1870 Adair County Census

Transcribed and Submitted by Don Rubarts

1870 Adair County Census Index of Surnames

Posted 8/22

Casey's Creek District

Posted 6/11

Columbia District pg. 9A - 16A

Posted 7/4

Columbia District pg. 16B - 24B

Posted 7/4

Columbia District pg. 25A - 33A

Posted 7/15

Columbia District pg.  33B - 41A

Posted 7/15
Columbia District pg. 41B - 49B Posted 7/19
Columbia District pg. 50A - 55A Posted 7/19
Gradyville District, pg. 56A-62B Posted 8/1
Gradyville District, pg. 63A-70A Posted 8/1
Gradyville District, pg. 70B-77A Posted 8/1
Harmony District, pg. 78A-86A Posted 8/7
Harmony District, pg. 86B-95B Posted 8/7
Leatherwood District, pg. 96A-104A Posted 8/13
Leatherwood District, pg. 104B-111A

Page 104 has A,B,C, and D, the original page for 105A was not stamped

Posted 8/13
Neatsville District, pg. 113A-121B Posted 8/15
Neatsville District, pg. 122A-128A Posted 8/15
White Oak District, pg. 129A-144A Posted 8/22

This Concludes the 1870 Adair County Census