William Caldwell


WILLIAM CALDWELL, born 1759 in York Co., PA, came to Columbia and purchased property off the SW corner of Columbia Parkway 9-11-1812, having come from Abingdon, Washington Co., VA, and Russell County, VA where we believe he intended to return. 
His unmarried daughter at the thime, MARY/POLLY m. MOSES A. SCOTT in 1820 in Columbia, but left to return to Lee County, Dryden, about 1828 after both parents had died.  We believe our WILLIAM died 8-2-1825, married to a REBECKAH (maiden name unknown) m. in York Co., PA about 1758, and believe we go to the Cub Creek CALDWELL Settlement descendants who also came to Columbia, JOHN CALDWELL - married MANN-PILE/PYLE-TRABUE line, son of DAVID and MARY DUNGEON, a son of the Cub Creek FOUNDERS, JOHN & MARGARET PHILLIPS CALDWELL, and ROBERT m. MARY LOGAN CALDWELL, son, ROBERT, JR., who married HANNAH WILLIS, their son, WILLIAM,, JR. who died in Columbia in 1837.  ROBERT, SR. died in Danville, KY - Mercer-Boyle Co., KY in 1806. 
We believe our WILLIAM is mixed up with the other WILLIAM CALDWELL who served as the first Clerk of the Court for the County, m. to REBECCA EDMONDS, who went back to Obioin Co., TN, Union City after WILLIAM died.  Some say that WILLIAM was born 5-7-1793, and others say also in 1759 in Goochland Co., VA and collected a Rev. War Pensioin.  That one died 7-5-1825.  So it is understandable some have these two mixed up.  Some say the parents for WILLIAM CALDWELL, the Clerk, were THOMAS CALDWELL and SARAH BUCHANAH.