Adair County Death Certificates

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Adair County KY: Deaths, 1852-1859 (of persons over age 15 only)

Missouri Death Certificates, 1910 1955

Many folks from Adair & surrounding counties went to Missouri. The 1911-1923 certificates are scanned & online, & more are being added as quickly as possibly.
There's also ordering info for the 1924-1955 era ($1.00/cert.)

Ohio Historical Society Death Certificate Index


Edward Franklin

Jennie Franklin

William G. Irvin

Lou Ellen Irvin

Elizabeth Pike

Savannah Deskin Pike

John Orion Russell  NEW

John O. Russell, Jr.  NEW

Trannie Alice Helm  NEW

Franklin infant deaths



William T. Grissom

Nancy C. Nichols


J.P. Stapp

Louella Stapp

Mary Geraldine Stapp

Maxine Stapp

William E. Stapp


Susie T. Winfrey

Sims A. Winfrey

Permelia J. Winfrey

Mattie J. Winfrey

Logan Columbus Winfrey

Isora W. Winfrey

Frank H. Winfrey

Francis Richard Winfrey

Elijah Thomas Winfrey

Alice Green Winfrey


Martha S. Grider

  Annie Josephine Grider

  Mary Margaret Grider

  Loue Veler Grider (Lierevelor on headstone)

  Stillborn Grider (d/o Mose/Mase Grider)

  Louise Grider

  Morris Eugene Grider

  Stillborn Grider (d/o Wm. Grider)

  Upton Grider

  George Grider

  Evaline O. Grider

  M. B. Grider

  Louise Grider

  Stillborn Grider (s/o Mose Grider)

  Kate Grider

 John Martin Grider

 William E. Grider

 Myrtle Grider

 Matilda Grider

 George Washington Grider

 Eliza Francis Grider

 Flora Pearl Grider

  James H. Grider

  Lillian C. Grider

  Leonna Kay Grider

  Parkie May Grider

  Laccona May Grider

  Jessie May Grider

  George Allie Grider

  Jimmie Dale Grider

  Alma E. Grider

  Mrs. Emma Grider

  Matilda Grider

  George Upton Grider

  Daniel M. Grider

  Norine Grider

  Fred Grider

 Susan Elizabeth Grider


James Newt Compton 

Ruby Bell Compton  

Louis Compton  

Peter Compton  


Zettie Wheat  

Ida May Compton  







Bradshaw, female

Bradshaw infants 1911-1951

Ada Bell Bradshaw

Amanda Bradshaw

Angeline Bradshaw

Arthur Bradshaw

Bryant A. Cundiff Bradshaw

Catherine Bradshaw

Centha Francis Bradshaw

Ella Bradshaw

G.A. Bradshaw

Galliton James Bradshaw

George Henry Bradshaw

Helen Bradshaw

James Washington Bradshaw

Jerrilda Jane Bradshaw

John James Crit. Bradshaw

Martin A. Bradshaw

Patry Ann Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw

Robert Bradshaw

Sara Jane Bradshaw

Talton Loral Bradshaw

Thomas D. Bradshaw

Thomas L. Bradshaw

Uriah Bradshaw

Wm. Colbert Bradshaw

William Robert Bradshaw

Willie Wilson Bradshaw

W.W. Bradshaw


Margaret Helm

Lena Helm

John Helm

James Sidney Helm

Icy Helm

George Alexander Helm

Elisabeth Helm


Rollin Hurt

Robert M. Hurt

Richard Walter Hurt

Otha Duel Hurt

Nancy J. Hurt

Larue Parish Hurt

Jerome Hurt

 James Wm. Hurt

Isaac Hurt

George Hurt

B. O. Hurt

Thomas Franklin Hurt  


Wilan Family Members  


Margurette Woolford

Martha Wolford

William C. Wolford

Lottie Wolford

Lois Wolford

Jennie Wolford

George Levy Wolford

Carl H. Wolford

Bettie E. Wolford