Adair Co., Ky, Civil Suit Index, 1802-1826

By Michael Watson



(p. 46) VANDIVER BANKS vs. Marshall McClanahan & Thomas Massie, Sr.

            filed:  October 1821, Box 7                  --concerned conflicting land claims


Banks made a contract in April 1816 with McClanahan, of Woodford County, for the purchase of one-half of a tract of land in Adair containing 2,102 ¾ acres.  McClanahan made a note to Banks for $400 and had sold to Banks one-half of a tract in Adair owned in partnership with Jared Robison.  This tract adjoined loan of Robert Page, Sr. and Thomas Massie and contained 2,000 acres.  He promised to make a deed.  This land was thought to be a part of a military survey originally owned by Marshall McClanahan’s father.  Banks believed the land was patented to Henry Voule, heir of Walter Voule. Mention made of James Cradley’s patent of 811 acres on a military claim.  Mention mad of John Ba[u]lt and land conveyed to him by ---?--- Bruff.


McClanahan had a sister, Ann, who married Jared or Gerard Robinson who conveyed to Thomas Massie, Sr. certain lands.  Mention made of Gen’l G.R. Clark, Samuel Bear, Sr., and Richard Cundiff, deceased.  Title bond dated 1816 for 1,000 acres to Banks from McClanahan with a survey & map include in the packet.  Reference made to General G.R. Clark’s survey and patent for 823 acres on the north of Butler’s Creek an on Green River, with entry for 2,000 acres.


The original grant was based on a 7 March 1783 military warrant, number 163, to Henry Voules, heirs of Walter Voules, deceased, for 2,666 2/3 acres.  [document on vellum] Makes reference to a corner of a 600 acre tract of John Conner on water of Russell Creek; waters of Cane Creek, Green River, Elizabeth Moody’s line; heirs of Littleberry Hawood.  Signed by Gen. Edward Randolph, dated 3 September 1787.  there is a huge map of the lands in question.


Depositions made by : Simon Hancock, Alexander Gill, William Willis, James Irvin, Nathan Bridgewater, Elijah Stillwell, William Settles, Samuel Page, William McNeely, Henry Reynolds, & John Rogers.  Mention made of John Massie & Robert Todd.  Contains an appeal bond to the [KY] Court of Appeals dated 4 April 1825.