Adair Co. Marriages, Fletcher - Gayle

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FLETCHER: Andrew to HARVEY, Lycynthia/Cynthia, 28 June 1829. 

J T to CREEL, Elizabeth, 24 Aug 1830. (see Jouett Fayette Fletcher) 

James to POWELL, Jane, d/o Elias, 28 Sept 1826. 

John to STOTTS, Pauline, d/o William, 10 Apr 1833. 

Jouett Fayette to CREEL, Elizabeth, d/o John, 24 Aug 1830.

 Lewis to WALKER, Betsey, 7 Nov 1816. 

Micajah to KELSOE, Sally, d/o Thomas, he s/o Elizabeth, 25 Oct 1825. 

Micajah to SPOON, Polly, 27 Feb 1833.

 Oliver to HARVEY, Jane, 125 Aug 1840. 

Robert to RIPPETOE, Sally, 3 Feb 1817. 

Robert to POWELL, Sarah, d/o Elias, 22 Apr 1818.

 FLOURNOY, James to SKAGGS, Jane, d/o Archabald, 22 Mar 1820. 

FLOWERS: Henry to WALKER, Peggy, 17 Apr `1832.

 James to NELL, Mary, d/o George, 15 Feb 1840. 

Thomas to COX, Juriah, 25 Dec 1817 or 1818. 

William to OLDACRE, Sally, d/o Jacob, 6 Nov 1810. 

FORBES: Richard to YORK, Drucilla, d/o Armstead, 9 Aug 1821.

 Scuyler to PATTERSON, Polly, d/o Richard, 12 May 1818.

 FORRESTER, Madison to VIGUS, Juliza, d/o Zacheus, he s/o Jane, 7 June 1840. 

FOSTER, William to VIGUS, Jane, 29 June 1818. 

FOX, Jacob to SANDERS, Ann, d/o John, 19 Mar 1822.

FRANKLIN, John to LACY, Arahann, d/o Henry, 29 June 1837. 

FRANKLIN, William to PHELPS, Magdeline, d/o Cary, 8 Oct 1818. 

FRAZER, James to BRAWNER, Kitty, d/o John, 9 Apr or Aug 1816. 

FREEMAN, William to PAYTON, Mary, 18 May 1805. 

FRENCH, Hugh to POPE, Precilla, d/o Humphrey, 3 Oct 1810. 

FRENCH, Hugh to JACKSON, Tempy, 10 Aug 1817. 

FRENCH, Littleberry to SPENCER, Dicey, 12 Feb 1812 (also shown 27 July 1811). 

FRIEND, Michael to CHASTEEN, Sally, 11 June 1836.

 FROST, Stephen to CHILDERS, Barbary, d/o Archibald J B, 17 Oct 1823. 

FRY, John to POPELWELL, Nancy, 3 Nov 1817. 

FURGESON, James D to WAGGENER, Viranday H, d/o William, 16 Feb 1832. 

GADBERRY, William to NEAT, Esther, 8 Feb 1816. 

GAITHER, Abner to SQUIRES, Nancy, 9 June 1818. 

GAITHER, Nathan to MORRISON, Patsey, 14 June 1817. 

GARMON, George to CLARK, Polly, d/o Solomon, 9 Feb 1815. 

GARMON, Jacob to MORAN, Malinda, d/o John, 27 Jan 1820. 

GARMON, Samuel to CHAMBERS, Betsey, d/o George, 31 Oct 1822 or 1823. 

GARNER, George W to WATSON, Mary, d/o Elizabeth, 12 May 1841. 

GARNER, Parrish to PIERCE, Sarah, d/o James, 29 July 1818. 

GARNETT, John W to WAGGENER, Julia Ann, widow of B F, 22 Dec 1836. 

GARNETT, William G to WILLIS, Emily, d/o William, 31 Aug 1820. 

GARRETT, Pleasant to PEEK, Nancy, d/o John & Elizabeth, he s/o Cynah (female), 24 Mar 1827. 

GARRISON, Nimrod G to PICKETT, Francis Ann, d/o Charles, 7 Oct 1839. 

GARRISON, Valentine to ROGERS, Charlotte, 15 Feb 1838. 

GARRISON, William M to ORR, Milinda Jane, she ward of Benjamin CURRY; he s/o Valentine, 28 Dec 1837. 

GAYLE, Josiah to WHITE, Susan C, infant of William, decd, ward of John FIELD, June 1820.