African American Union Sailors from Kentucky

Posted with the kind permission of Sandi Gorin

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Surname: Harris, Harvey, Hastings, Hawkins, Hayden, Haynes, Henderson, Henry, Higgins, Hobbs, Hodge, Holcomb, Holmes, Holt, Hopkins, Houston, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hughes, Hutchinson, Hykes, Irvin, Irving, Jackman, Jackson, James, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jourdan, Kelly, Kennedy, Killegour, Kilrew, King, Kirby, Kirk, Kitchen, Lane, Leach, Lee, Lemo, Leonard, Leslie, Lewis, Lindsey, Linier, LIvell, Mack, Madison, Maggoffin, Mallory, Manning, Marshall, Martin, Mason, McClane, McDougall, McGinnis, McMullen, McMurdy, Melville, Miles, Miller, Minter, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moden, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Moseley, Neil, Newman, Noble, Oliver, Owen, Owens, Paddock, Paine, Parish, Parker, Patterson, Pennington, Perkins, Perry, Poole, Porter, Posten, Price, Randolph, Ray, Raymond, Reaves, Reeves, Reilley, Richards, Ricks, Riley, Robert, Robertson, Robinson

Name          Age     Complexion   Occupation   Home

Harris, William 16 Mulatto House Servant Lexington, Kentucky
Harvey, Nelson 22 Black Kentucky
Hastings, James 23 Colored Farmer Lincoln Co., Kentucky
Hawkins, Edward 23 Black Blacksmith Logan Co., Kentucky
Hawkins, William 40 Black Slave Boon Co., Kentucky
Hayden, Frank 48 Copper Servant Fayette Co., Kentucky
Hayden, Wilford P. 30 Black Cook Columbia, Kentucky
Haynes, Thomas 35 Black Laborer/Wagoner Kentucky
Haynes, Tim 40 Negro Laborer Kentucky
Henderson, James 40 Negro Kentucky
Henderson, James 35 Laborer Kentucky
Henry, John 25 Colored None Kentucky
Henry, Thomas 21 Black Laborer Kentucky
Higgins, Benjamin 40 Black Laborer Kentucky
Higgins, Samuel 30 Colored Bath Co., Kentucky
Hobbs, Joe 19 Negro Slave Kentucky
Hodge, Samuel 31 Black Laborer Livingston Co., Kentucky
Holcomb, George 24 Mulatto None Grayson Co., Kentucky
Holmes, William H. 20 Black Farmer Kentucky
Holt, George 28 Fieldhand Louisville, Kentucky
Hopkins, John 40 Black Laborer Kentucky
Houston, William 21 Colored Lincoln Co., Kentucky
Howard, Moses 28 Mulatto None Kentucky
Howell, Peter 18 Negro Laborer Kentucky
Hubbard, Samuel 18 Black Farmer Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Hughes, Benjamin 30 Negro Laborer/Farmer Louisville, Kentucky
Hughes, John 34 Black Fieldhand Frankfort, Kentucky
Hutchinson, Simon 34 Colored Slave Kentucky
Hykes, David 29 Black None Kentucky
Irvin, Robert 24 Black None Kentucky
Irving, David 26 Black Fieldhand Nelson Co., Kentucky
Irving, Lewis 21 Black Farmer Madison Co., Kentucky
Jackman, Beverly 26 Contraband Laborer/Servant Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Jackson, Andrew 25 Black Farmer Mayfield, Kentucky
Jackson, Benjamin 34 Colored Fireman Clark Co., Kentucky
Jackson, Henry 37 Negro Engineer Springfield, Kentucky
Jackson, Owen 18 Mulatto Laborer Louisville, Kentucky
Jackson, Robert 36 Negro Cook Lexington, Kentucky
James, John 18 Negro Tobacconist Kentucky
James, Mat 20 Black Farmer Keesburgh, Kentucky
James, Oliver 20 Black Farmer Keysburgh, Kentucky
James, Peyton 27 Negro Slave Lexington, Kentucky
Jarvis, John 20 Colored Slave Scott Co., Kentucky
Jefferson, Thomas 31 Black Farmer Kentucky
Jenkins, Captain 27 Black Steward Kentucky
Jenkins, Sizer 20 Negro None Kentucky
Johnson, George 21 Black Laborer Kentucky
Johnson, George 23 Black Farmer Scott Co., Kentucky
Johnson, Henry 26 Negro Slave Kentucky
Johnson, Henry 22 Black Laborer Kentucky
Johnson, Henry 28 Light Fieldhand Fleming Co., Kentucky
Johnson, James 23 Black Laborer Kentucky
Johnson, Joe 22 Negro Fieldhand Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Johnson, John 20 Negro Boatman Louisville, Kentucky
Johnson, Tony 15 Colored Fieldhand/Laborer Green River, Kentucky
Jones, Benton Black Louisville, Kentucky
Jones, Burton 32 Mulatto Engineer/Fieldhand Louisville, Kentucky
Jones, James 16 Copper Bricklayer/maker Louisville, Kentucky
Jones, John 24 Negro Laborer Graves Co., Kentucky
Jones, John 28 Colored Henry Co., Kentucky
Jones, Lewis 28 Negro Slave Kentucky
Jones, Milton 23 Negro Farmer Boone Co., Kentucky
Jones, Peter 34 Negro Frankfort, Kentucky
Jones, Sampson 52 Negro None Louisville, Kentucky
Jordan, Henry 24 Negro Waiter/House Servant Hickman Co., Kentucky
Jorden, Frank 21 Negro Fireman Kentucky
Jourdan, James 19 Yellow Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Kelly, Lemuel 18 Colored Farmer Kentucky
Kennedy, George 16 Mulatto None Louisville, Kentucky
Kennedy, Thomas 23 Black Laborer Kentucky
Killegour, Benjamin 25 Black Ropespinner Mercer Co., Kentucky
Kilrew, Joseph 45 Negro Farmer Harodsburg, Kentucky
King, Benjamin 50 Negro Farmer/Laborer Gallatin Co., Kentucky
Kirby, William 35 Black Cook Bowling Green, Kentucky
Kirk, Mark 36 Contraband Carpenter Kentucky
Kitchen, Harrison 42 Negro None Kentucky
Lane, Felix J. 28 Mulatto Servant Kentucky
Leach, Alexander 44 Negro Laborer Caldwell Co., Kentucky
Lee, Charles 23 Colored None Warren Co., Kentucky
Lemo, William 36 Black Farmer Boyle Co., Kentucky
Leonard, William 21 Negro Slave Kentucky
Leslie, Norman 21 Dark Laborer Union Co., Kentucky
Lewis, Alfred 32 Black Shelbyville, Kentucky
Lewis, Henry 22 Negro Kentucky
Lewis, John 25 Black Fireman Kentucky
Lewis, John 42 Negro Laborer/Farmer Logan Co., Kentucky
Lewis, Ned 17 Black None Kentucky
Lewis, William 22 Negro Laborer Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Lindsey, John 23 Negro Waiter Scott Co., Kentucky
Linier, Peter 37 Negro Farmer Kentucky
Livell, Gringo 22 Black Farmer Christian Co., Kentucky
Mack, John 26 Copper Plasterer/Mason Montgomery Co., Kentucky
Madison, Henry 23 Negro Cook Mason Co., Kentucky
Maggoffin, Charles 38 Colored Laborer Mercer Co., Kentucky
Mallory, Albert 40 Black Farmer Bourbon Co., Kentucky
Manning, Albert 28 Black Laborer Warren Co., Kentucky
Marshall, John 35 Black Lafayette, Kentucky
Martin, Henry 40 Black Kentucky
Mason, James 21 Colored None Livingston, Kentucky
McClane, Harvey 21 Colored Slave Louisville, Kentucky
McDougall, Thomas 18 Black Coachman Kentucky
McGinnis, Squire 25 Mulatto Farmer/Boatman Kentucky
McMullen, Albert 26 Black Slave Mason Co., Kentucky
McMurdy, Squire 26 Negro Brickmaker Hardinsburg, Kentucky
Melville, William 30 Black House Servant Millersburg, Kentucky
Miles, Richard 19 Colored Slave Louisville, Kentucky
Miller, Reuben 29 Black Laborer Jessamine Co., Kentucky
Miller, Washington 38 Black Farmer Campbell Co., Kentucky
Minter, Andrew 26 Black Fireman Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Mitchel, Joseph 59 Colored Farmer Warren Co., Kentucky
Mitchell, William 21 Black None Kentucky
Moden, William 25 Negro Kentucky
Monroe, John C. 28 Negro Brickmaker Kentucky
Moore, Frank 29 Black Slave Kentucky
Moore, Frank 40 Black Laborer Kentucky
Morgan, John 26 Negro Louisville, Kentucky
Morris, Abraham 19 Negro Farmer Kentucky
Morris, Benjamin 18 Negro Farmer Kentucky
Morris, Jack 33 Negro Slave Lexington, Kentucky
Moseley, James 27 Black Fieldhand Madison Co., Kentucky
Neil, Jonathan 25 Colored Slave Kentucky
Newman, Shadrack 42 Colored Kentucky
Noble, John 24 Black Farmer Boyle Co., Kentucky
Oliver, James 31 Black Cook Boone Co., Kentucky
Owen, George 22 Black Laborer/Fieldhand Logan Co., Kentucky
Owen, Spencer 24 Black Fieldhand/Steward Logan Co., Kentucky
Owens, Henry 27 Black Laborer Louisville, Kentucky
Paddock, William 16 Black None Kentucky
Paine, Robin 18 Black Laborer/Fieldhand Mason, Kentucky
Parish, Louis 24 Negro Farmer/Fieldhand Madison Co., Kentucky
Parker, Henry 26 Negro Cook Lexington, Kentucky
Parker, Richard 40 Kentucky
Parker, Samuel 15 Negro Fieldhand Lexington, Kentucky
Patterson, Bill 30 Black Slave Columbus, Kentucky
Pennington, William 37 Mulatto Bricklayer Kentucky
Perkins, Bartlett 23 Colored Farmer Lexington Co., Kentucky
Perry, David 25 Black Kentucky
Poole, Solomon F. 39 Negro Cook Lexington, Kentucky
Porter, Higgins 23 Black Laborer Fayette Co., Kentucky
Porter, James 30 Black Laborer Kentucky
Posten, James 21 Black Laborer Kentucky
Price, Jerry 22 Black Distiller Anderson Co., Kentucky
Randolph, John W. 16 Black Union Co., Kentucky
Ray, Joshua 15 Black None Louisville, Kentucky
Raymond, Philip 35 Black Farmer Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Reaves, Charles 26 Mulatto Frankfort, Kentucky
Reeves, John 20 Black Laborer Louisville, Kentucky
Reilley, Edward 22 Colored Cook Frankfort, Kentucky
Richards, Ned 29 Negro Carpenter Kentucky
Ricks, William 21 Black Laborer/Fieldhand Trigg Co., Kentucky
Riley, Alec 26 Negro Servant Louisville, Kentucky
Riley, George 21 Mulatto None Kentucky
Riley, William 16 Copper Cook/Servant Louisville, Kentucky
Robert, Edward 39 Black Laborer Kentucky
Robertson, Edward 39 Black Fieldhand Franklin Co., Kentucky
Robertson, Eli 26 Negro None Kentucky
Robertson, Frank 22 Black Fieldhand Woodford Co., Kentucky
Robertson, George 29 Black Fieldhand Franklin Co., Kentucky
Robinson, Ewing W. 21 Mulatto Burnisher Louisville, Kentucky
Robinson, James 24 Negro Boatman/Steward Louisville, Kentucky
Robinson, Jerry 26 Black Fieldhand Franklin Co., Kentucky
Robinson, Samuel 25 Negro Servant Green Co., Kentucky