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This list is comprised of churches in Bracken County and vicinity that are listed in the telephone directory. It is provided as an aide to researchers wishing to inquire by mail or phone about an ancestor's church records. Every church has its own policy about release of information from its archives. No representation is made about the policy of any of the listed churches or about the existence of records, but it's always worth sending a letter. Many churches will be able to direct you to the location of old records stored at a central archives. It's always customary to include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a small donation is always appreciated.

Churches A-L

Antioch Church of Christ
7054 Mt. Gilead Road
Maysville, KY 41056
(606) 742-2462

Assembly of God Parsonage Sardis, KY (606)724-5971
Augusta Christian Church 108 E. Fourth Street Augusta, Kentucky 41002 (606)402-1224 website: email: [2010 update]
Augusta United Methodist Parsonage 415 E. 4th Street Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-2379
Bethany Church of Christ Parsonage 4630 Willow-Lenoxburg Road Foster, KY 41043 (609)747-5542
Brooksville Baptist Parsonage Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-2455
Brooksville Christian Church 148 W Miami Street Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-3123
Brooksville United Methodist Church Parsonage 131 Woodward Avenue Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-2326
Cemetery Chapel Christian Church 795 Foster-Lenoxburg Road Foster, KY 41043 (606)747-5707
Church of the Redeemer 719 US Route 62 Maysville, KY 41056 (606)759-7211
Church of the Nazarene Parsonage 317 Main Street Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-3251
Concord United Methodist Church Parsonage 3293 Bladeston Drive Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-3583
Crossroads Baptist Church 6857 Ky 11 Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)742-2625
Fairview Christian Church 181 Bradford Road, Route 2 Box 57 Foster(?), KY (606)747-5305
The First Baptist Church of Augusta 300 East 4th Street Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-2120
First Christian Church 251 S. Main Street Mount Olivet, KY 41064 (606)724-5499
Germantown Christian Church 81 Bridgeville Road Germantown, KY 41044 (606)728-5272
Germantown Christian Church Parsonage Germantown, KY 41044 (606)728-2462
Germantown United Methodist Parsonage 4027 Broadway Alley Germantown, KY 41044 (606)883-3349
Grace Baptist Church 6025 Kentucky 3170 Lewisburg, KY 42256 (606)742-2329
Haven's United Methodist Church 2222 Old Main Street Washington, KY (606)759-5753
Highland Christian Church 4037 Kentucky 10 Germantown(?), KY (606)883-3392
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witness 2371 US 68 Maysville, KY 41056 (606)759-4813
Mason County Church of Christ 236 Duke of York Street Washington, KY 41096 (606)759-7534
Mays Lick Lighthouse Church 6682 US 68 Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)763-6782
Mayslick Baptist Church 5105 Main Street Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)763-6355
Mayslick Christian Church 5083 Main Street Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)763-6203
Milford Christian Church Parsonage Milford, KY (606)735-3308
Millcreek Christian Church Parsonage 6861 Ky 11 Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)742-2259
Mount Olivet First United Methodist Parsonage Mount Olivet, KY 41064 (606)724-5860
Mount Olivet Baptist Parsonage Mount Olivet, KY 41064 (606)724-5580
Mount Olivet Circuit Methodist Parsonage Rt. 2 Mount Olivet, KY 41064 (606)724-5625

Churches N-W (no XYZ)

Neave United Methodist Church
3276 Willow-Neave Road
Neave, KY

New Hope Christian Church 6048 Parry Lane Maysville, KY 41056 (606)759-4673
New Jerusalem Church 744 Kenton Sta Rd Maysville, KY 41056 (606)759-0908
New Life Assembly of God 7064 Orangeburg Road Maysville, KY 41056 (606)742-2430
Orangeburg Olivet Methodist Parsonage 7036 Ky 1234 S Maysville, KY 41056 (606)742-2275
Powersville Baptist Parsonage 2996 Brooksville-Powersville Road Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-2218
Presbyterian Church 107 E. 4th Street Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-3961
St. Augustine Rectory 205 E. 4th Street Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-2377
St. James Church 3426 Dover Minerva Road Minerva, KY 41062 (606)883-3581
St. James Parish Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-2271
St. Paul Lutheran Church 180 Augusta-Chatham Road Augusta, KY 41002 (606)756-2353
Sardis Methodist Parsonage 41175 US 62 Sardis, KY (606)763-6225
Shannon-Bethel Methodist Parsonage 4741 US 62 Mayslick, KY 41055 (606)763-6437
Stonelick Baptist Church 8323 Stonelick Road Maysville, KY 41056 (606)759-5792
Trinity Methodist Church Parsonage 832 Meadowcrest Drive Washington(?), KY (606)759-7982
Washington Missionary Baptist Church 2022 Old Main Street Washington, KY 41096 (606)759-5943
Washington United Methodist Church 1917 US 68 Washington, KY (606)759-7725
Willow Baptist Church 2535 Powersville-Willow Road Brooksville, KY 41004 (606)735-3576
World Christianship 689 Union Chapel Road Foster, KY 41043 (606)747-0277

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