1850 ADAIR COUNTY, KENTUCKY  CENSUS

Pg   FAM.#      NAME             AGE    SEX        R    OCCUP     VALUE    BTHPL  

1st District, Aug 5 - Sep 3

 12    148  Bailey, Calvin             34      m             B          Farmer    $30             KY

                                 Lucy            49         f           B                                             KY

                                Alfred          14          m          B                                             KY


30    411        Bayley, Major       63         m          B          Farmer                       VA

                                      Judah     58         f           B                                             VA



NOTE: Major & Judah were manumited in the 1841 will of Elisha Bailey. No other slaves

             were mentioned in the will.


                       1870 ADAIR COUNTY, KENTUCKY CENSUS

FAM #         NAME          AGE     SEX   R     OCCU       VALUE         BTPL



172    Bailey, Patsy                65       f       B      KpHs                                  KY

                     Lucy A.             24      f        B                                                KY

         Murrell, John                 21      m      B      farm labor                            KY



                              1880 ADAIR COUNTY, KY CENSUS         

     #        NAME            S    AGE     R    OCCP     REL     BTPL      FBTPL    MBTPL

District 1

412   Smith, Lou A.                      35      B    wshwm   widowed  KY    KY           KY

                   Ruben                 m    17      B    labor      widowed  KY        KY           KY

                   Willie                   m    11      B    labor        son        KY         KY           KY

                   Evans                  m      8      B                   son         KY         KY           KY

                   James        m      7      B                  son                    KY         KY               KY

                   John          m              B                  son           KY        KY           KY

                   Kattie        f        1     B                  dau           KY    KY           KY 

         Bailey, Patsy        f      63     B                 mother       KY        KY           KY


                         1910 ADAIR COUNTY, KENTUCKY CENSUS

     NAME             REL     S     AGE   R   YM   CB/CL  OCC      BPL    FBPL   MBPL

East Columbia ED: 13 SHEET 5B

Bailey, Shack               H             m          28         B       6                                           KY          KY              KY

          Frol??                 W            f            25         B       6           4/1                           KY          KY              KY

       Nannie Belle   D             f        6          B                                                                 KY                 KY          KY


                                        CEMETERY RECORDS


DUDLEY CEMETERY    (Vol VIII Adair Cemetery Books)

Fannie Bailey                                              ca 1893                                   JAN 19 1966


FOREST LAWN-NEW ZION    (Vol VII Adair Cemetery Books)

Allene Bailey                                               ca 1929                                   JUL 6 1971




        GROOM                                              BRIDE                                       DATE                        BOOK/PAGE


BAILEY, George   (Col)                    PAGE, Mary S.          (Col)            1874                                  2/201

SMITH, Samuel    (Col)                    BAILEY, Sallie          (Col)             1936                                  9/50

WILLIS, Robert                                 BAILEY, Catherine   (Col)            1952                                  10/36





                           JOHN D. BAILEY - ABSTRACT                          

John D. Bailey, 62, died November 30, 1998. He was the son of the late George & Lenora Bailey.

Survivors are: wife Doris Miller Bailey; sons Jonathan, Donnie, Jimmy, and Timmie

Bailey; daus. Janis Bailey, Davie Johnston & husband Anton, Mary Ann Caldwell & husband

Greg, Kellie Woolridge, and Verchelle Miller; sis Frances Young, Louise Bailey, Doris

Bailey; 32 grandchildren; 2 g grandchildren. Interment in Forest Lawn Cemetery.


                            WILLIE RAY BAILEY - ABSTRACT                                  

Willie Ray Bailey, 73, died December 30, 1979. He was the son of the late Cornelius Bailey

and Cora Newby Bailey; Survived by sister Lizzie Graves.

Interment Forest Lawn Cemetery