Adair Co. Marriages, Fees - Fleming

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FEES, David to HILL, Lucinda, d/o Rebecca,, 5 Dec 1827. See FELS. 

FEES, Jacob Jr to COOLEY, Nancy, d/o John, he s/o Jacob Sr, 9 Feb 1836. 

FEESE, Samuel to HARDIN, Belinda, d/o Alex., 11 Oct 1838. See 

FIELD below. FELS, David to HILLS, Lucinda, 15 Dec1827. He also shown FEES. 

FENTON, John to BARNES, d/o William, 12 June 1806. 

FIELD, John to POWELL, Emily Green, 17 Jan 1832. 

FIELD, Robert A. to YORK, Lucy Ann, d/o Armistead, 15 or 16 Apr 1839. 

FIELD, Dr. Samuel B and SQUIRES, Nancy, ward of Simon HANCOCK, 24 Aug 1837. 

FIELD, Samuel to HARDEN, Belinda, 11 Oct 1838. 

FIELD, WIlliam B and POWELL, Sally, 1 Feb 1841. 

FIEND, James to BLACKBURN, Leah, d/o Benjamin, 8 Aug 1816. 

FIGETT, James and PILE, Elizabeth A, d/o William 10 May 1827. 

FINDLEY, James and PATTERSON, Polly, d/o John, 19 Apr or 8 June 1832. 

FINLEY, James P and WALBERT, Charity, 2 Sept 1824. 

FINN, Daniel and SMITH, Mahala, d/o ELizabeth, he s/o Patience, 8 June 1836. 

FINN, Jeremiah and STULTS, Amanda H, ward of George, 22 Dec 1841 

FINN, Joseph and HARRISON, Sally/Cassy, d/o John, 10 Mar 1822. 

FINN, William and STULTS, Jane M, d/o William, 19 Dec 1836. 

FIRKIN, Joseph to BOLIN, Ann, 26 July 1838. 

FLEMING, John and DEMONBRUM, Meanice/Nancy, d/o Felix, 5 Dec 1837.