Pleasant & Susan Slavey


Pleasant and Susan Slavey came from Wayne Co., KY during the Civil War. Pleasant died during the Battle of Nashville, in 1862. They had 8 sons, with the youngest, Samuel P. Slavey, being born 2 months after Pleasant's death. The other sons were: George, William, John, Absolomen P. , James M.,  Stuart M. and Cannon Jeptha.

 After the War, the family briefly reassembled in Pulaski co, then most of them went with Susan to Adair in 1871, with some showing up at times in Russell, Taylor, and Casey counties. (Absolomen went to Ohio, and died there.) We also know what became of George, John, William, and James, but the big mysteries are what became of Cannon Jeptha, and Samuel P, and their wives and offspring, and the biggest mystery of them all, Stuart M, who seems to have dropped off the face of the planet in 1870.