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Ballard County,
Leona "Onie" (Bowman) Lane, James Bowman and Lucille (Bowman)
Worsham, c.1935
Ralph Glenn & Leona (Bowman) Lane

Sarah Claybourne Purcell Blanks
Roy & Capanah (Allensworth) Bowman, Onie &Glenn Lane, and Willie
(McChristian) Tucker [center]
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Hallie Harris (Blanks) Lane and John James Lane.  Both of their families are intertwined for a few generations. They were both born and died in Ballard County.  Sallie Purcell Blanks (above) is Hallie's mother and Ralph Glenn Lane (below) is their son. [John James Lane is the brother of Harriett Blanche (Lane) Huffman (see Huffman photos above)
Submitted by Jen
Huffman Family
AJ & HB Huffman - Ambrose Jackson Huffman & Harriett Blanche (Lane) Huffman (sister of John James Lane, below in Lane Family photos)
Huffmans - starting with Ambrose Jackson Huffman (sitting - hat on), Eva Huffman (daughter-in-law), James Udell Huffman, Weldon Bailey Huffman, Harriett Blanch Huffman (Lane), Roy Huffman (Eva's son with Homer Edward Huffman - not pictured).
Submitted by Michele Norvell
Glenn Lane
(l to r) Onie, J.C. (Onie and Glenn's oldest), Glenn and Bob (in front, Glenn and Onie's youngest)
Ca 1968: from l to r clockwise--Onie, Rheba Jo (Rheba Jo is Tom and Ann's daughter), J.C., Brian (J.C. and Fran's 4th), Fran, Barb holding 1st child Lisa, Denise (J.C. and Fran's 3rd), Yvonne (J.C. and Fran's 1st), Ann (Tom's wife), and Tom (Tom is Glenn and Onie's 2nd child). likely Jimmy (J.C. and Fran's 2nd) taking the photo, and Barb holding the baby was his first wife.
James Cignal "J.C." is Glenn and Onie's eldest and Tom is their second child.
Glenn and Onie Lane
J.C. Lane
J.C. and Fran's Wedding
J.C. died in 2002
Leona "Onie" (Bowman) Lane
Francis Lee "Fran"
Onie and Glenn Lane
John Bluford Lane, b. 3/6/1837 in Charlotte, VA; d. 1/16/1908, Ballard Co.

Jane Elaine McCutcheon, b. 5/30/1845 in Charlotte, VA; d. 7/21/1900, Ballard Co.

Jane's mother was Allen Blanks daughter.

Submitted by Michele