Adair Military Information


Adair County WWI Soldiers

By Sandi Gorin - South Central Kentucky mailing list

In the last of this series, here are the names listed by the
Lexington Herald as being called for service for WW I who had not
filed for exemptions. Names are shown as listed in the paper. It is
an old copy which is hard to read in parts. Corrections always welcome! Sandi Gorin,
President, South Central KY Historical & Genealogical Society

Joseph Sinclair, Asher
George T. Brockman, Sano
Joe McCleary, Columbia
Walter Graves, Miltown
Noel Thomas, Milltown
Owen P. Watson, Helmes
Luther A. Hovious, Knifley
John S. Harmon, Purdy
Woody A. Cape, Crocus
Lucien Hunn, Columbia
Felix Royce, Columbia
Vertis Grant, Sano
William R. Abell, Casey Creek
Frank Taylor, Montpelier
William Ethel Barnes, Sano
Henry Sherley, Keltner
Joe G. Acree, Roy
Alonzo Holmes, Absher
Alozo (Alonzo?) Morgan, Knifley
John A. Hatfield, Nealsburg
Nathan P. Hays, Crocus
Edwin E. Moore, Columbia
English Borkman, Pellyton
John B. Dickson, Greensburg - Green Co
Olen Powell, Roy
Albert Sanders, Casey Creek
Carley Ballou, Columbia
Rollin Cundiff, Columbia
John Ross, Toria
John Dudley, Columbia
Felmar? Aarons, Danmark
Rollin Fra--ter, Cane Valley
Millard England, Red Lick
Romie D. Judd, Columbia
Willie Wilson, Columbia
Thomas B. Cabell, Joppa (Edmonson Co?)
John W. Tedder, Casey Creek
William Sherer, Crocus
Robert H. Summers, Columbia
John A. Webb, Hens Fork
Robert Wills, Columbia
Robert Harrison, Columbia
White Thomas?, Milltown
Clarence Kimball, Glensfork
Owen Davis, Cob__.

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