Adair County Births

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NEW Adair County Delayed Birth Records

1893-1894 Vital Statistics - Births

Bastardy Bonds & Illegitimate Children

  Adair County births recorded in 1893, 1984 and 1895

Contributed By: Barbara

Researching  Swansons/ Darnells of Adair and Russell counties


Birth certificate of Arlie May Swallows. Her parents were John Swallows and Mary Brown. Arlie was born in Adair Co. Submitted By: John Harrison

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1911 - 1980

These files were Transcribed, Typed, Edited & Submitted By: Robin Briggs

"Thanks Robin"

Birth Lookups

Not all births for the county have the parents names and the files are not error free.  Our Lookup volunteer, Robin, has compiled these records to the best of her ability and cross-referencing has been done as much as possible. If you do not find the name you are looking for, Email Robin and she will look it up for you.

 Please be patient, these files are very large!

March - Robin has sent me the updated Birth records and I will be posting them as soon as I can. The updated files include the original names with many added!


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Adair County Birth references in the Russell County KY vital statistic records

The following information was abstracted from the microfilmed Russell County KY vital statistic records. The entries appear in the same order as in  the microfilmed records ( KY Department of Library and Archives, Division of Archives and Records Management, roll number S0000106).  

The abstracts include only those records in which specific reference is made to Adair Co. or to an Adair County community.


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