Adair Guards

Roll of Officers & Men of "Adair Guards" organized 17th February 1860.


W.E. Russell-- Captain
William H. Spencer-- 1st Lieutenant
James W. Atkins-- 2nd Lieutenant
William S. Turpin-- 3rd Lieutenant
William T. Epperson-- Orderly Sergeant
Jno. Eubank-- 2nd Sergeant
William H. Hudson-- 3rd Sergeant
Jo Hec. Miller-- 4th Sergeant
Thomas Stevens-- 1st Corporal
R. C. Eubank-- 2nd Corporal
E. T. Willis-- 3rd Corporal
R. R. Peebles-- 4th Corporal
James T. Bramlett-- Treasurer
R. H. Philpott-- Secretary
Nathan Gaither, Jr.-- Fife Major
I. Eubank-- Drum Major

Enlisted Men - Privates

Trip Epperson
J. Jones
Robert Eubank
F. Montgomery
J. D. Lyons
M. E. Miller
Thomas Griffith
Jos. Eubank
Raney Philpott
Lelden Hatcher
William T. Price

Enlisted Men Continued

Samuel Turk
Jno. T. Barber

H. Indd
D. Douglass
B? Green
Jos. Miller
H. C. Irvine
Jno. H. Grady
J. T. Bramlett
Jo. Z. Miller
J. W. Griffith
Charles Baker
Henry Murrell
Robert Perbles
R. Hancock
W. H. Hudson
H. C. White
Jno. W Suddaith
James Miller
T. Stevens
Jo. Russell
Jas. W. Nelson
Jno. R. Wheat
James Garnett
L. H. Viers
Thos. Griffith
Jo. B. Murrell
Luther Jones
Law Bryant
Jno. Dawson
Tim Cavens
Jas. Purnel






Source: The Governor Beriah Magoffin Papers, located in the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives