Pham,

Posted 06/25/2007

Cotton / Catton / Cotten

I would like to get in touch with anyone who might be researching the Surname Cotton or any of the above variations. John W Jones and His wife Maria in Philadelphia PA. There daughter Lucinda was born in Ohio 1834 and Married Eli Cotton 1810 Ohio - 1895 Iowa ????. 1880 census show them in Porter Co IN as Eli Catton. They were married  June 14th, 1854. We have been able to trace Lucinda but have run into a Brick Wall with Eli. Thank so much for any information. Nancy Hackbart

Posted 06/25/2007


I'm looking for information about Mary F. Williams born Aug. 5,1832 died June 10, 1892. Tabernackle Cemetery. I would like to know who her parents were and who she married. Thanks, Betty Caffee,> has

Posted 06/25/2007


Searching for parents of Milton Simpson; born 1822 in Adair County, Kentucky.   Later died 6/05/1878.  Married to Dicey Coffey; 12/20/1842. Thank you for any info! Zeanna Johnson,

Posted 06/18/2007

Calhoun / Smith

Temple Calhoun Smith B: 26 July 1806 Adair Co KY M: 23 Aug 1827 Randolph Co IN Spouse: CROSSLEY, Prescilla D: 28 May 1885 Randolph Co IN  Looking for a record that proves once and for all that Samuel Smith born NC? VA? is his father and that Samuels' spouse is Elizabeth Calhoun, hence Temples' middle name of Calhoun.
 In turn Temple Sr had a son Temple Calhoun Jr married one Martha Ann Scott of IN.  Any help appreciated. I am almost certain (re: 1850 Randolph Co IN census) lists a Samuel and Elizabeth living next door to Temple, his wife and children including my Temple who was -9- at that time. Thanks, Coleen Coleman

Posted 06/18/2007

Mosby / Grider

Looking for information on one Phillip Mosby who was married to one Ella Jane Grider, I have Ella's Family Tree but nothing on Pillip, They lived in Russell Springs, Ky and / or Adair County, Ky. Thanks, John Bure,

Posted 06/18/2007


Looking for the parents of Neal Randall. He was born June 12, 1884 in Adair Co., KY.

Posted 06/10/2007


I'm trying to find what happened to Joanna Wilkenson B.1828 Russell Co. KY, married Peter Workman 1863, Adair Co. after his wife Matilda J. Reed Workman died.  After Peter Workman died in 1893, in 1894 she married Wade
Mosby.  She is listed as wife of Wade Mosby in Adair Co. 1900 Census.  He died in 1914.  She is not listed as survivor. Peter Workman was my GG grandfather.  Father of my G grandmother Juliza Workman Bardin. Thanks, Janice Newton Reed, This Brick Wall was answered 6/18/06: In "Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky" Vol 1 page 124 is this entry in the Breeding Cemetery: Joann Mosby 11-19-1828 - 9-9-1903. [Her name is given as Joann in the listing and as Joanna in the index.] The location/description of the cemetery is given thus: "It is located within sight of Highway 61 or Highway 533 near Breeding, Ky. There are 86 known graves including 29 headstones that have no markings." There's no marker listed for Mr. Wade Mosby, nor did mention of Mrs. Joanna Mosby's death appear in either the September 16 or September 23, 1903 edition of the Adair County News. The Breeding, Ky., community is located in extreme southwest Adair County.

Posted 06/10/2007

Longhunter (?) Russell

Searching for possible gr+grandfather. Much is written about Col. Knox and his longhunters, and I've seen a
Russell name listed, but unable to find out more. It is known that there is a Russell's Creek in the area, and Joseph, Edmund/Edward and James Russell had land warrants in then Lincoln Co., 1781,1782 & 1783. The
Joseph stated above is believed to have been married to the daughter of Wm and Jane Smith Montgomery, Molly. (Molly was also the sister of Gen Wm Casey's wife, Jane.) Questions are: what was the first name of the
Russell longhunter and is there any reference to the names of his wife and children?  Any information will be truly appreciated by our Russell Family. Thanks, Sandy Russell Kassen,

Posted 06/10/2007


This is in response to the "On the Line" page by Marilyn Phelps I would like to hear from anyone involved in the project about the Adair-Russell border involving the people mentioned in those deeds submitted by Marilyn Phelps for CARY PHELPS.  I will be happy to work with them on ascertaining additional facts or whatever.  First of all, Marilyn Phelps states that Cary Phelps was not heard of after 1810.  I believe that statement is in error, because I think the same Cary Phelps is listed on the 1850 Census for Russell Co., KY, which would make sense since Russell was separated from Adair around 1827 so Cary was thereafter in Russell Co. Also, you could check further about later census records in Russell Co., KY.  I do know about the Shadrack Phelps Farm but these deeds for Cary Phelps, I do not think, pertain to the Shadrack Phelps farm as it is known today.  That farm is NOT on the Adair-Russell Border.  It lies between Esto and Perkins Creek on Rt. 92.  But I could be wrong on that. And, obviously, Cary could have moved closer to Shadrack at a later time but records show that Shadrack's children lived close to him. These farms mentioned in the deeds from Marilyn Phelps are on Reynolds Creek which is a different location from Shadrack's. (Notice that the deed for Shadrack mentions Greasy Creek which is near present-day Jamestown, KY.) I know because I am a descendant of the James Lapsley mentioned in one of those deeds on Marilyn Phelps' page,  and I know the general geography of the area including both of these creeks.  Reynolds Creek is a tributary of Russell Creek, which is, of course, one of the main branches of Green River. Your collection of deeds is interesting.  Most of them do mention Reynolds Creek.  I did research on James Lapsley  being a Patriot of the American Revolution and on that basis gained membership in the DAR so I am very interested in the early time period.  James Lapsley is listed on the 1802 Tax List for Adair Co., KY.  I own the land mentioned in that deed on Reynolds Creek(mentioned on your rootsweb page).  James Lapsley was one of the original buyers from the developers Roberts and Banks you mention--the ones who had a patent on about 7,000 acres and were selling those farms in the target time period. (In fact, Roberts is in our family tree but I do not yet know anything about the Banks of that partnership.)  Ownership of the James Lapsley farm has continuously been in his/our family since 1802 and we received a plaque from the state of KY for this during the Bicentennial.  I will look forward to hearing from you, especially Marilyn Phelps.
Thank you. Tine Reynolds

Posted 06/10/2007

Descendants of Harry H. & Ruth Stotts Allen

A week ago I obtained a bag of letters from Harry H. Allen to Ruth Stotts, and hers to him. This was before, during and after WW1. It seems they both lived in Adair CO most of their lives, with Mr. Allen dying in 1968, and Ruth (Stotts) Allen dying in 1990. I feel sure someone there would like these letters, it represents an entire lifetime and would be a shame to be lost. I am in Joplin, MO and would be happy to send the letters
(all 5 pounds of them!) to anyone who would appreciate them. Wes Sylvester,

Posted 06/03/2007


My great grandfather was James T. Blair, he married Elizabeth Morris (Morse) I can go back on his family forever, I cannot find anything on her, no one in family can recall her speaking names of siblings or parents I believe her dads name was (John?) if I could find a marriage his. or the birth of some of their older children, their m. was between 1885 and1894 their . older children was Laura Alice, William  John, Maggie m. (Bell),the others were Virginia Estel, Ella Mae, and Jesse. I hope you can help me. Dr. William Blair was James T's brother. Burton Blair was their father. Sheila Helton,

Posted 05/26/2007


Looking for any and all information relating to the Breeding clan from Adair County, KY beginning with George W. Breeding (b.12 Mar 1808) and Levinia Blair (b. 05 Nov 1813) Thanks in advance, Blake Campbell,

Posted 06/03/2007

Looking for Book...

I am interested in obtaining a copy of: "The Long Hunters of Skin House Branch", by Burdette & Berley.  I have searched on line without success. Any suggestions??? Thank you, Don Burris

In Answer: The best bet would be for Mr. Burris to contact Ed Waggener of E.P. Waggener & Sons, Booksellers, of the greater suburban Gradyville-Bliss community, Adair County, @ Mr. Waggener doesn't have Skin House Branch listed on his website that I could find but I know with a fair degree of certainty he has some copies of the volume for sale.

The second best option would be to contact the Adair County Library 270-384-2472 & ask to speak to Ernie or Jewel (both female.)


Posted 05/26/2007


Looking for family of James A. Tweedy b abt 1840 who married Elizabeth Carter, daughter of George Washington Carter in 1858. Believe he was born in Cumberland Co., Ky Thanks, Sandra Oxner,

Posted 05/26/2007


Trying to find the location of John Moran's farm 1800 to 1840 or his son Samuel M. Thanks, James Moran,


Posted 05/16/2007


My great-grandfather was Joseph A. L. Yates, son of James Gaines Yates and Rebecca McClister, all of Adair County, KY.  I'm searching for Joseph's first wife, my great-grandmother.  They had 8 children. She died in 1899.
His second marriage was to Amanda Voils (Voiles) Rowe. Any information about my great-grandmother's name or family would be greatly appreciated! P.  Riley,

Posted 05/16/2007


Looking for the parents of Susanna Blankenship Cromeenes. Born abt 1852 Ky. in 1880 Census states both parents born Ky. She was married in Adair Co., Ky 3 Sep 1866 to James Cromeans.  If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Aletta Cady,

Posted 05/06/2007


My name is Michael Allan; I am a descendant of William Henry Lemmon, James H. Lemmon,Wesley Lemmon, and my Grandfather Herbert Lee Lemmon all around the Pellyton area. I am looking for any historical information regarding my Grandfathers. I know that William was a Minister. Thank you Michael Allan

Posted 05/06/2007


I am looking for the parents of Mary Clementine Anderson.  She married Henry Hadley in 1879. She is listed as Mary C Anderson (1st marriage). Her mother is listed as Martha Ashbrook in the marriage license.    There
is also a marriage record for William S Ashbrook to Martha J Edes on Sep 30, 1873 Casey Co. Ky.  I don't know if this is the same Martha Jane Anderson. I have been searching for Mary's parents for years. Thanks May Grant,

Posted 05/06/2007


I am looking for any information about Joseph Aiken who is the father of William Godfrey and Robert Alva.  His wife may be Helen Petty.  This is a real stone wall for us. Thanks,  Tina McCarthy,

Posted 05/06/2007


Hello, I'm trying to find more about the early pioneer JOHN BRYANT born abt 1762 and wife ELIZABETH (HARDIN?)  who died Adair Co., KY and all of their descendants. A number of HARDIN's also in this line. Possible brother WM BRYANT died IN, supposed births in VA. Son PETER BRYANT b. 1800 married ANN MCALLISTER. Grandson PETER MARION BRYANT b. 1833 my great-grandfather. HARDIN, BURTON, CONOVER, BREEDING, FRANKUM, CURRY ties. Interested in possible ties to FAYETTE County BRYANT's. Karen Beagle,

Posted 05/06/2007


I'm looking for any information on my g-grandfather and his parents. My g-grandfather is Brence Cyrus Wilson, b 6 Aug 1886 (Columbia, KY), m 17 Apr 1912 (Lincoln, NE), and d 22 Apr 1970 (Sacramento, CA). His parents
are Elijah H. Wilson (b 15 Feb 1850 (KY), m 188? (KY), and d 27 Mar 1925 (Unadilla, NE)) and Mary P. (Tutt) Wilson, (b Feb 1855 (KY) and d 1903 (KY)). I have found them altogether in the 1900 Census in Columbia, KY,
but can't find any further information prior to that time. Thanks for any assistance provided. Frank Snyder,

Researcher Information Shared 05/09/07:

Adair County News, Wednesday, March 3, 1903.

Last Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Mary Wilson, wife of Elijah Wilson, after a long illness, succumbed to the inevitable and peacefully met her God. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Ermine Strange of Burkesville, who reached here in time to be at the funeral. She was also a niece of Mr. T.H. Tutt, S.G. and John W. Suddarth, all of whom preceded her to the grave. Mrs. Wilson was an invalid the greater portion of her life, but her afflictions were borne with Christian fortitude. She was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, but the religious exercises were conducted by Rev. E.N. Metcalfe, of the Methodist church, a number of friends and relatives being present. A husband and a bright little boy are left to mourn the loss of wife and mother, and to them and the sister at Burkesville, the sympathy of the community is extended.
1860 Adair County census, District 1, hh # 37:
Suddarth, Daniel, 66, born Buckingham Co. VA
Suddarth, Nancy, 59, born Bedford Co. VA
Suddarth, John W., 20, born Adair Co. Ky.
TUTT, Mary A., 30, born Adair Co. Ky.
Tutt, Louisa, 7, born Adair Co. Ky.
Tutt, MARY P., 5, born Adair Co. Ky.

Daniel Suddarth married Nancy Cundiff, dau. of Richard Cundiff, May 3, 1821 Adair Co.

Mary P. appears in the 1880 census as Mary Tutt, age 25 years, in the household of James Squires, age 64. She is noted as being a niece of Mr. Squires; actually, she was the niece of Mrs. Squires, nee M.L. Suddarth, d/o Daniel.

1850 Adair County census, District 1, hh # 733:
Tutt, Richard, 47, all in hh born Ky.
Tutt, Sarah, 47
Tutt, CYRUS P., 20
Tutt, Richard, 18
Tutt, Rob't, 15
M.S., (female), 11
William G., 9

Cyrus P. Tutt married Miss Mary Ann Suddarth (consent by Daniel Suddarth), October 5, 1851 Adair Co.; bond dated October 4, 1851.

Posted 05/06/2007


In 1860 there were three children named Hart listed as orphans in Lexington. I don't believe that they were born there.  They were Mary Elizabeth b. 1851, Richard b. 1855 and Elias b. 1857.  There father was listed as a
lunatic.  Can anyone please tell me about the mother or father of these children? Brenda Norton,

Posted 05/06/2007


Any info on the family of William Keeth/Keith who married Surilda Jane Brown 1880 census was in Fentress County Tn. Jane died in Adair County Ky. Anything on their children or Jane's parents please let me know.
Thank you Joie

Posted 05/06/2007


James Wilson Selby came to Adair County area about 1798 from Prince George County, Maryland. He had already served in the Revolutionary War along with his father William Selby and his brothers. He came to the Glens Fork area in Adair County and after a few yrs just disappeared!!! My question is : does anyone have info on whether James died in that area or traveled south with one of his two daughters (his wife was dead by this time) to Arkansas ? Thanks, Peggy Selby Galloway,


Posted 05/06/2007


Do you have Rodgers/Rogers, John, Noah, William, James, Lanzey, Pashal/Paskal, Mildred, Nancy J. (married to John C. Rodgers) maiden name unk. Other Rodgers/Rogers who may be related. Rodgers were related to the Caldwells, came from Lunenburg/ Charlotte Co. VA.  Kern or Keen, Mildred b. 1805 approx. B. VA. Married John Rodgers Jr , moved to Green Co. KY, married and raised a family. Green Co. KY. Became Adair Co. KY. Thank you,   Mildred Lorraine Rodgers

Posted 05/06/2007


I want any and all information found available concerning the Caldwell Family and Swallows Families that originally settled in Adair County and most I am told were Buried there. Freda Jean Caldwell Mace,


Posted 04/04/2007


Matthew McDowell wife Susan lived in Adair until his death in New Jersey in 1820.  They had an infant son James Perry McDowell.  I do not know who Susan's parents were or where she went.  James md in Nicholas Co KY and
d. 1857 there. Norma Cleveland,

Posted 04/04/2007


Looking for parents and siblings of my g.g.grandmother, Martha Moss,  She was born abt. 1816 in Adair County, Ky. and she married Elijah Green Pedigo who was born in Va.  They made their home in Warren and DeKalb County, Tennessee. Doris  Allen,

Posted 03/29/2007


Can anyone tell me the location of the community school in magisterial district no. 2? My aunt was a teacher there at that time. My aunt's name was Elizabeth Everett. She roomed with another teacher, Margaret Custer. I found them on the 1930 census on  Unfortunately, as I said in my last Email, there is no city or town name listed on the census page. It only says magisterial district no. 2, Adair County. Would there be records and photos available about this school in 1930? Thank you very much for your help. Carolyn Bulgey

Posted 03/29/2007


Would really like to know what James E. Acrees middle name was. My Dad is James Elam Acree. He lives in Edmonton, Ky. We also have an Acree Cemetary off Joe Acree rd. just outside of Cork, KY. Any help will be appreciated,  James Acree


Posted 03/29/2007


Looking for information on the following:  Vernon A. Wheat and Otho Wheat, Vernon's father.  Both lived in Adair County in the early 1800s. Thanks,

Posted 02/26/2007


I am looking for parents or siblings of one JOHN BELL with spouse ELIZA A. who lived in Gradyville (Adair Co) Ky in 1880 (who is _not_ the same as the John Bell with spouse Mary A. who lived in 'nearby' Leatherwood at the same time).  My John Bell (my presumptive great-great grandfather) had, in 1880, six children: John E., Mary E., James H. (my GGF), Lue E. (Lucy?), Zack, and Kelsey.  Any information, leads, suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated. Michael Bell

Posted 02/26/2007


I am looking to clarify the JANES surname with several Andrew Janes with dates close to the same.  I have one that married Millie Unknown and one that married Matilda "Millie" Stotts.  They have different children
listed in the census and there is still another Andrew Janes in the Adair Co., KY Census... it is very hard to determine which one goes where and with who?  Can any of the descendants help clear this confusion up?
Please email me if you can. Roberta "Bert" Dooley,

Posted 02/26/2007


Looking for any information about the Bennett family from Adair Co Kentucky. Any help appreciated.

Posted 02/18/2007


This has been nearly a 10 year search: Who are the Parents of WILLIAM BRYANT/BRIANT? William Bryant/Briant b1785 Lincoln/Adair CO d.abt.1830 Wahsington CO IN. Married Mary (Lockhart?) abt 1807 Notes for William: Milita in South OH and KY 1793-1794 Military Service March 23-Oct 1, 1813 Roll Of Captain, Theophilus Simonton's Company (War of 1812) Children of William & Mary: 1. John W. Bryant b.abt.1809 KY
2. Betsy Bryant b. abt. 1810 KY 3. Jefferson Ira Bryant b May 18, 1814 KY d Jan 25,1878 IN ..Married Mary Elizabeth Crockett Jan 19, 1832 4. Anthony Bryant b. abt. 1815 KY 5. William Bryant (Jr?) b. abt. 1822 d.abt.1918
..Married Chloa Lockhart March 14, 1844 Any help, leads or suggestions will be greatly apprieciated.
Thank You for your time, Terri Bryant Snider,


Posted 02/18/2007


I am searching for any information on Thomas and Hannah Bratcher, after 1830. Any help will be appreciated,  JOHNHBRATCHER@COMAST.NET

Posted 02/18/2007


I am unable to locate ancestors past Joseph Burks b. 5 Dec 1805 in SC, d. 1860 in TN m. Lucretia Castleberry b. 22 Nov 1808 in GA d. 1865 in TN. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Debbie Burks Parker,


Posted 02/18/2007


I am researching the Slatten Family of Adair County, KY and would like to be added to the surname list.  This includes: James Anderson Slatten (1794-1893) who  lived in Adair County appx between 1817 and 1824; I am also researching Tyre Slatten who was born in Adair County in 1824.  I do have some Slatten family bible information and photos if you are interested. Thanks, Kristi Taylor


Posted 02/18/2007


I'm searching for info/parentage on Jesse Edwards, born abt. 1796, married Elizabeth Bryant in 1828. Their children were George Washington, Sarah Julia and John Bryant, all born around 1830 in Adair Co., KY.  He may possibly be grandson to William, the son of Thomas Nathaniel Edwards, born 1690, married to Elizabeth Downing, who came to USA from Wales, or Scotland. Carolyn Attig,


Posted 02/03/2007


I am searching for the parents/siblings of Elizabeth G. Dawson who married Robert West Powell in Adair County Kentucky 25 Nov 1810.  They lived in Adair County until 1829 when they moved to Weakely County
Tennessee and later to Hickman (Fulton) County Kentucky. Judy Talkington,

Posted 02/03/2007


I am looking for Louis (Lewis) Beck parents name. He is my great grandfather. Donna,


Posted 02/03/2007


Seeking information on David Ballew from NC. Living in Adair Co. between 1800 and 1820 then moved to TN. Bessie,

Posted 02/03/2007


I am a direct descendent of William Henry Beard, born in Adair County in 1826.  He was the son of Sevier Beard.  I am still looking for information about Sevier prior to 1825.  I have followed him going forward until the 1870's.  Any help would be appreciated. Thomas Beard,

Posted 01/21/2007


Looking for information on Mamie Isgrigg Breeding Smith, 1878, info. on marriage bond says birth place unknown. She married William Newton Smith as his second wife and her second marriage 29-Jan.-1906 in Adair Co. Ky. The may have been divorced . Looks as if her maiden name was Isgrigg. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Marilyn M Fair ,

Posted 01/21/2007


I am researching the family Pelly originating in Dorset England at Nether Compton. Many left the land and emigrated to the States and Canada among other spots in the UK.  The name can be spelt Pelley Pilly or as you will They were  mainly illiterate agricultural workers. I'd appreciate any information on the family. Common forenames include Francis (Frank) Charles Henry John Samuel Matilda (Fudge surprisingly)


Posted 01/21/2007


I am trying to find out any information on my GGG Grandfather, Littleton Estes who was born in Adair County, Aug 14, 1810, was married to Sally A. Hicks on Sep 24, 1834 and was the father of John W. Estes. Any help would
be greatly appreciated. Hoss,

Posted 01/21/2007


I would like to know the name of the parents of James Walker Montgomery. James was born in Adair Co KY about 1823. I believe he is my grgrandfather. James married Martha Jane Dickey in Putnam Co IL in 1849 . Montgomery and Dickey are family names. I am searching the Montgomery name. thank you. Polly Douglass,

Posted 01/21/2007


A John Buse had a query on the Stapp Family.  His email was returned.  Lucy Stapp and John Wilhite's son Tobias married Nancy M Ellis in Adair County 1801. I have the Stapp Family back to Joshua Stapp born c 1595 in England.
This Joshua Stapp died 1678 in Henrico County, VA. I know Joshua Stapp Junior and wife Hannah Durham were in Adair County around the time Lucy Stapp married. I am trying to find any information on Joshua and Hannah. Winifred Miller ,

Posted 01/21/2007


Looking for names and addresses of anyone named Spears from past to present  (anywhere) James Hall Spears,