Ballard County,
James Laborn Allensworth
Arvil James Allensworth b. 7/15/1908 Wickliffe; d. 7/28/1991 [son of James Laborn & Iva Ann (Wills) Allensworth] married 12/24/1930
Inis Josephine Hargrove b. 11/14/1913; d 10/28/1989 [daughter of Joseph "Joe" & Julia (Babcock) Hargrove] - under 543 Railroad sign
Copied from the Family Bible of Iva Allensworth (with the exception of those marked * which were entered after Iva's death)

             J. Labe Allensworth  7-19-1866 *(d 7/2/1934)
son of   John Allensworth
             Henretia Hopkins Allensworth

             Iva Ann Wills Allensworth 7-28-1883 *(9/11/1967)
dau of   John Wills
             Kerdiela Fork Wills

             Robert Lee Allensworth  12-31-1905
             James Allensworth            7-15-1908
             Capanah Allensworth        8-13-1913

             Labe & Iva (M)  1-14-1904

             Robert Allensworth  (M) 5-16-1929
             Audra Hackney

             James Allensworth  (M) 12-24-1930
             Inis Hargrove

             Roy Bowman  M 12-10-1931
             Capanah Allensworth
Children of James and Inis Allensworth:
Opal Lee
Arvil James II
William Don
Julia Ann
Troy Richard

Plus - as of Sept. 2009:
17 Grandchildren
24 Great Grandchildren
  5 Great2 Grandchildren
Iva Ann Wills
Iva Ann (Wills) Allensworth and Nellie Allensworth, wife of Clyde Allensworth (half brother to Laborn Allensworth)
Iva Ann (Wills) Allensworth
Iva Ann (Wills) Allensworth Death Certificate
Arvil James Allensworth of Wickliffe, State of Kentucky and Inis Hargrove of Wickliffe, State of Kentucky
were united in Holy Matrimony
at Cairo
According to the ORDINANCE OF GOD and the Laws of the State of Illinois
on the 24th day of December of the year of OUR LORD One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirty
  Quentin J. Powell                                                        Andrew H. Whitcamp
Robert Allensworth                                                Justice of the Peace

James and Inis (Hargrove) Allensworth
Children of Arvil James and Inis Josephine (Hargrove) Allensworth:
Will of J.S. and Dona Wills, grandparents of Iva Ann Wills
Hargrove Family
Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of James & Inis Allensworth:
Opal Lee
Troy Richard
Anvil James "Jim", Jr.
William Don "Bill"
Julia & Troy ca 1942
Joseph Hargrove ca 1918
father of Inis Hargrove
Wickliffe School 1923; 3rd Grade:  Inis Josephine Hargrove (marked with X)
Ellen Hargrove
Sister of Bernetta, Thomas, Annie
Elbert & Inis (Hargrove) Allensworth
Bernetta Hargrove
Age 16
Thomas Hargrove
(brother to Inis (Hargrove) Allensworth
--above-- and-- below--
Bernetta Hargrove and husband King Pool (1923)
Robert Clyde Allensworth
(half-brother of James Laborn Allensworth)
Sara Bernetta (Lawrence) Hargrove
(Mother of Joseph Hargrove)
Mary Ellen (Lawrence) Hargrove - sister of Sarah Bernetta;
and, her husband, James Hargrove - brother of Thomas Hargrove
Children of Bernetta (Hargrove) Pool and her husband King Pool:
L - R:  Joyce, Peggy Sue, Catherine, Jo Neal, Jackie & Wayne

Julia (pink dress - daughter of James & Inis Allensworth) at her daughter's wedding.
Julia's children from L to R:  Andrea, (Julia), Carla, Groom, Greg, Jeff & Mike (Dawn, in front, is Greg's wife)
Top row: Kevin  and Michael
Middle row: Hailee & Aaron, Cassie & Scott
Bottom row: Bradley & Stacey
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Julia at 4 mos.
Inis Hargrove at 16

1919 Article on Labe Allensworth
Submitted by Julia
Submitted by Julia