Carlisle County, Kentucky
Brick Wall
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1939 Grade School near Old McGee Spring Road

My grandparents ran the Alms Poorhouse for awhile and they lived on Old McGee Spring Road in Carlisle The school photo is from about 1939 with my dad on it and was wondering what school this might have possibly been, considering where they lived. My dad, Glyn Ramage, is second row on far left (next to the teacher).  Any info would be appreciated.

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Barney Pickett (died 1918) and Ruth Hendricks

I have been doing genealogy research on my kinfolk were from Bardwell, KY in Carlisle county.  My grandfather was Barney (or Barnie) Pickett, and he is
buried in the new Mississippi Cemetery out on Highway 123.  He was killed in 1918 in Mounds, IL in a railroad accident.  My grandfather worked for the
Illinois Central Railroad and was killed on the job in March of 1918.  Would anyone happen to know how I could find a copy of his obituary? 
Barney (or Barnie) was the son of Henry Pickett (deceased) and Lula Mae Leonard.  He had two (2) sisters: Sudie ("Sue") and Pearl Pickett Siegelman.  My grandmother's name was Ruth Hendricks Pickett.

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Lydia Beard & Thomas Dowdy

Lydia Beard and Thomas Dowdy married ca 1880 and by 1882 had one child, Lucy Ellen Dowdy.  Thomas died early in Lucy Ellenís life and possibly so did Lydia.  However, there is a marriage certificate for Lydia Dowdy and J. R. Spencer in Carlisle County in 1886.  In the 1880 census of Hickman County, there is a J. R. Spencer, b ca 1854 in Michigan living with an unrelated family.  Does anyone have any information regarding this J. R. Spencer and his marriage to Lydia Dowdy?  Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Joseph Allen & Elvira Shelton

I am looking for Joseph Allen born 1803 Kentucky who moved to Gallia Ohio where he married Elvira Shelton.  Family stories say he was part Indian.  Joseph Allen could read and write.  He kept his children's names in a "gentleman's book.",  He wrote on the inside cover "Joseph Allen his book"   I thought this seemed a strange way to write but have since read about a book that Abraham Lincoln had inscribed the same way.


Daniel O'Connor

I have been doing genealogy on my family lines for 40 years, I am at that brick wall on these members of my family: 
Daniel O'Connor born 1857 in Graves co Ky, he is listed in the St Jerome Church records as being baptised there..He married, first to Jeanette (Nettie) Barlow and next to Hillery Taylor..This was probably in Carlise co as that is where Daniel's son Earnest O'Connor was born...I have not been able to find the marriage dates, nor have I found a death record for Daniel..Any information about him or his wives would be so helpful...


James Harvey Gill

I am looking for any information on the parents of my grandfather, James Harvey Gill, born 1871 or 1876 in Bardwell, Ky.  I have no information on who his parents or siblings were. He was married before he married my grandmother, but no idea to whom. My grandmother was Dora Whitley. We have wondered if Andrew Gill could be our Great-Grandfather but have no real evidence. We do not know any of our Grandfather's siblings names.
    On  the census that I have pulled up on my grandparents it always lists his father as being born in Virginia which fits Andrew. My Grandparents children were as follows:

          Ora Lee Gill  born 5/19/1909
          Elmo David  born  5/10/12
          Leta Mae    born  5/6/14
          James Francis born 8/3/16
          Lola Mae        born 7/5/18
          Arland Loren  born 10/4/20
          Flora                born 12/3/22
          Margaret Hellen born 3/14/25

I have not been able to get a death certificate for my grandfather as the county clerks office said the courthouse burned down.  He died in Farwell, Texas.

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Allen Sams & Minnie E. Wright

My grandmother Eva Mae Sams Templeton was born in Bardwell, Carlisle Co., Ky, in 1891.  Her parents were Allen Sams and Minnie E. Wright Sams.  Eva Mae had 6 siblings:
Oda, Joseph, Cordelia "Delia", Idella "Della", Vivian, and Blanche.  Minnie passed away a few months after Blanche was born, about December 1899.  Allen passed away sometime in 1900, leaving the children orphaned. I have seen the 1900 census for Bardwell, listing Allen (widowed) with all 7 children.  Another 1900 census for Bardwell shows all the children living with a family by the name of Novell. 
Later, the younger children were taken in by families living in the area.  My grandmother Eva was taken in by John Mason and his wife.  Her brother Joseph was hired as a farm hand with the Mason family.  Cordelia "Delia" was taken in by the Munsell family and later married Luther "Lute" Munsell. Idella "Della" was married twice.  Her second husband was a Milner. I believe Blanche was taken in by Denton relatives.
This is where my brick wall is.  The only documentation I have on Allen Sams is the 1900 census.  From that, it appears he was born in 1860.  I have no information or documentation on Minnie E. Wright.  I have been told that they were buried on the family farm located somewhere between Bardwell and Cunningham, perhaps one of those "Lost" gravesites.

William Robertson & Sary Bedford Robertson

My GGrandfather William Robertson died in Ballard County, Kentucky in 1850. He was married 2xs in Hickman county, Kentucky. I can't find his grave or where he lived. I believe he is buried somewhere in Carlisle County,Ky, before it was changed from Ballard County, Ky. Maybe I'm wrong but I have tried everything else. Any help Greatly appreciated.

William Robertson was married 1st./ time to Sary Bedford & had 2 girls. She died & he married the 2nd./ time to Martha Williams & had 3 boys & he died then. I found the 2 younger boys in Illinois with there mother but never found the 2 girls with there step mother in Illinois though so i don't know where they went. The mother ( Martha Robertson ) moved to Illinois & remarried  there & had 3 more boys. Thanks for any help as its appreciated very much. He is ( William ) my brick wall...

Also a brick wall for Sary Bedford Robertson that died in Ballard County,Ky, before it was changed to Carlisle County,Ky..
Help...Please & thanks so much.

Sharon Robertson Beck