The Spectator Obituaries, 1885-1899

  • 25 March 1885, Wednesday     [p.17]
    “Aunt” Mahalia Hancock, a woman of color, aged about 75, died last Sunday.

  • 18 December 1888, Tuesday     [p.19]
    Parish Montgomery, a man of color, died Saturday, after being accidentally shot.

  • 21 January 1892, Thursday     [p.21]
    Harry Miller, a man of color, died Thursday at the age of 104.  Clayton Miller, who owned Harry during slave days, always stated that the colored man was 10 years his senior.  Clayton Miller died in 1875 at the age of 77.

  • 27 September 1894, Thursday     [p.22]
    The wife of Thomas Holt, of color, of Crocus, died on the 16th.

  • 13 February 1896, Thursday     [p.23]
    Eliza Williams, of color, who lived near Columbia, died Tuesday.

  • 12 February 1898, Saturday     [p.24]
    “Aunt” Bettie Beauchamp, of color, died on the 3rd.
From Death Records of Adair County, Kentucky, Prior to 1900 compiled by Michael C. Watson; pages 17-25.