Adair Co. Marriages, Gentry - Gifford

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GENTRY: Benjamin to SIMPSON, Hahhan, d/o Sarah, 27 Nov 1807 or 28 Nov 1806. 

Benjamin to PHILLIPS, Rachel, d/o James & Mary, 21 Apr 1809. 

George D to PHELPS, Mariah, d/o Frances, 10 July 1834. 

John to WOMACK, Rachel, d/o William, he s/o Robert, 11 Sept 1828. 

Jonathan to McQUERRY, Betsey, 4 Jan 1827. He also shown as Joshua and she shown as Betsey McTUERRY. 

Joseph O to JUDD, Beatrice, d/o John, 1 Aug 1823. 

Richard to DAMRON, Mickey, d/o George (decd), 28 July 1802. 

Robert to SIMPSON, Goody, d/o Sarah & ELijah, 3 Mar 1806. 

Solomon to GRIMES, Elizabeth, d/o Mary; he s/o Joseph O of Green Co KY, 11 Jan 1834. 

Wesley to BREEDING, Sally, 10 June 1815. 

GESFORD, Joshua to MURPHY, Margaret, sister of Phelix, 2 Dec 1815.

  GILPIN, Ambrose and ADKINS, Nancy, d/o Mary; he s/o William, 18 Oct 1830. 

GIBSON: Jacob to WORKMAN, Jane, d/o Benjamin, 19 Apr 1826. 

James to STREET, Lucy, d/o Polly, 22 Sept 1831/1832. 

John to JESSE, Juda, 16 Apr 1828. 

Richard to SIMPSON, Polly, d/o Robert, 2 Feb 1826. 

Richard to DICKSON, Lucinda, 28 Nov 1826. 

Richard to STREET, Martha, d/o Polly, 14 Sept 1830. 

GIFFORD: James to ANTLE, Nancy, d/o Henry, 17 Apr 1837. 

Randolph to CAMP, Betsey (his uncle was Allen WATTERSON who stated he came from NC several yrs ago and Randolph's parents allowed him to come with him.) 14 Jan 1837.