I would like to thank the following for their assistance in locating some of the documents pertaining to Thomas Walton Atkinson: Elaine Evans, Frances Fox, Mary Gregg, and Dorothy Russell.

Submitted By:  Rhoda Taylor Fone 


Thomas Walton Atkinson was born ca. 1778 in Amelia Co., VA, son of Joshua Atkinson and his first wife, Frances Walton. Thomas is first found as an adult in Adair Co., KY where his father and the other members of the family are also living. In 1803 Thomas Atkinson made proof for 400 acres (Adair Co. Ct. OB, 1802-1808, p. 60). He was appointed Paymaster of the 52nd Regiment of Militia on Oct. 3, 1803 (OB, p. 84). In 1804, Thos. W. Atkinson "produced a legal license and took the necessary Oaths required by law he is permitted to practice as Such in this Court (Adair Co., KY Ct. OB, 1802-1808.) On May 5, 1806, Thomas W. Atkinson is appointed Attorney at law in behalf of the Commonwealth. He relocated to Montgomery Co., TN by 1819 where he appears to have been a merchant, possibly in the tobacco trade. 

Thomas W. Atkinson served in the War of 1812 as Sgt. in Capt. Butler's Company, KY Militia from 18 Sept. 1812 to 12 Oct. 1812 and as Capt. in Ky. Vol. Mil, 24 Aug. 1813 for 3 months. He was at the Battle of Thames. (Source: Montgomery Co., TN Genealogical Journal - Soldiers of 1812 and Revolutionary War, from information provided by Anita W. Darnell.) 

He was married twice - first to Elizabeth Hundley, and second, 6 Nov. 1810 to Elizabeth "Betsy" Carlile, b. ca. 1791, d. ca. 1881, daughter of John and Sarah (Cates) Carlile. 

It is unclear at this point if the three children of Elizabeth (Hundley) Atkinson were children of Thomas W. or if she had a prior marriage which produced these children. We have thought in the past that Elizabeth Hundley was first married to a Fra. (Francis?) Atkinson before her marriage to Thomas W. Atkinson. In addition, it was believed that she was second wife of Thomas W. Atkinson. It appears we had the order of the marriages reversed. The indication that she had previously been married to Fra. (Francis) Atkinson comes from a power of attorney in Nottoway Co., VA, as follows:

(Nottoway Co., Va., DB 10:375) August 31, 1840. Quintus C. Atkinson of Montgomery County, Tennessee, Jno. E. Trabue and wife Elezabeth (formerly Atkinson) of Robertson County, Tennessee - power of attorney to David D. Mason of Logan County, Kentucky, to receive the distributive share OF OUR MOTHER ELIZABETH ATKINSON LATE WIFE OF FRA. ATKINSON, from the estate of our grandmother Elezabeth Overton and our grandfather Josiah Hundly. 
Att: Montgomery County, Tennessee, Robertson County, Tennessee, 31 Aug 1840. Recorded 30 Sep 1840.

We have thought this document an indication that Quintus C. Atkinson and Elizabeth (Atkinson) Trabue were children of the above mentioned "Fra. Atkinson." But the document does not so state. It merely says that their mother was the late wife of "Fra. Atkinson." Since this information is from a published abstract, we are now trying to obtain a copy of the handwritten document to compare with this abstract. If Elizabeth Hundley died ca. 1809 and her daughter, Elizabeth (Atkinson) Trabue was born ca. 1809/10, it seems she should be daughter of Thomas Walton Atkinson and yet the power of attorney mentions "Fra. Atkinson" as their "late" mother's husband. More research is in progress to try and solve this mystery. 

The proof that Thomas Walton Atkinson was married to Elizabeth Hundley is found in the following power of attorney in Nottoway Co., VA. Notice that this document mentions that Elizabeth Hundley was the "late wife" of Thomas W. Atkinson. 

The Southside Virginian, Vol. 1, No. 2. January 1983. "Nottoway County Powers of Attorney" by L. H. Hart
(Nottoway Co., Va., DB 10:374) August 27, 1840 - THOMAS W. ATKINSON of Montgomery County, Tennessee, power of attorney to David D. Mason of Logan County, Kentucky, to receive from John M. Overton of Cumberland County, Virginia the distributive share of MY LATE WIFE ELIZABETH HUNDLEY FROM THE ESTATES OF HER FATHER JOSIAH HUNDLY, HER MOTHER ELEZABETH OVERTON. 
Att: Montgomery County, Tennessee, 27 Aug 1840. Dated 27 Aug 1840. Recorded 30 Sep 1840.

Elizabeth (Hundley) Atkinson, was born 22 Oct. 1783 (Hundley Bible Records, Library of  Va), d. ca. 1809, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Motley) Hundley of Amelia Co., VA. Her father, Josiah Hundley, died when she was still a minor and soon thereafter her mother remarried to Benjamin Overton. (Note: Benjamin Overton had previously been married to Millie Atkinson who was sister of Joshua Atkinson, father of Thomas Walton Atkinson.). 

Elizabeth (Hundley) Atkinson had the following children but as pointed out above, it is unclear at this time if they were by Thomas W. Atkinson or by a previous marriage. 

1. Frances Atkinson, b. ca. 1803, d. after 1880. Married (1) _____ French, and (2) Robert Mason. Frances and Robert Mason are found in the 1850 and 1880 census records living in Oldham Co., KY.

2. Quintus C. Atkinson. It is difficult at this time to identify Quintus in the records. We do know from the power of attorney that he was living in Montgomery Co., TN in 1850. There was a Quintus C. Atkinson listed in 1850 in Memphis, TN, age 40, occupation, Merchant, with wife Mrs. E. Atkinson. This could possibly be Quintus, son of Elizabeth (Hundley) Atkinson, and the age off a couple of years which seems to have happened a lot in these old census records. 

3. Elizabeth Atkinson, b. ca. 1809/10, KY, married Dr. John E. Trabue.

Children of Thomas W. Atkinson & Elizabeth "Betsy" Carlile:

1. Sarah Cates Atkinson, b. 1816, d. 1908 (Tombstone Inscription, Trice-Leigh Cemetery, Montgomery Co., TN). Married (1) _____ Harris, and (2) John W. Lackey. In the 1880 census, Elizabeth (Carlile) Atkinson, age 89, is listed in the household of John W. Lackey and his wife Sarah. 

2. T.W. Atkinson, Jr., b. ca. 1825, d. before 1860. There is some confusion regarding his marriage. In the 1850 census for Montgomery Co., T.W. Atkinson, Jr. is listed as age 25 with a wife Henrietta, age 24. One source shows he married Henrietta E. Trice, Jan. 25, 1847 and another source shows he married Henrietta Tanner on the same date. This may be confusion caused by the presence of another Thomas Atkinson in Montgomery Co., TN who is also listed in the 1850 census for Montgomery Co., age 30, b. TN, with a wife Henrietta, age 25. 

3. Quintilla Atkinson, b. ca. 1828, TN, married 29 Aug. 1846, Montgomery Co., TN. to Matthew Beverly Clark. They are found in census records living in Muhlenberg Co., KY. In the 1880 and 1900 census records, Quintilla's parents are listed as both born in KY. However, from a very brief abstract found of Thomas Walton Atkinson's will, she is mentioned therein as his daughter so her father should be listed as born VA. 

4. Joshua Atkinson, b. ?, d. before 1850. Married Elizabeth A. Watkins, ca. 1838, Todd Co., KY.

5. ??Sherwood Atkinson. 

Thomas Walton Atkinson died in 1862, Montgomery Co., TN and left a will dated 24 April 1858. A copy of his will has been sent for and hopefully will answer some of the questions still remaining. 


1850 Census - Montgomery Co., TN

Dwelling 161
Family 161
Thomas W. Atkinson, age 74, M, Farmer, value of real estate: 25,000, b. Virginia
Elizabeth Atkinson, age 48, F, b. KY. (Note from rf: This age appears to be an error and based upon her age in 1880, should be 58 rather than 48.)
John Atkinson, age 25, M, b. TN
R.T.(?) Harris, age 15, M, b. TN
(Note from rf - John, listed above, may have been a grandson of Thomas W. According to the brief abstract of Thomas W. Atkinson's will, a son John is not mentioned. R.T. Harris may have been another grandson, perhaps son of his daughter Sarah by her first marriage to Mr. Harris?) 

Dwelling 1382
Family 1382
T.W. Atkinson, Junr., age 25, M., b. TN
Henrietta Atkinson, age 24, F, b. TN

Dwelling 1383
Family 1383
Sarah Carlyle, age 84, F, b. N. Carolina
(Note: This was mother of Elizabeth "Betsy" (Carlile) Atkinson)

Dwelling 540
Family 540
Thomas Atkinson, age 30, b. TN
Henrietta Atkinson, age 25, b. TN

1850 Census, Shelby Co., Memphis, TN-5th Ward
Q.C. Atkinson, age 40, b. TN, occupation: merchant
Mrs. E. Atkinson, age 31, b. VA
(Note from rf: they were living in household of Jas. B. Ferguson and family. 
It may be they were boarders as there were others listed
in this household with different surnames. It's difficult to
tell if this is "our" Quintus C. Atkinson or not.)

1850 Census - Logan Co., KY

John E. Trabue - age 50 - Physician - b. KY
Elizabeth - age 40 - b. KY
Jane - age 20 - b. MO
Thomas - age 16 - b. MO
Susan A. - age 15 - b. MO
Martha - age 12 - b. KY
Arabella - age 10 - b. TN
Sylvia - age 8 - b. KY
Quintus - age 6 - b. KY
Sarah - age 4 - b. KY
Charles - age 2 - b. KY
Barbara - age 1 - b. KY
Mildred French - age 14 - b. TN
Jane Atkinson - age 15 - b. TN
Eliza Atkinson - age 14 - b. TN
Frances Atkinson - age 14 - b TN
(Note: It seems possible that Mildred French and Jane, Eliza and Frances Atkinson listed with John E. Trabue were granddaughters of Thomas W. Atkinson.)

1850 Census - Oldham Co., KY
Mason, Robert, age 45, Farmer, B. VA
Frances, age 47, b. VA
Whitfield? Wright, age 26, Laborer, b. VA
Wm. B. - age 23 - Laborer, b. VA
Rob. I? - age 21, Laborer, b. VA
F.M., age 19, Laborer, b. VA
Katherine, age 16, b. VA
Lucy, age 7, b. VA

1850 Census - Todd Co., KY
Watkins, Betsy A., age 63, F, b. VA
Watkins, Joseph, age 29, M, b. KY
Atkinson, Quintus, age 10, M, b. TN. 
Sale, Elizabeth, age 30, F. ------------ 
(Note: this Quintus Atkinson may have been son of Thomas W.'s son Joshua who apparently died before 1850 and married a Watkins. In addition, Betsy A. Watkins was sister of Thomas W. Atkinson.)


1880 US Census, Myers, Muhlenberg, KY
Beverly Clark, age 60, b. KY, Father b. VA, Mother b. VA
Occupation: Farmer
Quintillia Clark, Wife, age 52, b. TN, Father b. KY, Mother b. KY
Occupation: Keeping House
Winfield Clark, Son, age 26, b. KY
Charles Clark, Son, age 22, b. Ky
Occupation: Farmer
William Clark, age 18, b. KY
Occupation: Farmer
Susan Clark, Dau., age 17, b. KY
Occupation: At Home
John Clark, Son, age 15, b. KY
Etoil Clark, Dau., age 13, b. KY
Mary Clark, Dau, age 11, b. KY
Quintus Clark, Son, age 9, b. KY

1880 US Census - Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
Q C Atkinson age 38, b. TN, Father b. VA, Mother b. KY
Occupation: Merchant
Sallie Atkinson, Other, age 32, b. TN, Father b. KY, Mother b. KY
Q C Atkinson Jr., Other, age 14, b. TN
Walton Atkinson, Other, age 12, b. TN
Lula Atkinson, age 10, b. TN
Graham Atkinson, Other, age 8, b. TN
Sherwood Atkinson, Other, age 4, b. TN
Block Atkinson, Other, age 1 mo., b. TN
Minigar Fenell, Other, age 23, b. Tn.

1880 US Census, District 4, Montgomery Co., TN
John W. Lackey, age 80, b. VA, Father b. VA, Mother b. VA
Occupation: Farmer
Sallie Lackey, Wife, age 65, b. KY, Father b. VA, Mother b. KY
Occupation: Keeping House
Belle W. Lackey, Dau, age 28, b. KY
Occupation: Assistant
James S. Lackey, Son, age 26, b. KY
Occupation: Laborer
ELIZABETH ALKINSON, Other, age 89, b. KY, Father b. VA, Mother b. VA
Albert Chester, Other, age 22, b. TN

1880 US Census, Brownsboro, Oldham Co., KY
Robert Mason, age 74, b. VA, parents both b. VA
Frances Mason, Wife, age 77, parents both b. VA

1880 US Census, Bordley, Union Co., KY
William Mart, age 50, b. KY, Father b. TN, Mother b. KY
Occupation: Farmer
Mary J. Mart, age 44, b. KY, Father b. KY, Mother b. VA
Occupation: Keeping House
Henry Mart, Son, age 26, b. KY
Occupation: Clerk in Store
Millard Mart, Son, age 23, b. KY
Occupation: Works in Factory
March C. Mart, Dau, age 8, b. KY
John Mart, Brother, age 54, b. KY, (Divorced), 
Occupation: Lawyer
Richard A. Mart, Brother, age 45, b. KY (widowed)
Occupation: Dry Goods Merchant
Mary Foster, Other, age 46, b. KY, Father b. VA, Mother b. Va
Gus Rice, Other, age 18, b. KY, Father b. KY, Mother b. KY
Occupation: Laborer
(Note: Mary J., wife of William Mart, was Mary Jane Atkinson, listed in the 1850 census as living in the household of Dr. John W. Trabue.) 


1900 US Census, Muhlenberg Co., Rosewood Dist
Clark, Matthew B., b. Dec. 1815, age 81, b. KY, parents both b. KY 
Married 55 yrs., Occu: Farmer
Quintella, wife, b. May 1828, age 72, 14 children, 7 living children,
Married 55 yrs, b. TN, parents both b. KY
Windfield?, Son, b. Aug. 1852, age 47
Elvil E., Dau, b. Jan 1866, age 47.
(Note: It appears that Beverly Clark's full name was Matthew Beverly Clark.)

1900 US Census, Union Co., KY - Sturgis 5 Dist.
William J. Mart, b. Nov. 1829, age 70, b. KY, parents both b. KY,
Married 47 years
Mary J., Wife, b. Sept. 1834, age 65, b. KY, parents both b. KY.
Married 47 years, 7 children, 3 living children.
Millard F., Son, b. Jan. 1857, age 13.