Family Bible of Lewis Sheppard

Contributed By: Jim Kirk

This branch of the Sheppard family moved to the Adair/Russell County area of KY about 1810 but most of Lewis' family moved on to the Morgan/Greene County area of Illinois about 1830.

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Family Record.
Deaths of parents Deaths of Children
Ali Sheppard first
Consort of Lewis
Sheppard decd March
the 13th 1825
58 years & 8 months

Salley Hopper died Augt the
1st 1840 aged 40 years &
4 months & 25 days

Jane Sheppard second
Consort decd March
The 21st 1838 aged
60 years & 6 days

Lewis J. Sheppard departed
this life January the 12th 1850
about 10 oclock in the evening
aged 48 years & 18 days

Lewis Sheppard senr departed
This life September 15th in
the A.D. 1858. Aged 86 years,
8 months and 21 days
Joshua Hopper departed
this life Augt the 18th 1853
age not known
Headstone of Lewis Sheppard (click photo to see larger version)
Nancy Sheppard wife of Lewis
J. Sheppard departed
This life January 10 1854
Aged 58 years 2 months &
26 days

Jessie T Barrow
Departed this life
January the 30th 1863
Aged 79 years, 23 days.
Transcribed by Jim Kirk 3/26/2003 Nancy Barrow
Departed this life
July the 26th 1889
aged 92 years, 5 mos oo

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Aaron W. Barrow
bornd July the 12th

Francis M. Barrow
Born January the 29 1???

James Barrow bornd
March the 18th

Maria H. Moore was bor(n)
? February 22nd 18??

Palmira Barrow bornd
Feb the 5th 1825

Sarah Ann Hoover
was born in Indian(a)
Sept. 2nd, 1826

Thornton S Barrow bornd
March the 14th

John L. Barrow
bornd Dec. the 22 1830
Sarah Ann Moore wife (of)
Aaron W. Barrow depar(ted)
this life October 20th, 18??
Aged 72 years, 1 month a(nd)
18 days.
Simeon Barrow bornd
February the 10th 1833
Aaron Warner Barr(ow)
Departed this life Janua(ry)
2nd, 1903 Aged 81 years
5 month’s and 20 days
Marshall J Barron
Bornd Aug. the 3rd 1835
Transcribed by Jim Kirk 3/26/2003


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Deaths Jehu Sitton was
born March the 4th
John L. Barrow
Departed this Life
(De)c. the 23rd 1863
(Ag)ed 33 years and
one day
Palmira Sitton born
February the 5th 1825
(In)fant son of
Jehu and Palmira
Sitton Born
December the
22, 1866

An Old Relic.

Miss Nina Borrow of Patterson, is the recipient of an old family Bible willed to her by an aged great aunt, Palmyra Sitton, who died near Waverly, Sangamon county, Illinois, April 28, 1905.

This Bible was purchased by Lewis Sheppard in the year of 1838 and at the time of the purchase Mr. Sheppard was 67 years of age. And now the Bible is in the hands of the fifth or sixth generation.

January 25, 1906

Transcribed by Jim Kirk 3/26/2003


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The following are the ages of James Hiram &
Rebecca Jane Barrow, and their children.
James Hiram Barrow was
born Greene County Illinois
June 9th 1858.
Retta Ann Barrow departed
this life August 14th 1890.
Aged 2 years 5 months and 27
Rebecca Jane his wife, was
born in Schuyler County
Missouri Sept. 12th 1857
Edward Lewis Barrow passed
away March 8th 1951. Aged
66 years 5 months and 10 days
James Hiram Barrow and
Rebecca Jane Barrow was
married March 25th 1880.
Nina May Barrow passed
away March 26th 1966. Aged
85 years 1 month and one day
The following are the ages or births of their children.
Nina May Barrow was born in
Sangamon County Illinois
February 25th 1881

Edward Lewis Barrow was
born in Callaway County Mo.
November 29th 1884

Retta Ann Barrow was born in
Callaway County Mo.
February 16th 1888

Nina May Barrow married
Roy Gius of Patterson, Ill. On
Nov 6th 1909.