Adair County Kentucky

Honor List of Dead and Missing

World War Two


  The following information was abstracted from a scan of the original government document, which was released in June, 1946. The Honor List includes only those soldiers who were in the U.S. Army or the Army Air Force. It does not include any member of the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine or other military branches, nor does it include any civilian casualties. (Casualties from the other service branches are listed in the State Summary of War Casualties from World War Two for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel.)  According to information found in the Foreword to the Honor List, the placement of a name on a particular county's Honor List was determined by (in descending order):


1) The soldier's place of residence at the time of induction; or

2) If no place of residence were given, then the place of residence of next-of-kin, beneficiary, or person to contact for emergency notification; or

3) If no next-of-kin, beneficiary, or emergency contact were given, then county from which the soldier had been inducted (rarely used except for aliens who had no immediate family or friends in the USA); or

4) "In the case of certain Regular Army personnel who moved their homes from place to place according to the exigencies of the service, the only address available is 'The Adjutant General', and these personnel [are] listed in the District of Columbia booklet [Honor List]"; or

5) In a separate "State at Large" listing if none of the above criterion were available or applicable. (The "State at Large" link appears near the bottom of the page at the URL shown above.)


  The "status" column shows the classification of the soldier's death. The abbreviations are:


DNB:    Died from non-battle causes

DOW:   Died of wounds            

FOD:    Finding of death (see explanation following list)                

KIA:     Killed in action   


Adair County's Honor List


Name                            Grade            Status


Allen, Earl                     PFC            DNB

Badger, Dallas                PFC            KIA

Bennett, Kenneth R.         PFC            KIA

Bottoms, Edward C.            PFC            KIA

Bryant, Gilbert L. ........            S SG..........            KIA

Burton, Harold L.         PFC            KIA

Cape, Arlin                    CPL            DNB

Cofer, Charlie W.        PFC            KIA

Conover, James W.        PVT            KIA

Cook, William D. .........            PFC...........      KIA

Coomer, Raymond  B.            SGT            DOW

Cundiff, William R.         PVT            DOW

Edrington, Wilbur M.            PFC            KIA

Enyard, Bernard L.         PFC            KIA

Floyd, James M. ..........            SGT...........      KIA

Giles, Vence                  PVT            KIA

Gilpin, Herbert               PVT            DNB

Grider, Edward              PFC            DOW

Harmon, Edwin M.        S SG            KIA

Harmon, William T. .....            PFC...........      KIA

Hughes, Duard D.         PVT            DNB

Humphress, Forest R.            PFC            KIA

Johnson, Lee B.             PVT            KIA

Joines, William B.         PFC            KIA

Judd, Emanuel..............            PFC...........      KIA

Kerns, Glen                   PFC            DNB

Lawless, Curtis T.         PFC            KIA

McClister, Oliver E.             TEC4            DNB

Nordine, Marion P.         PFC            KIA

Perkins, Russell............            T SG..........            DNB

Pollard, Lester L.         PVT            KIA

Redmon, Otis E.            PFC            DOW

Reliford, Charles W.        PFC            DNB

Roberts, Owen F.         PVT            KIA

Robinson, Ivan H. ........            T SG..........            KIA

Rogers, A ery C.            PFC            DOW

Ruberts, Elmer R.         CPL            KIA

Shipp, Gene K.             1 LT            KIA

Shirley, Archie W.        CPL            KIA

Stone, Clyde H. ............            PFC...........      DNB

Thrasher, William PFC            KIA

Todd, James H.             CPL            DNB

Troutman, Robert A.             PFC            DNB

Wheat, Doyle                 PFC            KIA

Willis, Ray G. ..............            TEC5.........      KIA



Explanation of 'Finding of Death':

    The following paragraph is taken verbatim from <>:

 "In WWII for MIA and for non‑battle disappearance cases, by regulation a Finding Of Death had to be determined within a year, hence FOD. Sometime after WW II, the title was changed to Productive Finding of Death and from that time on the acronym has been PFOD. The definition is the same for both, however."