The Adair County News, May 29, 1918, in the "Local News" Column

An Accident

Last Wednesday night [May 22] Mrs. Finis Phelps and children, who live on Burkesville street, narrowly escaped a serious accident. They were in a buggy returning home. Mr. Jack Young was on the pike with his machine [automobile] which was standing still, the lights having gone out and which he was trying to start up. When the lights came on the buggy and occupants were close to the machine, and flash scared the animal. The vehicle was wheeled around and Mrs. Phelps and her youngest child fell to the ground, Mrs. Phelps receiving several bruises, but the infant was not hurt. The other child, a little girl four years old, remained in the buggy, the mare going rapidly down the hill, the little girl hallooing "whoa, Nellie, whoa Nellie!" The animal stopped near the Presbyterian Church, and the little child got out, and did not seem to be excited. No blame is attached to Mr. Young.

[Mrs. Phelps was the former Miss Mary Morgan. The four-year-old was daughter Elsie R., born October, 1913, and the infant was daughter Mary, born August, 1916.]