Marsh Family Records

Contributed By Rodney Marsh

Milford High School 1936

View Images of the 1936 Program and Memory Book from Milford High School. Note: These images are in pdf format.

Marsh Cemetery
Milford Bracken County, Kentucky

  John Harrison Marsh (1854-1934)
Martha Patton Hammond Marsh (1859-1937)

Henry Clay Marsh (1879-1948)
Minnie Beckett Marsh (1880-1957)

Christine Marsh (1907-1957)

Thomas Corbin Marsh (1881-1959)
Nannie Howard Marsh (1882-1907)
Alice Blades Marsh (1884-1948)
William Arthur Woodward (1873-1946)
Susan Hannah Marsh Woodward (1876-1967)
Willis Marsh Woodward (1902-1910)
Wilmer Woodward (1897-1931)
Florence Monson Woodward (1902-1923)
Audra Mains (died 1934)
Also reportedly buried in the cemetery, but without stones, are:

Thomas Howard
Bessie Marsh
Taylor Marsh
Infant son of John Bonfield & Ramona Jean Marsh
Infant daughter of Wilmer & Florence Woodward

(information courtesy of Corbin & Hildreth Woodward; I have photos of all the headstones, but they have never been scanned)

Click here to see a portion of the Claysville, Kentucky USGS topographical map showing Milford. The Marsh Cemetery and former Milford High School are circled in blue near the center of the map. The school burned down at least 20 years ago, possibly 35 years or so ago.

As an aside, just to the southwest of the Marsh Cemetery is another cemetery labeled 'Ogeden Cem' on the map. That probably should be Ogden Cemetery.


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