Adair Co. Marriages, Ingles - Jackson

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INGLES, Andrew to CASHEY, Elizabeth, 3 Dec 1811. 

INGRAM, Benjamin to IRVINE, Elizabeth, d/o James, 25 Jan 1817. 

INGRAM, Burrell to EWERS, Mary Ann, d/o William, 11 Oct 1831. 

INGRAM, Garnett to SMITH, Harriett, d/o John, 20 Jan 1828/1820. 

INGRAM, Isaac to IRVINE, Nancy, d/o James, he s/o Jeremiah, 4 Mar 1812/1813. 

INGRAM, Jeremiah to STEELE, Susannah, d/o William, he s/o Jeremiah Sr, 18 Jan 1818. 

INGRAM, Samuel to MANN, Jemima J, ward of Jessse MURRELL, 27 Nov 1841. 

INKS, William to PIKE, Sally, 1802 or 1803. 

IRVINE, John to MASSIE, Lucy, d/o Thomas, 13 Oct 1815. 

ISAACS, John to POWELL, Anson, d/o Benjamin, 4 Aug 1813 or 8 July 1814. 

ISAACS, Samuel to CORNWELL, Polly, step d/o Samuel BAKER, 8 Aug 1816. 

ISBELL, John to PARSLEY, Rachel, d/o John, 17 May 1811. 

IVEY, Benjamin to CARMANDY, Nancy, d/o John, 22 Oct 1826. 

JACKMAN, Adam to DUNCAN, Susannah, 4 Feb 1822. 

JACKMAN, Alexander to JONES, Polly, d/o Allen Sr & Sarah, 18 Aug 1824. 

JACKSON, Reuben to ALLEN, Francese, d/o Barnett, he s/o Thomas, 17 Sept 1817. 

JACKSON, William to HILL, Mirah, d/o Zadock, he s/o Thomas, 13 Nov 1817.