Carlisle County Will Book Vol. 1
1886-1927 (Complete)
Extraction of Names & Dates

By Crystal Dingler & Christy Edmonson

Note: To obtain copies of any of the Wills indexed below, you may either order the microfilm from the KY Archives or obtain microfilm # 979610 from the LDS Library for viewing at your local LDS Library.

Below is the Will of Ashford W. Violett, who owned considerable property when he died and described each piece of property in some detail, giving us helpful information locations within the County. Throughout the Wills there are interesting pieces of information on what properties were know as, who neighbors were at a given time and, of course, family connections.

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Please contact Crystal with any corrections. Since these were all handwritten, we may have errored on spelling names.

Carlisle County, Kentucky

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This Book closed July 12, 1927.
Carlisle Co Will Bk Begin E and 346
Last First Will Date Date Family & Friends Executor, 
Name Name M.I. Book Page # Written Proven Mentioned Witnesses & Other
Abernathy Mrs. S. E. Vol. 1.  314 3/2/1924 6/__/1925 (date incomplete) 6 children; Granddaughter: Treva Brooke; Son Arthur & Katie Jeter E. P. Fisher- guardian of daughter Lena's children; Attest: Alleen Fisher; Witnessess: Mollie Fisher & Alleen Fisher
Allen Eli Vol. 1.  150, 151 & 152 1/19/1910 5/9/1910 Daughter: Stella M. Allen; Son: Bourk Allen Exec & children's guardian: W.H. Cane; Witnesses: H.L. Walker & T.H. Campbell; Farm lying on the Bardwell & Blandville Rd. known as the Anderson place; Tract on River bottom known as the Parson place; Blacksmith shop in Bardwell occupied by Jess Crawford; Farm south of Bardwell known as the Byassee Place; Farm known as the Webb place; House & Lot in Bardwell occupied by Jack Jayne bought of Ambro Moore; Stock in Auditorium Company in Bardwell, Allen & Mason Threshing Machine Co., Bardwell Canning Company
Allred Robert Vol. 1.  214, 215 & 216; Revoked: 233 3/20/1915 5/10/1915 Brother: Morgan Allred; Half Sister; Ida; Lydia Allred, daughter of dec'd brother Charley and his son Morgan Allred; Dora, daughter of dec'd sister Nannie; J.O. Glenn Exec: J.O. Glenn; Witnesses: John E. Kane & Robt. Dudley; Trustee: Brother T.F. Moore of Fulton, KY; Landmark Baptist Gospel Mission; Stock in Baptist Flag Publishing Company
Allred Robert Vol. 1.  Will dated 3/20/1915 Revoked: 233 Revoked: 2/24/1917 Carlisle Circuit Court, February Term, 6th day:Morgan Allred vs J.H. Payne Jurors: T.M. Major, G.W. Piper, J.R. Hudson; W.J. Beard, T.C. Rutherford, S.H. Teeters, C.D. Tegethoff, J.E. Mitchell, R.D. Taylor, Geo. Rayburn and W.L. Fisher.
Anderson George C. Vol. 1.  199 10/15/1903 8/10/1914 Wife: L.N. Anderson Exec: sons, Tom J. and Geo. D. Anderson; Witnesses: Carl C. Stanley & T. Walter Mahan
Atherton Howard Vol. 1.  12 6/27/1887 11/7/1887 Son: M.H. Atherton and his wife Georga Allice Atherton Exec: M.H. Atherton; Witness: W.G. Smith & L.P. Deevers
Atherton J.  E Vol. 1.  219 12/1/1911 9/13/1915 Wife: S.J. Atherton
Atherton M. B. Vol. 1.  6 5/25/1883 11/1/1886 Wife: Mary M. Atherton; son Thomas C or H., daughter Mary A. Grisson, Eugenia A. Grisson Exec: Thomas C. Atherton; Witnesses: Wm. T. Hall, H.S. Hall, Thos J. Hall 
Atkins Mollie Vol. 1.  192 2/15/1912 6/16/1913 Husband: J.S. Atkins; Brothers: Jim and Will Campbell; Sister: Capitola Haworth; Half-sister Ozetta Beshears; Church at Mississippi known as the Mississippi Church building fund debt; Brother-in-law A.J. Atkins; Step-daughter: Elma Taylor Exec: M.T. Shelbourne; Witnesses: Herbert L. Waggener & M. T. Shelbourne; Old Campbell Graveyard beside my first husband, J.B. Brakefield & our baby Ernest
Bailey D. D. Vol. 1.  236 1/2/1917 4/9/1917 Wife: Allice Bailey; children: Luther Bailey, Carl Bailey, Minnie McCCallister and May Martin Exec: wife, Allice Bailey; Witnesses: W.T. Mays, B.J. Pease and R.C. Curran
Bard Lou J. Vol. 1.  302 10/23/1923 10/13/1924 Daughters: Flutia Turk, Laura Daugher; Sons: J. R., W. G. & H. G. Bard  Exec: Flutia Turk; Witnesses: Mary Louise Geveden, Mary Bishop & Robt. L. Geveden
Bard Lou J. Vol. 1.  302 10/23/1923 10/13/1924 Daughters: Flutia Turk, Laura Daugher; Sons: J. R., W. G. & H. G. Bard Executor: Flutia Turk; Witnessess: Mary Louise Geveden, Mary Bishop & Robt. L. Geveden
Boswell Mary E. Vol. 1.  340 11/9/1923 3/14/1927 Deceased Husband: J. H. Boswell; Grandson: Loyd Glenn Novell and heirs  Exec: Loyd Glenn Novell; Witnesses: J. D. & J. M. Thomas; Farm 2 to 2 1/2 miles NE of Milburn
Boswell W. H. Vol. 1.  300 9/22/1920 4/14/1924 4 children: Daughter: Emma Boswell: Sons: Thomas, Grant & Charles Boswell  Exec: Thomas Boswell; Witnesses: R. O. Willingham Jr. & J. M. Collins
Berry William Brown Vol. 1.  198 & 199 4/18/1912 9/8/1913 Wife: Laura Berry; My children Exec: wife, Laura Berry; Witnesses: J.H. Payne and W.J. Bugg
Birdwell Samuel T. Vol. 1.  234 No date given 4/9/1917 Wife: Lee Anna Birdwell; Daughters: Almeda A. Birdwell and Alma Jackson (nee Birdwell) Exec: wife: Lee Anna Birdwell; daughter: Almeda A. Birdwell;  Witnesses: R.O. Willingham, Jr., and R.O. Willingham, Sr. 
Birkhead John B. Vol. 1.  2 & 3 3/5/1886 6/8/1886 Son: Owin (Owen) R.; Sister: Jo (Josephine) Ellen Turner Exec: Williajm R. Pile; Witnesses: Simon Holt, James T. Mosby
Bodkin Daniel, Sr. S. Vol. 1.  103, 104, 105 & 106 Will: 5/2/1900; Codicil: 5/11/1904 7/11/1904 Wife: Eliza J. Bodkin; All my children; Eliza Sampson; O.S. Bodkin  Exec: Eliza J. Bodkin; Manage land sale: Isaac T., Asa and Byron Bodkin; Land in Bardwell known as the Wm. McCampbell lot; the Duncan or Mill lot; S.H. Jenkins land; Attest: Isaac E. Price and W. White; Codicil: Manage Tobacco sale: Asa Bodkin; Attest: Isaac E. Price and Oscar Bodkin
Bodkin Irene Vol. 1.  251, 252 & 257A  9/26/1918 1/13/1919 Sisters: M.T. Sherbourne, Adele Taylor; Brothers: Emmett and Clarence Howard; Niece: Irene Taylor; Lucille Howard, Gladys Howard; Brother: E.H. Smith;  Exec: E.H. Smith & Clarence Howard; Report by E.H. Smith: Executor's Settlement, loose sheet, between pps. 257 & 258, here called p. 257A 
Bodkin Martha J. Vol. 1.  211A & 223 & 224 11/5/1909 3/20/1916 Son: Noah Bodkin; Daughter Nettie Turner Witnesses: Asa, Irene & Lizzie Bodkin; [Loose sheet after p. 211, shows estate settlement]
Boswell James Vol. 1.  1 12/5/1885 6/7/1886 Wife Zen?????; Ch. Polly Ann Rowland, Eliza Jane Magary, George Andrew Boswell, Evaline Magary, Jackaline Hill, Sarah Catherine Boswell, Ida May Kell. Exec: G.H. Boswell; Attest: P. Stephens, G.H. Boswell
Boswell John H. Vol. 1.  247 11/24/1901 Regular September County Court Term 1918 Wife: Mary E. Boswell; my two children Beattrice & Reba; Codicil: Carl Danning(?) Exec; wife: Mary E. Boswell; Witnesses: T.D. Thomas & J.M. Thomas
Boswell Mary E. Vol. 1.  340 & 341 11/9/1923 3/14/1927 Deceased Husband: J. H. Boswell; Grandson: Loyd Glenn Novell and heirs Executor: Loyd Glenn Novell; Witnesses: J. D. &  J. M. Thomas; Farm 2 to 2 1/2 miles NE of Milburn; 
Boswell W. H. Vol. 1.  300 9/22/1920 4/14/1924 4 children: Daughter: Emma Boswell: Sons: Thomas, Grant  & Charles Boswell Executor: Thomas Boswell; Witnessess: R. O. Willingham Jr., J. M. Colliers
Boume J. W. Vol. 1.  62 & 63 1/16/1894 2/11/1895 Wife: Amanda E. Boume; Son: Vester Boume; My baby: Ethel Boume; Nora Tipton; Izone McMurray;  Attest: H.M. Saunders
Boyd Isaac Bennett Vol. 1.  81 & 82 8/24/1892 2/12/1900 Wife: Julia A. Boyd;  Exec: wife, Julia A. Boyd; Witnesses: S.H. Summers and P.S. Stephens
Brown Anna Elizabeth Vol. 1.  284, 285 & 286  11/26/1917 8/13/1923 Daughter: Sally Brown; George Brown; Daughters: Elizabeth Smith, Mrs. Mae Adcock, and Mattie Brown  Exec: Sally Brown to be trustee for sister Mattie Brown's portion;  Witnesses: M.T. and R.M. Shelbourne
Brown Annie B. Vol. 1.  29 3/30/1885 Proved in Hickman Co.: 9/7/1885; Filed in Carlisle Co.: 9/9/1890 Husband: Thomas Brown; My children; My aged Father W.R. Vance Witnesses: W.R. Vance, D.S. Green, R.M. Brown & Lydia Brown [she is of Columbus, KY]
Brown R. H. Vol. 1.  170, 171, 172 & 173 2/17/1912 4/8/1912 Sisters: Nell Brown, Myra Brown; Brothers: Sam V. & Waller C. Brown; Sister Mary B. Glass; Niece Roberta Brown, only dau of dec'd brother E.K. Brown & her mother, Mrs. Cora Ware; Nephew: Robert G. Glass Execs: sisters Myra and Nell Brown; Witnesses: 317 acres adjoining lands of W.J. Geveden
Bruce Wm.  H. Vol. 1.  93 9/22/1902 12/18/1902 Wife: Mary Bruce Exec: A.J. McClanahan & R.L. Bruce: Witnesses: G.A. McClanahan and E.A. Smith; Land adjoining Mrs. Nannie Halton & Samuel Hamble
Burgess Sarah Elizabeth Vol. 1.  72 4/11/1894 10/12/1897 Nephew: Jasper C. Courtney & his wife Mary S Courtney Atttest: D. N. Rozzell; Witnesses: J.D. Wilson & A. H. Courtney; her father L.A. Courtney
Burrow T. W. Vol. 1.  139, 140 & 141 No date given 1/9/1909 Wife: M.R. Burrows; Sons: Ross, James, Ira and Dick Burrows; Daughters: Willie Black, Cora Peck and Euphy Mabry Exec: son Ross Burrows; Witnesses; R.O. Willingham, Jr., and M.T. Shelbourne; Farm on Mayfield Creek known as G.B. Burrows Homestead; House and lot in Cunningham
Byasee Jack Vol. 1.  333 & 334 5/3/1926 6/14/1926 Wife: Mollie Byasee; Children: Earnest and Maney Byasee, Birdie Madden Byasee, Loyd, Myrtle, Otha &  L.B. Byasee; Mathew Byasee, Rube Byasee, Hanna May Byasee Sams, Lillie Byasee Anderson Executor; wife: Mollie Byasee; Witnesses: H. C. Samples & Jim Hunt
Cain A. J. Vol. 1.  299 1/16/1920 4/14/1924 Wife: Ollie Cain Executor: Ollie Cain; Witnessess: A. L. Lowe & J. B. Sanford 
Cain E. F. Vol. 1.  77 5/14/1896 1/8/1900 Sons: W.H. Cain; A.J. Cain Witnesses: F.M. Darrah & L.B. Jones
Cain J. B. Vol. 1.  59 & 60 9/12/1892 7/9/1894 Wife: Elizabeth F. Cain; Sons: Andy J. (A.J.) Cain, W.H. Cain,  Exec: A.J. & W.H. Cain; Witnesses: H.T. Crouch & E.W. Rudolph
Carroll Thomas L. Vol. 1.  230 3/20/1905 1/8/1917 Wife; Nancy P. Carroll; Daughter: Lura Lee Bonds Exec:wife  Nancy P. Carroll, or if he survives wife, daughter Lura Lee Bonds: Witnesses: R.M. Carroll & A.T. Hobbs
Carter J. F. Vol. 1.  202 12/8/1913 7/13/1913 Essie Carter Witnesses (all heirs of J.F. & M.A. Carter): M.A. Carter, G.I Linn, N.F.H. Deweese, J.H. Carter, Sherman Carter; Land with G.W. Carter on S, B.F. one on E, public rd. on N & S., adjoining G.W. Carter.
Carter Wm. Vol. 1.  196 4/10/1911 9/8/1913 Son: John Carter;  Witnesses: John E. Kane & Dennis R. Webb; Land purchased from A.B. Jackson & wife in 1883, and J.R. and J.H. Bryant in 1886 on E. side of the Bardwell and Arlington Pubic Rd.
Cathes Maggie Vol. 1.  304
Cave (Cane?) J. T. Vol. 1.  303 & 304 7/8/1924 11/10/1924 Sisters: Mrs. Hanie McGary, Mrs. Alice Clayton, Mrs. Izora Pennebaker; Brother: E.C. Cave (Cane?) Executor: H. W. Clayton; Witnessess: O. H. Runyon & Victor McGary; 30 acres located between the lands L.A. Summers & Bob Holt; 20 acres known as the Isaac Boswell land
Chenault E. S. Vol. 1.  120 & 121 9/6/1905 10/8/1906 Foster child: S.O. Stahl; Wife: Son: J.W. Chunault; Witnesses: G.O. Stone and L.E. Brent
Chenault M. A. Vol. 1.  290 & 291 9/6/1905 12/10/1923 Daughter: Minnie Mott; Grand Daughter: Odie Shelton; Son: J.W. Chenault;  Husband E.S. Chenault gives waiver; Witnesses to Will & Waiver: G.O. Stone & L.E. Brent
Chester John C.  Vol. 1.  109, 110 and 111 3/14/1905 5/8/1905 Wife: Emmer Chester; My Three Children Exec; Brother, Jacob L. Chester; Witnesses: H.S. Wiley, W.S. jackson, W.H. Jones; Home farm know as the Newt Ringo Place
Clapp Emily Jane Vol. 1.  107 & 108 6/15/1903 10/10/1904 Nephew, Rufus A. Robertson Exec: Nephew, Rufus A. Robertson; Witnesses: W.T. Martinie and J.T. Cave
Coil Samuel B. Vol. 1.  254 & 255 8/19/1913 3/10/1919 2 sets of children (of my 2 deceased wives); 2 oldest children: Catherine Virginia Bugg, James W. Coil, Claud Coil (deceased); 3 younger children: Mary Hopper, Norban "Norb" O. Coil, and Brunea Stanley Exec: A.J. Hobbs (and Trustee & advisor of son Norbon O. Coil)’ Witnesses: Jno. I. and R. Sam Roberts’ Land & Businesses: 180 acres in Mayfield Creek, deed to me by James W. Coil in the division of the White & Coil lands. 
Collins Mary E. Vol. 1.  146 & 147 7/1/1910 7/11/1910 Husband: J.H. Collins; Adopted daughter: Kathleen O'Hara of Richmond, Indiana; Children of my brother-in-law, Thad M. Collins Witnesses: A.T. Hobbs, J.E. Glenn & W.T. HutsonBardwell
Cothes Maggie Vol. 1.  304,305 & 306 10/21/1924 12/8/1924 Step-daughter: Georgia Turk; Daughter: Clarissa Hales (nee Turk); Brother: J. H. Young (aka: Tinker Young) Executors: brother: J. H. Young & brother-in-law: T. H. Coil; Witnessess: G. H. Young & T. H. Coile
Cummins M. L. Vol. 1.  163 3/7/1900 8/8/1910 Wife: H.A. Cummins;  Exec: wife H.A. Cummins; Witnesses: Edwin & George Flowers
Curtsinger Nannie J. Vol. 1.  144 & 145 11/29/1907 4/11/1910 Husband: J.L. Curtsinger; Witnesses: R.O. Willingham, Jr., and W.G. Ward; land this day purchased of Mrs. N.M. Ward & her husband W.G. Ward
Dalton N. E. Vol. 1.  95 & 96 5/7/1903 7/13/1903 W.M. Koresee of Trinidad, Colo; John Henry Black, Wm. T. Vucasovic, J.F. Kevisee; Martha August Exec: Wm. T. Vucasovic; Witnesses: J.E. Mantle & T.D. Bugg
Davis B. D. Vol. 1.  52 & 53 2/27/1890 2/15/1893 Wife: Mary J. Davis; "my children" Exec: wife Mary J. Davis; Witnesses: W. Campbell and Eli Allen
Deweese C. Vol. 1.  306 & 307 1/1/1917 1/12/1925 H.B. Deweese heirs: Toney Deweese, Deidy Harris Vester Deweese, Ervin Deweese & Burnise Deweese; Wife: Susan Deweese Witnesses: J. T. Utterback & G. S. Mantle
Deweese R. A. Vol. 1.  82 & 82 4/5/1900 6/11/1900 Wife: Mary Ann Deweese; Son M.B. Deweese Witnesses: M.C. Deweese, Mr. J.D. Clayton and S.K  Hinchey
Donaldson B. F. Vol. 1.  243 3/8/1918 Regular August County Court Term 1918 Wife: Ela Donaldson; Daughter: Effie Lee Donaldson Exec: wife: Ela Donaldson; Witnesses: J.M. Steinbeck & F.P. Leath
Donaldson Mary E. Vol. 1.  194 8/31/1912 7/14/1913 Brothers: James, Robert, Henry and Albert Shrode;  Trustee: John E. Kane: Witnesses: J.W. Turk and J.M. Haynes
Donaldson Thomas N. Vol. 1.  7, 8 & 9 10/19/1876 11/15/1886 Wife: Martha E. Donaldson; Sons: Clarence K, John William, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas J.  daughters:Mary E. (eldest), Emma Lee, Sarah Jane (w of Henry Unsell) Witnesses: W.S. Bishop & R.M. Shelton; Mentions gun purchased from William Deweese & rifle from widow of James Deweese
Dougherty Eliza Vol. 1.  190 & 191 10/8/1909 6/16/1913 William H. Wilson, Sr., Sister: Elizabeth Lee;  Witnesses: Wm. Graves & Viva Jennings; Jesse Dougherty lot in the cemetery at Mississippi Church
Doughtery James K. Vol. 1.  30 1/8/1871 11/4/1889 Mrs. Mariah L. Richardson Witnesses: S.N. Jenkins & Isaac Morrison
Dudley Catherine Vol. 1.  122 1/17/1902 1/14/1907 Daughter-in-law: Mamie Dudley; Grand daughter: Millie Dudley; Sons D.W., J.R. and W.B. Dudley; G.T. Dudley; Ben Witnesses: E. T. Weston & Mrs. Luther Willson
Dudley J. R. Vol. 1.  129 & 130 6/26/1907 8/12/1907 Sister-in-law: Jennie Davis Dudley; Brother: George T. Dudley Witnesses: Matt Vaughn and J.W. Coil; House in Cottage Addition, Bardwell
Earl M. L. Vol. 1.  76 7/10/1899 8/14/1899 Wife E.L. Earl; 4 children Exec: E,L. Earl; Witnesses: J.S. McGary; Thos McGary & J.T. Earl
Edrington William Joseph Vol. 1.  75 12/14/1889 4/11/1898 Wife: Mary Eizabeth Edrington; Our children Exec: wife Mary Elizabeth Edrington; Witnesses: R.H. Webb, J.S. Templeton
Ellison Joseph Vol. 1.  222 & 223 8/25/1915 3/20/1916 Wife: M.A. Ellison; Children: W.S. and Arthur Ellison; Daughter: Grace Maude Wooden & Mary Elizabeth McCormack;  Exec: wife: M.A. Ellison; Attest: Jno. G. Nichols; Witnesses: M.L. Stevens & Ike Getters(?)
Ellison Mollie A.B. Vol. 1.  85 6/11/1904 8/12/1904 Daughters: Mary Vida Ellison and Arta Missie Turner Witnesses: T.C. Haltman and W.H. Pouder; Court to name a guardian for infant daughter Mary Vida Ellison; Lot bounded by George Haden, Widow King, Louis Hobbs and School house
Elsey A. F. Vol. 1.  271 & 272 5/4/1922 8/14/1922 Bettie Elsey; Grandson: Roy Fisher; Daughter: Mollie V. Fisher; other 3 grandchildren: Elsey Fisher, infant son of Mollie Fisher, Mollie Fisher's daughters Stella Fisher & Robbie Bugg Exec: grandson: Roy Fisher; Witnesses: None; handwriting proven in court by Oscar Bodkin, Cashier of the Bardwell Deposit Bank & R.O. Willingham, Jr. 
Elsey William Vol. 1.  213 12/24/1910 8/27/1915 Daughter: Mollie Bridgenater(?); Son: John H. Elsey; The children of Rebecca Lee Kiser;  Land: House & 2 acre lot in Bardwell known as the old mill property; the Vallanding home and Walman places divided into 3 parts with lines to run east & west as the line between me and Lewis Polietick and Linus Been; 262 acres on the Mississippi inner bottom near Fish Lake & Town Creek
Featherstone A. J. Vol. 1.  185 & 186 7/24/1902 7/8/1912 Wife: Henrietta Featherstone; Our children Exec: wife: Henrietta Featherstone; Attest: H.L. Wiley; Witnesses: H.L. Wiley, T.A. Stanley & T.A. McClellan
Felts J. W. Vol. 1.  253 5/26/1916 2/10/1919 (Lost Will)  Wife: Eulalah Felts Exec: None; Witnesses: M. Farrow & R.M. Shelbourne 
Fisher John H. Vol. 1.  225 & 226 10/14/1915 8/14/1916 Wife: Melissa Fisher; Children: W.W. Fisher, Mary Ella Ham, Sara Stella Fisher, T.H. Fisher and Edward Fisher. Exec: Son-in-law: Austin T. Ham; Witnesses:R.M. Shelbourne and T.M. Collins; Stock: Cunningham Telephone Exchange
Fisher Wm. L. Vol. 1.  161 6/15/1919 12/14/1920 Sons: Ernest & Earl (Irl) my 6 children, James (a minor)  Exec: Sons: Ernest & Earl; Witnesses: None
Fuch Nicholas Vol. 1.  13, 14 & 15 5/8/1886 5/7/1888 Wife: Dinna Fuch; daughters Amelia Reddick, Louisia Hoin; son A.G.H. Fuch; heirs of dau. Josephine: Lillie, Laura and Elain Burges;  Exec: Dinna Fuch; Exec. If she dies: W.T. Reddick; Witnesses: J.H. Bland 7 W.H. Mosby, M.D.; Farm known as the Jack Hall Farm; 
Fuller A. [Andrew?] Vol. 1.  9 & 10 11/7/1885 12/6/1886 Ch. Mary E. Fuller, F.L. Fuller, Jane Ana Mott, A.L. Terrell &  Leighton [F.L.?]  (all of age) Witness: G.J. Fuller
Gardner Alice Vol. 1.  326 8/13/1925 8/14/1925 She is the Widow of: T. T. Gardner Relinquishes her interest in her husband's estate and takes her dower, His will dated:  5/13/1925
Gardner Thomas T. Vol. 1.  310-326
Gardner Thomas T. Vol. 1.  310, 311 & 312 8/24/1920 (My Birthday age 75 years) 4/13/21925 Wife: Alice Turk Gardner; Step-son: John H. Cothes; Son: Elias H. Gardner; Daughters: Cattie Ray, wife of John W. Ray; Olive Petrie, wife of Frank S. Petrie; the 3 children of Dora Mabry, dec'd; Bonnie Logsdon, wife R. L. Logsdon; Vera Holt, wife Emil Holt Executor: Elias H. Gardner & Frank S. Petrie; No Witnessess
Garrett Silas Vol. 1.  287 3/9/1922 9/15/1923 Son: R.W. Garrett  Exec: son, R.W. Garrett; Witnesses: Camden R. McAtee and Rodera A. Burton; Other: War Risk Insurance
Geveden J. T. Vol. 1.  231 1/17/1917 2/12/1917 Wife: Matilda A. Geveden; My children Exec: son J.W. Geveden; Witnesses: W.F. Vaughn & W.W. McMurry
Gholson William E. Vol. 1.  123 thru 127 11/25/1905 Alexander Co, IL: 7/5/1907; Carlisle Co., KY: 7/8/1907 Wife: Orpha Wyatt Gholson; Brothers: Ferdinand F, Lloyd T., John C. and Richard L. Gholson; Nephews: Earl and Roy P. Gholson; Children: Christine & Mary Jane Gholson Execs: bro John C. Gholson and nephew Roy P. Gholson; Witnesses: A.A. Bounderant and M. Easlerday of Cairo; Past resident of Cairo, now Creal Springs, Will___ County; Numerous lots in Cairo; wife resides in Ozark Hotel; 
Glenn Brit Sr. Vol. 1.  343, 344 & 345  12/29/1926 7/11/1927 Wife: Mary Glenn; Son: James T. Glenn; Grandsons: Berry Glenn & Brit Glenn Jr.  Exec: James T. Glenn; Witnesses: R. O. Willingham & Len Flegle
Glenn George T. Vol. 1.  68, 69 & 70 11/20/1896 6/14/1897 Two Children: Mary B & James A. Glenn Exec: J. Oscar Glenn; Witnesses: G.W. Payne, C.B. Allred & J.S. Price; Contract w/ G.W. Wright for use of fields for cropping
Glenn Sr. Brit Vol. 1.  343, 344 & 345 12/29/1926 7/11/1927 Wife:  Mary Glenn; Son: James T. Glenn; Grandsons: Berry Glenn & Brit Glenn Jr. Executor: James T. Glenn; Witnessess: R. O. Willingham & Len Flegle
Gourley J. M. Vol. 1.  277, 278, 279 & 280  7/2/1918 2/12/1923 Wife: Roxie A. Gourley; My children, "she [wife] having no children of her own; Daughter: Lela Powell Witnesses: Robert L. Geveden & R.M. Shelbourne; Land: 26 acres E side of Paducah & Milburn Rd known as the Dick Pickett farm bounded by Jim Martin, Chris Toon, & Bob Cash; 1st Codicil 11/27/1918; 2nd Codicil 12/12/1922: my 3 sons: Artie, Arvn & Floyd Gourley as Execs, instead of Artie Gourley. Witnesses; W.C. Toon, W.E. Merritt & F.E. Gourley
Granger George A. Vol. 1.  64 4/11/1896 8/10/1896 Daughters: Martha Susan Granger, Julia Ann Levoy, Mary E. Saunders Witnesses: A. H Hill & Joe T. Hobbs
Graves Francis L. Vol. 1.  49 & 50 6/4/1886 4/11/1892 Husband: J.C. Graves; Daughter: Susan S. Hogancamp Witnesses: B.B. Briggs & C.H. Briggs
Graves Wm. T., Physician Vol. 1.  173, 174 & 175 No date 4/8/1912 Wife: Mary Elizabeth Graves; sons: Frank, Hardin & Ran Graves; sons-in-law: Sam Todd, Dave Bishop & Tinker Jennings; children of my daughter Jennie Todd; child of my daughter Mary Ellen Terry, Cecil V. Terry; daughters: Claudia Bishop and Viva T. Jennings. Exec: Ran Graves; Witnesses: James W. Gorham & Joe T. Davis; Appriasers: Judges Bill Wilson & George Halterman; Debts to Eugene Parks of Texas, Gorham Bros., estate of Geo. Mantle, and People's Bank of Bardwell  Land: 65 acres known as the Cummings land adjoining Frank Lang, T.J. Wilson and Jno.W. Burks; 
Haggard Todd Holeman Vol. 1.  334, 335, 336 & 337 11/28/1910 10/11/1926 Wife: Sarah E. Haggard; Son's: James H. Haggard, T. Ray Haggard (youngest); Daughters: Ida P. Bennett, Edmonie Bryant, Omer L. Tedford, Fannie Bell Gardner, Maud Haggard; Grandson: Avery Ginong Executors: son James H. Haggard & Robert Tedford; Witnesses: Robert P. Hocker & James B. McGray
Hall W. J. or T. Vol. 1.  5 & 6 10/14/1886 11/12/1886 Wife: Sarah E. Hall (who left him in 1882); daughter Adelia F. Blanks & her ch: William W., Thomas O. & Richard E. Blanks; son Robert A. Hall & ch. Maud; John H. Hall & ch. Sena B., William A. & Allis Exec: Thos. A. Hall and H.S. Hall; Attest: Sam Mabry & Kenneth Childress
Hamilton D. A. Vol. 1.  242 10/13/1910 Regular April County Court Term, 1918 Children: R.W., D.F., and A.F. Hamilton; Wife: L.B. Hamilton Exec: wife, L.B. Hamilton; Witnesses: Ed Riggs & R.O. Willingham, Sr.
Hampton Wm. Vol. 1.  57, 58 & 59 11/14/1878 Judgment: 8/30/1888 Wife: Nancy Hampton; Daughters: Mary, wife of A.J. Carter; Letitia, wife of John Coleman; Martha; wife of John Austin (Ch: Newton Austin & James Austin); Sarah E., wife of J.W. Gray; Matilda, wife of C.W. Waters  Heirs of my son James Hampton (Anderson Hampton, A. Hampton & Victoria Hampton); Son William B. Hampton;  Exec: son William B. Hampton; Attest: W.J. Edrington & Don Singeltary; Will destroyed by fire 2/17/1880 & reconstituted; Land deeded by Howard D. Todd to Thomas M. and William Hampton
Harner (or Horner) Maude A. Vol. 1.  266 9/14/1921 10/17/1921 Father: R.M. Carroll of Bardwell, E.J. Alred, Cairo, Illinois to be Trustee for her children: Elbert, Alice and Dathol Roxie Harner Exec: E.J. Alred; Witnesses: Evelyn Barrow and W.E. Cummins, both of Cairo
Harp Charles C. Vol. 1.  118 & 119 6/22/1906 10/8/1906 Wife: Ella B. Harp; Daughter: Daisy M. Harp; Sons: Roscoe H, Fred, Homer & Chas. B Harp; Grandson: Chas E. Wilson Exec: son Fred Harp; Witnesses: T.A. Greene & Cris Cate; Guardian to Roscoe: Fred Harp; Guardian to Daisy: Homer Harp
Hartsfield John E. Vol. 1.  168 & 169 3/23/1896 12/11/1911 Wife: Sallie; my children - wife Sally shall clothe & school them as if her own Exec: wife Sally Hartsfield; Witnesses: A.T. Hobbs & R.E. Stanly
Haynes E. W. Vol. 1.  203 thru 206 No date 8/10/1914 Wife: Henrietta Haynes; Sons: Boyd, Herman Haynes; Daughters: Mrs. Ada Davis; Mrs. Ella Evans. Mayme Featherstone; R.A. Davis; Granddaughter: Christine Featherstone;  Execs: R.A. Davis & son Herman Haynes; Witnesses: J.H. Payne & M.T. Shelbourne; 40 acres: S of Baltimore Rd bounded W. by the I.C.R.R., S by Jake Chester & E by R.D. Mosby; 15 acres N. Mrs. Berry, W & S Frank Clapp & E by ICRR; Land on Wolf Island incuding the "new ground"; 45 acres N of Baltimore Rd, bounded E by R.D. Mosby, W by ICRR, S by my land
Hays Laura Jane Vol. 1.  74 4/9/1897 3/14/1898 Son: David Hays & James William Hays Exec: David Hays; Witnesses: Richard L. Williams, John Howe & Gus. Frich
Henderson Wilson Vol. 1.  341 & 342 11/20/1912 4/11/1927 Children: Mrs. L. M. Lemona, Frank Henderson & Edna Hobbs Witnessess: Mattie Belle Henderson, Edgar Henderson & L. A. Powell
Hobbs Horatio Vincent Vol. 1.  97 & 98 10/27/1899 9/14/1903 Wife: Mary Elizabeth Hobbs; My children Attest: S.J. Willett; Witnesses: J.V. Hobbs andd S.E. Reddick
Hobbs Jerome Vol. 1.  47 11/10/1891 12/14/1891 Wife: Margaret Angeline Hobbs; Grand Daughter: Ella Anna Neele; Grand Son Joseph Philip Neele Witnesses: F.C. Taylor & A.J. Willett; Oath of James Wilson, F.C. Hayden and A.J. Willett
Hobbs John M. Vol. 1.  80 & 81 3/1/1897 3/12/1900 Son: Harvey N. Hobbs; wife S.A. Hobbs; 7 children: Wm. T. Hobbs, Richie P. Hobbs, Robert V. Hobbs, Alice A. Hobbs, Mary L. Hobbs, Araminta F. Hobbs and Rosa A. Sams Exec: Wife, S.A. Hobbs; Witnesses: J.E. Price, J.D. Ellis, J.S. Ward and H.T. Sams
Hobbs Richard P. Vol. 1.  152 & 153 3/3/1910 7/11/1910 Son: Jessie Hobbs; Wife: Rosa A. Hobbs; all my children Exec: wife Rosa A. Hobbs; Witnesses: Simon Ramage & A.A. Mayers; Attest: W.Z.T. Smith; Codicil Witnesses: A.C. Linn & J.. Stovall
Hogancamp Everett Vol. 1.  19 3/30/1886 1/7/1889 Wife: J. Hogencamp; "all my children" Exec: Wife J. Hogencamp; Witnesses: T. E. Price; B. Baskin; J.S. Bobbett
Holt Simon Vol. 1.  228, 229 & 230 8/7/1911 12/11/1916 Sons: E.D., W.S., & Robert Holt Daughters: Nettie Crider (husband C.D. Crider); Lizzie Brent (husband L.E. Brent), Avania Bugg,(husband W.J. Bugg), and Lois McKinney Exec: sons W.L. and E.D. Holt; Witnesses: R.J. Bugg an Joe W. Bennett
Holt T. N. Vol. 1.  207- 212 1/7/1907 2/11/1915 Wife: Hettie M. Holt; My Children Execs: wife Hettie Holt, son Galen (Simon G.) Holt, & R.A. Nelson of Manila, Ark; Witnesses: John R. Owen, L.G. Edwards & S.A. McGary; [J.C. Christopher Holt was not mentioned in will but took oath of Exec.]
Holt W. M. Vol. 1.  70 2/21/1896 6/14/1897 Son W.A. Holt, Joshua Holt, William Monroe Holt; Daughter: Ellen Hinkle Exec: son W. A. Holt; Witnesses: M.S. Goode & L. Holt
Hudson John C. Vol. 1.  256 8/31/1896  3/10/1919 Wife: Elizabeth Hudson  Exec: wife: Elizabeth Hudson; Witnesses: James Simpson, W.H. Boswell & R.J. Bugg 
Humphrey Van D. Vol. 1.  319 & 320 3/6/1925 7/13/1925 Wife: Lucy E. Humphrey; Harold E. Stanley; C. P. Davis; Board of Education of the Memphis Conf. Methodist Episopical Church South for Lambeth College, Jackson, TN; Board of Finance Guardian of Harold E. Stanley: C. P. Davis; Witnessess: J. M. Thomas & C. P. Notary Public: Davis; Aubrey B. Davis; 50 acres N side of Mayfield Rd purchased from the Reddick Estate & & 50 acres on S side
Jackson John S. Vol. 1.  161 & 162 9/1/1892 9/10/1894 Wife: A. Paralie Jackson; Three youngest children: Joseph M., Ada L. and Ida P. Jackson; Three older children: J.A, W.A. and J.E. Jackson Exec: one or all of older childen, J.A, W.A. and or J.E. Jackson; Witnesses: J.E. and W.A. Jackson; Codicil Witnesses: Jno. E, W.A. & W.J. Jackson
Jennings L. J. Vol. 1.  301 11/20/1923 9/8/1924 Louis E. Jennnings, Beulah Jennings Todd, Belle Jennings, Terry & Nana Jennings McClure: Son: Thomas Jennings; Daughter: Maude Jennings Ellsworth;  Executor: Arthur A. Todd; Witnessess: Oscar Bodkin & R. M. Shelbourne E
Jeter Matilda P. Vol. 1.  282 & 283 3/7/1919 4/9/1923 My children: Druey H. Jeter, Georgia Ann Raymes and Carrie E. Allen; Children of L.A. Jeter, dec'd: Raymond, Graham, Roy, Robert, Elizabeth & Forrest Jeter; Grandson James Calvin Rudd, son of Mattie Rudd, dec'd.  Exec: Trustee of estate for "infant" grandchildren to be named by the court 
Jones Allen Vol. 1.  156 2/22/1908 8/9/1909 Wife: Viola Belle Jones; Youngest daughter Lenia Jones Witnesses: Grace Unsell & Robert L. Geveden
Juett Thomas J. Vol. 1.  73 4/15/1892 1/11/1898 Daughter Mary A. White; Grandson J.T. Utterback; Granddaughter Addie Marshall Exec: J.T. Utterback; Witnesses: J.M. Nichols and L.F. Neely
Kell Joe Vol. 1.  281 12/1/1921 2/12/1923 Wife: Sallie Kell, Mary & Winnona Kell; my 5 children: Rolan, Laurance, and Albert, Bettie Wren & Owen. Exec: wife, Sallie named Guardian of Bettie; Witnesses: Robert P. Hocker & J.B. Wartham, both of Arlington
Kane John E. Vol. 1.  315, 316, 317 & 318 Will: 3/14/1925; Codicil: 4/22/1925 7/13/1925 Wife: Emma; Sisters: Mary Ann & Alice Webb, Britanna Hutson, Ellen Elsey (and her son Terrell Elsey) and Lizzie Harlan; Niece: Mary George; Nephew: Robert Harlan & Terrell Elsey; Brothers: M. H. Kane; James M. Kane, Robert L. Kane; Children of sister Mary Ann Webb Executor: brothers M. H.  &/or Robert L. Kane; Assistance: Roy M. Shelbourne; Lot in Bardwell purchased from J.H. Collins
Lavoy T. C. Vol. 1.  244 & 245 3/30/1918 Regular August County Court Term 1918 Wife: Julia A. Lavoy Witnesses: R.L. Long and H.A. Gilham, M.D; D.P. Sanford, Notary Public; 29 3/4 acre farm on the E side of Milburn known as the Dick George place
Ledford E. L. Vol. 1.  155 8/10/1909 2/14/1910 Wife: Bell Ledford; Children: Guy & Aubrey & my other children Witnesses: G.W. Witty & D.P. Sanford
Lee L. W. Vol. 1.  17 no date 12/8/1888 Wife: Rebeccah A. Lee; 3 youngest boys: G.W. Lee, N.E. Lee & S.L. Lee; 5 other children Witnesses: W.W. Mosby 7 R.M. Rowland
Lucy John J. Vol. 1.  274 7/27/1922 10/23/1922 Wife: Myrtle L. Lucy  Exec: wife: Myrtle L. Lucy; Witnesses: J.R. Lucy & C.L. Howard
Mabry L. S. Vol. 1.  48 & 49 6/1/1891 12/15/1891 Wife: Joana A; Ch: Hugh, Myra and Nannie Execs: Wife Joana A. and son Hugh; Witnesses: W. Z Smith and Claude Smith
Mabry R. A. Vol. 1.  297 4/25/1910 4/14/1924 Sons: Charles Poindexter Mabry, Floyd H. Mabry; Daughters: Ethel Mabry Jones, Anna Mabry Majors, Eva Mabry  Exec: Anna Mabry Majors; Witnesses: Mrs. W. R. Turk & W. R. Turk
Mabry R. A. Vol. 1.  297 & 298 4/25/1910 4/14/1924 Sons: Charles Poindexter Mabry, Floyd H. Mabry; Daughters: Ethel Mabry Jones, Anna Mabry Majors, Eva Mabry Executor: Anna Mabry Majors; Witnessess: Mrs. W. R. Turk & W. R. Turk
Mabry Sam Vol. 1.  224 & 225 6/10/1912 5/8/1914 Wife: Elizabeth Mabry;  Exec: wife: Elizabeth Mabry; Witnesses: John C. Kane and Dennis(?)  R. Webb
Mantle George W. Vol. 1.  148 7/30/1907 7/11/1910 Wife: Fannie Mantle; Sons: G.S., Ed B.and J.E. Mantle; Daughter: Ninnie Rutherford; Daughter Catherine Olden's Children Witnesses: W.Z T. Smith & Ira W. Smith; Cathes land; Home farm adjoining W.H. Terry; Land on N side of Mayfield Creek betw the Cree & Blandville
Martin Fredonia A. Vol. 1.  312 & 313 Will signed: 5/16/1912; Codicil signed: 7/12/1924 5/12/1925 John E. Lamkin Executor: John E. Lamkin; Witnesses:  H. T. Davis, M. W. Davis & Donia Martin;  Codicil Witnesses: Robbie Loney & Golden L. Hall
Martinie George T. Vol. 1.  101, 102 & 103 12/10/1903 1/11/1904 Brothers: James W. and Dave A. Martinie; Niece Lora B. Cross; Nephew & Nieces (ch of dec'd brother Granville) Exec: William T. Zook; Witnesses: J.G. Sullinger & H.L. Wiley; Burial in family grave yard on the Martinie Farm besides his father Jonathan Martinie's grave
Mathis Harriett Vol. 1.  218 5/1/1915 7/12/1915 12 children; Afflicted daughter Lou Eller Mathis;  Exec. & Trustee for daughter Lou Eller Mathis, son J.A. Mathis; Witnesses: Oscar Wilson and Clayman Nelson
Mott J. W. Vol. 1.  275 & 276 6/11/1920 11/20/1922 Wife: Mildred F. Mott; Daughter: Kittie May McGary and her husband T. Jeff McGary Exec: T. Jeff McGary; Witnesses: D.P. Sanford & Oris Oats; Land: part of the survey of land once owned by William Turner, dec'd; part of survey of land once owned by Richard T. Milburn, Dec'd; 119 acres known as part of J.B. Hite land where they then lived in Milburn Magisterial Dist. 3, 
Mayers William "Will" L. Vol. 1.  111, 112 & 113 7/31/1905 8/14/1905 Wife: Mary Ann Elizabeth Moyers; Brother J.M. Moyers & Sisters Elinor Sams and May Lee Bruce; Half brother Daniel Elbert Moyers and half sister Naoma Ruth Moyers Execs: Wife Mary Ann Elizabeth Moyers, Asa Bodkin and Eli Allen; Witnesses: C.D. Tegethoff & E.R. Coil; Brick residence on Elm St. & brick drug store "W.L. Moyers" on Grant St. in Bardwell; 
Mays W. T. Vol. 1.  273 1/27/1921 8/15/1922 Wife: Mattie Mays; wife's father (deceased) H.W. Hall; my 5 children:  Exec: None; Witnesses: Ed Riggs & R.O. Willingham, Jr.
McGary Seneth Ann Vol. 1.  137 & 138 3/26/1904 8/10/1908 Nephew; Everett Eden McGary, son of J.E. McGary; My three brothers Exec: nephew Everett Eden McGary; Witnesses: J. T. Cave and A.C. Gausley; Tomb rocks for her Father, Mother and sister
Mcgary (Megary) Z. Vol. 1.  1 & 2 5/3/1886 6/7/1886 Wife: L.J. Mcgary; 4 sons Isaac Newton, Crittiance White, Robert Haywood, and Harden Beverly; daughter Mollie Goun? Boswell Dr. E.O. Reid (holds mortgage); Exec: wife L.J. Mcgary; Witnesses: N.A. Rowland, R.A. Stephens Notes: Date of Codicil doesn't make sense
McGraw Thomas L. Vol. 1.  269 & 270 7/31/1897  6/19/1922 Wife: Ella Matilda McGraw; Sons: Marion Fremont and Elbert Thomas McGraw; Daughter: Ada Lora Geer Exec: wife: Ella Matilda McGraw; Witnesses: Jacob J. Conrad, Henry Elfront & W.O. Chandler Notes: Codicil correcting land allocation E & W
Mix David C. Vol. 1.  235 8/27/1904 4/4/1917 Wife: Elizabeth A. Mix; Heirs of my dec'd daughter Belle Brent: Mamie and Willie Bennett; my other children: Mary Brent, Rosella Stevens, and George, Mark (or Mack), and David Mx Exec: wife: Elizabeth A. Mix; Witnesses: R.O. Willingham, Jr., and A.T. Hobbs
Moore J. F. Vol. 1.  329 & 330 Will: 2/3/1914; Codicil:  8/24/1923 1/11/21926 Wife: Mary F. Moore, Madey Sparks, Nanabet Cothes heirs- Thomas Jersey William Margaret  & Ever Binson Cothes; Medy Sparks & heirs Executor: Wife- Mary F. Moore; Witnessess: C. J. Moore & Wiley D. Walker; Property known as the WyMoore - house and lot; Codicil after death of wife
Moore R. S. Vol. 1.  158, 159 & 160 3/31/1909 1/9/1911 Daughters Carrie E. and Mollie L. by his first wife; Wife Mollie P. Moore Brother-in-law Ed Atchison as guardian for daughters Carrie & Mollie Moore; Witnesses: Mattie M.A. Vaughn & J.R. Vaughn
Mosby Henry Lee Vol. 1.  237 & 238 9/27/1910 9/18/1917 Wife: Fannie I. Mosby; Father (dec'd) W.W. Mosby; his blood heirs-at-law Exec: wife: Fannie I. Mosby; Witnesses: W.M. Jackson, W.V. Bryant & H.L. Wiley; Buckle land; Also land inherited from his father, located in Arlington, next to his own. 
Mosby Wm. W. Vol. 1.  116 & 117 2/8/1901 7/9/1906 Son: William L., all my children; Wife, Matilda Francis Mosby;  Witnesses: daniel Bodkin, Jr., J.H. Lovelace and N.R. Taylor
Moss G. W. Vol. 1.  257 1/1/1912 10/14/1919 Wife; "my Heirs"; Lubell  Exec: None; Witnesses: T.F. Piper & E.C. King
Mott T. C. Vol. 1.  3 & 4 4/41885 7/6/1886 Wife: Martha Ann; son Robert Thomas, 2 oldest boys J.W. and G.B. (& possibly more children) Exec: Wife
Nichols John M. Vol. 1.  145 & 146 7/8/1901 4/11/1910 Wife: J.A. Nichols;  None, handwritten by testator
Nicholson John H. Vol. 1.  96 & 97 6/24/1897 7/13/1903 Wife; Worshipful Master and Wardens of Arlington Lodge No. 582 F.A.M. & successors; son Ellwood Nicholson, Adna Nicholson & J.B. Nicholson Witnesses: J.B. S. Hutson and Isaac E. Price
Owens Mary M. Vol. 1.  178, 179 & 180 3/14/1893 5/13/1912 Daughter: Martha Jane Humphrey & her children Thane & Hickman Humphrey; Children of dec'd daughter Fannie James: Elisha James and Fannie Stephens (formerly James); Lura H. Ownes, dau. Of son Thomas F. Owens; son Henry B. Owens; Daughter: Hallie Bell Exec: Thomas F. & Henry B. Owens; Witnesses: G.W. Perry & Thos. P. Hays; Residence in Milburn on N. side of town on the Blandville & Milburn Rd, deeded me by S.h. Jenkins & known as the Dr. Flint property; interest in Flouring Mill
Page W. D. Vol. 1.  321, 322, 333, 334 & 335 Will signed: 5/16/1912; Codicil signed: 4/10/1923; 2nd Codicil signed: 4/20/1925 7/13/1925 O.T. Page, Alex Page, Floyd Page; Lela Page, Ella Partin, Eugenia Anderson, Bettie Clark, Ben & Minie Pease, Chester Page, Etta Wells; Alec Page & John Partin; Daughter: B. Ater, Grandchild: Water (Walter Page); Chester Page; Etta Wells Executor: Alek Page & John Partin; Will Witnesses: P. F. Stayton & G. E. Burrow; Codicil Witnessess: L. G. Barriger & L. M. Burrow; 2nd Codicil: 4/20/1925; Witnessess: F. F. Pennebaker, Cody C. McClure & R. C. Burrow; A tract of land with lines on pubic road, at the Hay-Smith corner and on the church line; another tract at John Hearn NE corner, the Big road, the church line
Payne Andy [Andrew] Vol. 1.  11 & 12 5/2/1881 10/3/1887 Wife: Winifand B. Payne; "my children" Exec: Winifand B. Payne; Witness: Henry Boswell & G.W. Boswell
Peebles James F. Vol. 1.  24, 25 & 26 6/24/1887 8/7/1889 Mother-in-Law: Mrs. S. E. Porter; S.M. Peebles Exec: S.E. Porter & A.T. Hobbs; Witnesses: A. T. Hobbs, Abel Davis & T.F. Bugg; Witnesses to Codicil: C.A. Gest; R.A. Davis & A.T. Hobbs; Land purchased from J.A. Cummins
Peebles John W. Vol. 1.  65 & 66 8/1/1895 Wife: Sarah Peebles; Daughters Willey May Peebles, Mattie Smithers; Grandsons: Wilton & JIra Peebles Exec: B. H. Smithers; Witnesses W.M. Seay & J.W. Wood; Part of old Pennebaker farm
Perry Robert F. Vol. 1.  117 & 118 9/5/1906 11/12/1906 Wife: Elizabeth Perry Exec: wife, Elizabeth Perry; Witnesses: E.A. Smith & B.F. Wilson
Petrie John S. Vol. 1.  108 & 109 4/4/1904 12/12/1904 Son: Frank Petrie; His Mother Witness: J.M. Nichols & J.F. Nichols; Interest in the drug store in Bardwell, "J.S. Petrie & Son"
Pettit Thomas H. Vol. 1.  83 & 84 1/12/1875 & Codicil 8/11/1891 6/11/1900 Will: Companion: Adeline Pettit; "my children"; Codicil: Jessie Rose and Bessie Rose, my grand children; Amanda J. Rose Will Witnesses: John M. Nichols and Wm. T. Reeves; Codicil Witnesses: H.l. Wiley and R.R. Magruder
Piercall Martha Ellen Vol. 1.  115 6/22/1903 2/12/1906 Adopted child: Mary Ellen O'Connor, formerly Mary Ellen Lock; [Widow of Charles Piercall] Witnesses: J.W. Mott, J.P. Carlisle Co. & M. F. Mott; Farm on West fork of Mayfield Creek & house on a lot in Fancy Farm in Graves Co.
Pile Alexander Vol. 1.  27 4/13/1889 5/6/1889 Wife: Martha Pile Witness: L.W. Davis & John H. Porter
Pile C. R. Vol. 1.  133, 134 & 135 10/13/1906 10/14/1907 Wife: Mattie A. Pile; Grand-daughter Christie Bartell; Exec: Grand-daughter Christie Bartell; Witnesses: John W. Chenault & H.L. Wiley; Shares of the Merit Manufacturing Co. of Mayfield, KY; Arlington Residence
Plunkett John W. Vol. 1.  99, 100 & 101 6/7/1903 11/9/1903 Son: James Plunkett; Daughters: Jennie Reeves & Manda Hobbs; Granddaughters: Donnie Johnson and Jesse Hobbs Exec: Friend, Robert Carrol(?);  Witnesses: J.M. Nichols, A.M. Nichols and Jesse F. Nichols; Land E & W of the Mobile & Ohio RR line; Codicil witnesses: O.B. Evans and Jesse F. Nichols
Powell John A. Vol. 1.  263 & 264 (typewritten) 7/20/1915 but signed 8/3/1915  11/20/1916 in Webster Co. Will Bk 2, p. 374  Niece: Cora Jewell (wife of B.F. Jewell); Sons: Henry and Samuel F. Powell Exec: Samuel F & Henry Powell (or if dec'd: Ohio Valley Banking and Trust of Henderson, Ky); Witnesses: Joe D. Morehead & J.E. Bell; Land and other: 173-273 acres in Carlisle Co known as the Hatfield land, J.E. Nichelson living on it for 23 or 24 yrs; 132 acres in Carlisle Co known as the Corbett or Moore tract or farms
Powell Sallie Henderson Vol. 1.  240 & 241 6/2/1897 March County Court Term, 1918 Sisters: Mrs. Josephine Owsley and Mrs. J.S. Petree; Nephew: Joseph D. Puckett Exec: nephew: Joseph D. Puckett; Witnesses: J.W. Black & J.T. Utterback; Keep the graves of herself, her husband and son James T, Puckett; Farm in Ballard Co; House & lot in Bardwell
Quigley Stephen Vol. 1.  20 & 21 1/15/1889 3/4/1889 Wife: Sallie; Daughters Ann, Harriett, Margaret & Maria Witnesses: J.B. Quigley & J.. Robinson
Ramsy Lovina Vol. 1.  16 8/20/1883 8/7/1888 Wm. F. McBride, son of Simon McBride; Alice Grissom, Malinda Snavley and J.E. McBride; J.S. McBride; my 5 sisters Witnesses: Wm. White & G.W. Turney; land purchased from H.L. Shanklin
Randol R. Vol. 1.  294, 295, 296 2/25/1922 2/11/924  Wife Lucretia Randol; Sons: Walter & Merritt Randol; 10 children Executor: Walter Randol; Witnesses: M.T. & R.M. Shelbourne
Ray Mrs. Sue Vol. 1.  307 & 308 6/24/1923 3/9/1925 Daughter: Bess Samuels; Grandson's: Bullock  & John G. Samuels,  Jr. Executor: Bullock Samuels; Witnesses: R. C. Evans & R. M. Shelbourne; House and lot located on Elm and Courthouse Streets; House in Bardwell located on "colored alley"
Ray W. C. Vol. 1.  232 & 233 6/15/1914 3/19/1917 Daughter: Mary Lee Ray; sons: John W. and James B. Ray. Exec: John W. Ray; Witnesses: R.O. Willingham, Jr., and Ed Riggs; House & lot on Elsey street in Bardwell, purchased from Enoch Watson
Reddick Mary Jane Vol. 1.  130, 131 and 132 5/2/1899 8/12/1907 Daughters: Kittie King, Virginia Stowell, Fannie Wiley  Sons: Tolley, Silas, and Enoch Reddick; Grand-daughters: Mary Dublin, Therssa Reddick, Cora Carman, Maude Evah Reddick, Leah Reddick, Annie Louise Reddick,  Grand-sons: Tolley Dejamatt, Hershel Reddick, Dee Wiley Exec: Enoch Reddick; Witnesses: T.T. Margen and Jess F. Nichols
Redford J. D. Vol. 1.  88 8/1/1901 11/11/1901 Wife: A. M. Redford & 3 children Attest G. W. Boswell, Witnesses J.L. Redford, W.M. Payne & J.W. Higginson
Reid Dr.? H. Vol. 1.  94 6/13/1865 1/14/1874 Ballard Co. Wife: L.R. Reid Attest: E. O. Reid and M.E. Reid; Handwriting & Signature proven by oath of W.R. Pile and Mark Cummings
Reynolds G. B. Vol. 1.  53, 54 & 55 6/25/1886 3/10/1993 Wife: Levinia; "my seven children"; daughter Mrs. Dansell Bean; Mrs. Nancy H. Wooten; Son L.G. Reynolds; Daughter Harriett Collins; Son-in-law J.W. Collins  Exec: W.W. Jenkins; Witnesses: W.E. Horr & W.W. Jenkins; Land bought from Emma J. Martin; house bought of W.W. Jenkins; 
Riddick Wm. F. Vol. 1.  71 & 72 6/25/1897 9/13/1897 Wife: Mary J. Reddick; Sons Enoch F. Reddick, Will Tollie Reddick, John D. Reddick, Silas E. Reddick; heirs of son Richard M. Reddick; Daughters: Catherine King, Virginia Stovall, Fannie A. Wiley; children of daughters Dove Defoumate and Mary Ellen Wiley Exec: wife Mary J. Reddick; Witnesses: H.L. Wiley, Sudie Wiley, Bonnie Wiley and Virginia P. Stovall; Requests burial in family grave yard on the farm
Samples Robert W. Vol. 1.  259 & 260 8/21/1916 9/13/1920 My wife; My children: Thomas Burnett, Charles Floyd, Earnest Earl & Gladys Idell Samples  Exec: Brother: A.D. Samples & Guardian of any minor children; Witnesses: M.T. and R.M. Shelbourne; Land, business, other: Policy of Insurance in the Woodsmen
Sams H. T. Vol. 1.  268 2/3/1921 4/15/1922 Sons: Charley & Rice Sams; Daughters: Belle Ramaga & Buler Flowers; Daughter-in-Law: widow of my son Hugh, Dec'd Exec: son: Charley Sams; Witnesses: F.P. Leath, W.J. Dunn
Sams Wiley Vol. 1.  31, 32 & 33 11/19/1863 1/17/1891 Youngest son: Hermon Colter Sams; sons Zack, Wiley Sams Jr. and Adam; negro women Weaser & Ducinder Ann, negro boys Overton Gibson & Washington Preston; negro girls Susan McCoy & Louisa; mulatto boy Horatio North;  Exec; H. Colter Sams; Witnesses: J. Corbett & A. B. Coil
Sams Wm. Vol. 1.  113 & 114 4/14/1828 Ballard Co: 11/15/1880' Carlisle Co. 1/1/1906 Aged Father; Brothers: Rice, Thomas, Wiley & David  Sams; Sisters: Elizabeth Deweese & Elenore Carter; Wife: Sarah; Step-son Joseph D. Montgomery;  Witnesses: J.D. Martin, Samuel Hows & Wm. Holman; Negro girls December & Tiner; Negro boy Isaacr, small negro girls Susan & Tener;  Land on Mayfield Creek
Sanford Lawrence B. Vol. 1.  338 & 339 3/14/1923 12/13/1926 Nephew's: W. J. Willingham & R. O. Willingham; Heirs of Niece: Cora May Boswell; Half neice: Elizabeth J. Morgan Executor: R. O. Willingham; Witnessess: John T.  Baynes & T. C. Johnson, both of Arlington; Notary: Robert T. Hocker; Sanford graveyard on the Billie Bogle land near Milburn (1/2 acre set aside for burials by his Mother, Jane T. Sanford, when the property sold ca 1867 to Andrew J. Payne)
Seay W. M. Vol. 1.  128 & 129 2/17/1905 1/11/1908 Wife: Emma Seay; My little children; Son J.E. Seay;  Exec: Wife: Emma Seay; Witnesses: L.E. Woods and A. A. Davis, Arlington, KY 
Shelbourne C. D. Vol. 1.  217 10/26/1914 9/13/1915 Wife: Orda E. Sherbourne None listed
Sims W. A. Vol. 1.  248, 249 & 250  5/14/1918 12/9/1918 Wife: Martha F. Sims; Store co-owner: G.L. Twisdale, daughter: Rhoda Knauss, grandsons: Clarence & Fred Henderson; granddaughter: Anita Henderson; 5 children: W.C. Sims, M.C. Sims, Rhoda Knauss, Ada Twisdale & Ora Hall Exec: W.C. Sims, M.C. Sims and G.L. Twisdale; Witness: L.N.B. Hobbs & Attest: Thomas A. Pease & A.S. Hobbs; Land, Businesses: W.A. Sims & Co. (dry goods, groceries, hardware, drugs, shoes, & notions)
Skiles Henry Hamilton Vol. 1.  34, 35, 36 & 37 12/28/1885 Jany. Term, 1890, Warren Co., KY Nephew: Clarence U. McElroy Exec: C.U. McElroy; Witnesses: Dan'l B. Holmes & John L. Peak (John Tevis Harwood?);   D.W. Wright & C.J. Vanmeter Surities: Wrote it in Kansas City, MO, but resident in Mercer Co., KY
Smith George Vol. 1.  327 & 328 No date 12/14/1925 Brothers: E. A. Smith, Matt Smith, R. J. Smith; Sisters: Mrs. W. J. Willingham (or Mollie Willingham), Mrs. Jennie Flint, Mrs. George Terry or Ella Rowland, Mrs. C. M. or Margaret Scott, Mrs. C. E. or Lori Burrow, and R.J. Smith (of Texas); Harlo Scott son of Clarence & Margaret Scott; Lucille & Arnold Burrow, children of G. E. & Lou Burrows  Will not signed or witnessed: Executor: E. A. Smith
Smith W. Z.T. Vol. 1.  165, 166 & 167 Will: 4/3/1911; Codicil 5/21/1911 7/10/1911 Daughters: Zilpha & Mary; son Pearl Smith & W.J. Smith; Codicil: Grand-daughter Ann May; Julia Wilson  Exec: son L.M. Smith; Witnesses: W.J. Dunn, J.W. Good & Pearl Smith; Codicil: Mentioned: Jeff Wilson; John Wilson, Codicil Witnesses: Zilpha Smith, W.J. Dunn, E.M. Smith
Stewart James Vol. 1.  78 & 79 12/23/1856 12/28/1857 Wife: Sarah Stewart; Oldest Daughter: Lucinda Stewart Masten; Son: David Stewart; Daughters: Elizabeth Stewart & Mary Ellen Stewart Exec: James Zook, also named guardian for life of Elizabeth Stewart; Land bought from Edward Taylor; Jas. B. Brown; W.J. Gibson & J. Geviden
Stratton William Vol. 1.  21, 22 & 23 1/12/1888 [died 1/14/1888] 1/19/1888 Wife: Eliza Margaret Stratton; [Note: Will written and proven in Cairo, Alexander Co., IL] Exec: Wife; Witnesses: Charles W. Henderson & Reubin T. Yocum
Sullinger Johnson F. Vol. 1.  89 10/6/1897 5/13/1902 Wife; Daughter: Frankie Dellinger; R.E. Stanley Exec: Son J.G. Sullinger; Witnesses: N.L. Wiley & A. T. Hobbs; Indebtedness to W.E. Hall
Summers Amanda L. Vol. 1.  283 & 284 4/9/1908 4/9/1923 Nephew: Abraham P. Stephens  Exec: None named; Witnesses: G.L. Klapp & A.H. Hobbs; Wishes to be buried beside husband Samuel H. Summers in Milburn Cemetery 
Summers Ann M. Vol. 1.  331, 332 & 333 6/25/1919 5/10/1926 3 Children: Daughter: Lue A. Sandfor, Sons: George Edward Summers & James Howard Summers; Grandson: Lenard Cox Executors: her 3 children jointly; Notary Public: D.P. Sanford; Witnesses: J. W. Crider & W. Y. Johnson
Summers Benjamin Vol. 1.  221 4/13/1895 2/12/1916 Grandchild: Lula Bell Price; Georgie Bengerman Summers;  Exec: Georgie Bengerman Summers; Witnesses: J.W. Matt & S.B. Boswell
Taylor Zack T. Vol. 1.  46 1/2/1891 2/9/1891 Son: Lewis Anderson Taylor Witnesses: W.H. Yates & J.W. Geveden?
Tegethoff Elizabeth Vol. 1.  164 3/2/1910 3/13/1911 W.L. Tegethoff & his son Elmer; John Tegethoff; my other children: Chas. And Frank Tegethoff, Laura Doud; children of Mary Russell Exec: John Tegethoff; Witnesses: P. Young; Geo. T. Joiner & W.B. Richardson
Thomas Preston Vol. 1.  220 1/22/1915 9/13/1915 Son: Pearle Thomas; Daughter: Mattie Loving; Sons: Brooks, James, Preston, and Richard Thomas Exec: son, Pearle Thomas; Witnesses: M.W. Harper and G.H. Harper
Thornton Edward S. Vol. 1.  239 & 240 12/25/1900 9/10/1910 Wife: Susan Thornton; 5 children Exec: wife, Susan Thornton; Witnesses: E.W. Benson & E.P. Fisher Notary Public
Toon Jack H. Vol. 1.  245 & 246 5/29/1918 Regular August County Court Term Joint Will: Wife: T. N. Toon; Son: Alva Brey Toon; Daughter Marie Toon; Youngest child: Cornelius R. Toon; my other children;  Exec: wife, T.N. Toon; Witnesses: Arthur Thomas and A.P. Thomas
Toon T. N. Vol. 1 245 & 246 Joint Will w/Jack H. Toon Joint Will w/Jack H. Toon Joint Will: Husband: Jack H. Toon and same as above Exec: husband Jack H. Toon; Witnesses: same as above
Trabue James Vol. 1.  90, 91 & 92 5/19/1882 11/8/1902 Wife: Eliza F.; Ch: Mary (her share to her two sons Trabue Barksdale and William R. Barksdale), Richard and William; Grand Nephew, son of Nephew Robert D. Trabue Exec: Son Richard; Witnesses: James Caldwell and Wm. Kelday; Written in Louisville
Tyler Richard H. Vol. 1.  50 & 51 2/5/1889 7/11/1892 Wife: Acenith Tyler; "my children" Exec: wife Acenith Tyler; Witnesses: T.C. Price, J. deweese & Wm. Johnson
Utterback J. T. Vol. 1.  272 or 292
Utterback J. T. Vol. 1.  292 & 293 11/22/1920 1/14/1924 3 children: Daughter: Nana (or Mona)  U. Patterson; Sons: Hugh B. Utterback, J. T. Utterback, Jr. Son J.T. Utterback Jr. Executor with Hugh B. Utterback assistance: Witnessess: Oscar Bodkin & Cecil Perry 
Violett Ashford W. Vol. 1.  38 thru 45 11/21/1890 8/10/1891 Wife: Ann Violett; Residuary legatee A. W. Violett; Sons John B. Violett, H.F. Violett, A.W. Violett, Jr.and Jeff Violett; daughter Barbara Mitchell (husband Sam Mitchell); my grandchildren: daughter of Barbara Mitchell and children of J.B. Violett Co-execs: N.J. Bugg and L.C.Ray; Witnesses J.H. Black & Geo. F. Dudley; Property mentioned: Central Hotel; line laid off by Wm. White; formerly occupied by N.J. Young; line of J.W. Turk; occupied by L.D. Ray; Purchased from Hazelwood; D. Badking property; Old M.J. Hays farm in Hickman Co.; Campbell land; opposite residence of Dr. G.A. Thomas occupied by Wash Hickman (Col.); 119 acres known ias Colonel Woolfolk's Homestead; next to A.F. Elsey house; house occupied by the grocery of Richard Butter; side room occupied by Mrs. Cross as saddlery & Harness establishment; Notes of H.J. Burton & Dink Halterman
Violett K. F. Vol. 1.  188 & 189 3/27/1912 6/9/1913 Estranged wife; Children: Mary Harvey Violett & Lucy Violett Exec: A.T. Woolfork; Witnesses: A.T. Woolfolk & R.A. Evans; Codicil: A.T. Hobbs & A.T. Woolfolk
Walker Charity Vol. 1.  141, 142 & 143 2/28/1907 3/8/1909 Son: Wiley D. Walker; Daughters: Tommie (or Tammie) Stephens and Golda Linderman Exec: son Wiley D. Walker; Witnesses: R.J. Young & J.F. Bailey; 4 acres in Bardwell bounded on the north by J.F. Moore, East by J.F. Moore, South by Orchard Street & west by F.P. Lindsay & W.H. Cain
Ward Elizabeth Vol. 1.  261 5/2/1916 12/15/1920 Sister Susan  Exec: sister Susan; Witnesses: None
Watson Jos. W. Vol. 1.  183 & 184 8/28/1907 12/9/1912 Wife: Mary Elizabeth Watson; My Children Exec: wife, Mary Elizabeth Watson; Witnesses: John E. Kane & K. Childress
Webb Julia Vol. 1.  18 5/29/1885 1/7/1889 Nephew: Charles R. Stratton; Wallace Webb Exec: friend W.H. Davis of Ballard Co.; Witnesses: Thomas Terrell & J.B. Stratton
Webb William Harris Vol. 1.  63 & 64 9/19/1889 3/11/1895 Wife: Julia A. Webb; Sons: Robert H. Webb & F. H. Webb Exec: Julia A. and F.H. Webb; Witnesses: J.E. Atherton & N. S. Atherton
Wellhofen Bell Vol. 1.  98 & 99 9/7/1903 10/12/1903 B.F. Donaldson appointed Guardian for Lissie and Burley Exec: B.F. Donaldson; Attest: J. H. Fisher & melissa Fisher
Weston J. W.T. Vol. 1.  4 & 5 5/20/1886 8/3/1886 Wife: Martha L. Weston Witnesses: W.A. Edwards; J.T. Davis
Wilkerson W. T. Vol. 1.  200 & 201 3/23/1914 7/13/1914 Wife: V. A. Wilkerson; My eight (unnamed) children Execs: sons, Jackson & Joe Wilkerson; Witnesses: R.O Wilkerson, Sr., A.S. Bingham & Ben S. Adams; Land in E. Carlisle Co., adjoining W.E. Barriger, Evrett Nichols and others
Williams J. A. Vol. 1.  187 4/5/1913 6/4/1913 Wife: Bettie Williams; Daughter: Ellen Timmany, wife of Aubry Timmany; my other children Witnesses: John J. Pastin, Sam Mabry & E.C. King
Williams Margaret J. Vol. 1.  56 6/17/1893 1/8/1894 John H. Bennett Witnesses: R. Porter & J.G. Porter
Williams Samuel Vol. 1.  61 3/18/1894 1/14/1895 Wife: Altha Ann Williams; Sons: George Milen Williams, William Jesse Williams, John Ewan Williams;  Daughters;  Exec: wife Altha Ann Williams; Witnesses: J.C. & W.J. Williams
Willingham R. O., Sr. Vol. 1.  330 & 331  8/6/1925 3/8/1926 Daughter: Mary Etta Flegle and heirs; A. W. Violett Jr., deceased; James Willingham; Len Flegle  None
Wilson M. G. Vol. 1.  288, 289 & 290  3/8/1923 12/10/1923 Wife: Virginia Wilson; Julia Wilson, daughter of my son Jeff Wilson; Children: J.S. Wilson, Mrs. Robert Terry, Mrs. John Vincent, Mrs. Will Johnson, Denver Wilson, and Iva Wilson; Grandson Charlie Denton, son of dec'd daughter Betty Denton  Exec: daughter, Iva Wilson, and son J.S. Wilson; Witnesses: Oscar Bodkin & C.C. Perry; Attest: F.W. Turk; Land: "My Home Place"; what is known as the "Kirby Place"
Winfrey Rebecca Vol. 1.  86 & 87 6/20/1901 8/12/1901 Miss Nancy Orcett; Sons of the late Katy Byasee: Edward, Herbert, John andd Nute; Widowed nieces: Mrs. Sarah Bugg and Mrs. Mary Parish Exec: Sylvester McGary; Witnesses: H.L. Wiley, John T. Baynes and T.A. McClellan
Witty Agness Mrs. Vol. 1.  176 & 177 3/1/1912 4/8/1912 Son: George G. Witty; minor children of dec'd son Albert Witty of Fulton, KY: Robert and Elizabeth;  Exec: son G.G. Witty; Witnesses: F.N. Simpson, M.D., & James Anderson
Wix Augusta Belle Vol. 1.  309 & 310 11/15/1922 3/10/1925 Husband: William Wix; Nephew: Milan Williams;  Niece: Lillie Williams & Hazel Lawkins Executor: Milan Williams; Witnesses: Dr. H. A. Gillian & Guy Curtsinger
Wix William Vol. 1.  136 6/7/1895 3/9/1908 Wife: Belle Augusta Wix Ex: wife: Belle Augusta Wix; Witnesses: J.E. Robbins & Gus Thomas
Wood Rebecca Vol. 1.  67 & 68 6/9/1894 4/12/1897 Children: Joe Wood, Louis Wood, Lydia Jackson heirs and Mollie Meadows; Daughter Ellen Wood; Afflicted granddaughter Sally Betts;  Exec: Son L.E. Wood; Wittnesses: J.T Rowland and Jno R. Owens
Woolfolk Elizabeth Mrs. Vol. 1.  181 &182 12/23/1909 11/13/1911 Four Surviving Children: A.T., Will, and Mattie Woolfork, and Nannie Anderson; Grandson: A.T. Ham Witnesses: Quinius J. Bryant & Beulah S. Bryant; Real estate descended to me as mother of Sallie Woolfork, dec'd & owned by Austin Woolfork at his death
Woolfork John S. Vol. 1.  28 11/30/1889 1/6/1890 Wife: Francis F. Woolfolk; children if there be any; "my bothers & sisters" Witnesses: L. H. Haur & Jno. W. Ray
Wren C. E. Vol. 1.  258 & 259  4/7/1919 11/17/1919 Wife: Mary E. Wren; Children: Alex Wren, Lantie Wren Jones, Eugene Wren, Leny or (Leng) Robertson Grundy Wren, & Ramsey Wren.  Exec: None; Witnesses: Robert L. Geveden & Ed Yates; Land: House & Lot in Arlington conveyed to him by R.L. Stanley & wife A.M. Stanley on 9/29/1905
Zook Mary Ellen Vol. 1 66 & 67 8/31/1896 3/8/1897 Daughters: Mary E. Zook and Lycinda McIntyre; Grandchildren: Son: William T. Zook; Mary E. Glenn and James Glenn; Colored woman Catherine Zook Exec; W.T. Zook and M.E. Zook; ; Witnesses: H.R. Wiley, Mary E. Stewart & F.G. McIntyre; Burial in Steward Graveyard next to husband; Line of J.L. Drake