Carroll County Cemetery Records


This is a partial listing of cemeteries in the county. If you would like to add a cemetery or contribute a list of graves from a cemetery, please let me know... Thanks!

Researcher's Cemetery Contributions

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All Burial Information linked to this page was graciously Contributed By: James Lee Cobb, III

Some locations are not listed and I do not know where these cemeteries are located... sorry. But if you find any in the wrong place, let me know!
Cemetery Name Location Burial Information
Adcock Cemetery  Located on Gilgal Road.
Allen/Wilson Cemetery  
Arnold Cemetery  Located on the farm of James Cook, US 42.
Baird Cemetery  Located on Dividing Ridge Road.
Barrett Cemetery  Located on highway 36 in Easterday.
Beall Cemetery  Located on Stafford Ridge Road on the McBurney Farm.
Blackmore Cemetery  Located on East Highland Avenue, Carrollton.
Blanton Cemetery   Located on the Ghent Power Plant property, US 42, east of Ghent.
Brock Cemetery  
Brown Cemetery  Located on Owl Hollow Road near I-71.
Bersot Cemetery  Located on Buck's Run Road on the Joe Hughes farm.
Butler Cemetery  Located near 11th & Highland Ave. in Carrollton. Has been relocated and all the  graves were moved to Carrollton I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows) cemetery.
Butts (Wm.) Cemetery  Located on the west side of Jackson Road. Sometimes called Jackson Cemetery.
Butts Cemetery  Located on farmland in Worthville. No markers, one field stone grave.
Carlisle Cemetery  Located on Carlisle Road.
Carrico Cemetery  Located on Wright's Ridge Road on the Simmons farm.
Carrico Cemetery #2  Located on highway 227.
Chadwell/Haines  Located on White's Run Rd..
Christian Church Cemetery Located in Ghent.  (also known as the Reform Meeting House cemetery).  This cemetery has been destroyed.
City Cemetery   Originally located on the S. W. corner of  4th & Seminary Streets. Destroyed sometime at the turn of the 20th century. A few of the stones were moved to Gap Hill Cemetery.
Coghill Cemetery  Located on US 42.
Coghill Cemetery #2  Located on King's Ridge Road. This cemetery has been destroyed
Coleman Cemetery  Located at the top of the hill on Gilgal Road.
County Infirmary Cemetery  Located on highway36, East.
Cove Hill Baptist Church Cemetery  Located on highway 549.
Craig Cemetery   Located on US 42, West of Ghent.
Craig Cemetery #2   Located on the Fitchen farm, US 42 East .
Craig Cemetery #3   Located on Riverview Farms..
Craig Cemetery #4  
Cull Cemetery   Located on Cull's Ridge Road.
Darbro Cemetery   Located on highway 457 near Eagle Station.
Darbro Cemetery #2  Located North of Eagle Station between highway 36 and Eagle Station Road.
Darnold Cemetery   Located on highway 55, 2 miles south of Cove Hill.
Davis Cemetery   Located on Dividing Ridge Road.
Dean Cemetery   Located inside General Butler State Park. (The Carroll cemetery book shows this as destroyed).  It was the burial site of Rev War Veteran, John Dean.
Dean Cemetery #2   Located on a farm on Eagle Station Road.
Dean Cemetery #3   Located at the mouth of Eagle Creek and the Kentucky river. (This may be the same cemetery as Dean #2)
Dean's Chapel Cemetery   Originally located on State Road 227 Northwest of Worthville. This cemetery has been destroyed. (some graves moved to cemeteries in Ghent, Carrollton and Worthville).
Deatheridge Cemetery  Located on highway 47, Sanders. On Napier's farm.
De Mint Cemetery  Located on Green Bottom Road at I-71.
Donathon Cemetery   Located on Taylor Road.
Driskell Cemetery   Located in Worthville.
Dunn Cemetery   Located on Carlisle Road.
Dunn/Taylor Cemetery   Located on Carlisle Road. This cemetery has been destroyed.
Duvall Cemetery   Located on US 42 (west) above the old bridge. This cemetery has been destroyed.
Easterday Cemetery   Located South of Easterday. 
English Cemetery   Located west of English, Ky., on highway 389, South of the junction to I-71.
Fairview/Patterson Cemetery   Located in  Locust precinct, on Fairview Ridge Road. 
Fairview Cemetery  
Furnish/Rosell Cemetery   Located at Eagle Station and Sanders Road.
Gap Hill Cemetery   Located near General Butler State Park,  South of highway 36 between Hilltop Drive and Camp Kysoc Road in Carrollton.
Gardner Cemetery   Located on the Ghent/Eagle Station Road on the Cecil Searcy farm.
Garriott Cemetery   Located off Jackson Springs Road. 
Gaunt Cemetery   Located at Blue Gables Motel, intersection of 42 and 227, Carrollton.
General Butler Cemetery   Located in General Butler State Park, Carrollton.
Gex Cemetery   Located on the Mylor farm, US 42, east of Ghent. This cemetery has been destroyed.


Ghent Consolidated Cemetery   Located on the west side of Main Cross Street. Platted individually in 1858 - now consolidated into the second largest cemetery in Carroll County. It consists of Scott Cemetery, The Masonic Cemetery and the Ghent I.O.O.F.  
Ghent Baptist Church Cemetery   This cemetery was destroyed in 1913.
Ghent Second Baptist Church Cemetery   Located in Ghent on Carroll Street.
Ghent (Old Black) Cemetery  
Ghent I.O.O.F. Cemetery   Located next to the Ghent Consolidated Cemeteries on highway 47.
Giltner Cemetery   Located South of highway 36, West of St. Peter's Lutheran Church. Cemetery is on posted industrial property.
Grass Hill Cemetery   Located on the Ghent/ Eagle Station Road, South of I-71. Also known as, Lewis Sanders Cemetery. 
Griffith Cemetery   Located on the Ghent/Eagle Station Road on the Searcy O'Neal farm.
Griffith Cemetery #2   Located on Buck's Run Road.
Griffith House Cemetery  
Haines Cemetery    Located on highway 36, overlooking White's Run Creek.
Haines Cemetery #2    Located on the Haines farm, South Fork Road.
Handlon Cemetery    Located on Kendall Road, off King's Ridge Road.
Hanks Cemetery   Located on Dividing Ridge road. This cemetery has been destroyed recently. 
Hawkins Cemetery   Located on US 42 on the James Cook farm. This cemetery was covered by water from the Ohio River and was destroyed.
Hayden Cemetery   Originally located on Lock Road. This cemetery has been destroyed. Some bodies removed to Carrollton IOOF.
Haydon Cemetery   Located on US 42.
Heath Cemetery    Located on Carlisle Road.
Hoagland Cemetery   Located on Hampton Lane, South of highway 36 in Hunter's Bottom. Cemetery is on posted industrial property.
Humphrey Cemetery    Also know as Mound Hill cemetery.
Indian Creek Cemetery  
I.O.O.F. Cemetery  (also known as, Odd Fellows Cemetery) Located at 912 Seminary Street,  Carrollton, (502) 732-4814. Not a Complete List of Burials.  Scanned Headstone Photos


Jackson Cemetery  (also known as, William Butts Cemetery).
J. W. Hoggins Farm  
James Coghill Farm Located on the James Coghill farm on US 42.
Karr Cemetery   Located on the Adcock farm, highway 55.
King/Bradley Cemetery   Located on west Locust Road, near the Trimble County line.
King's Ridge Cemetery   Located on the east side of King's Ridge Road. (also known as, Nesselroad Cemetery)
Knox Cemetery   Location unknown. Thought to be a single grave cemetery containing Rev War veteran, Robert Knox. 
Lawrence Cemetery   Located on the Lawrence property on Mound Hill. 
Leachman Cemetery   Located on William's Run. 
Lewis Cemetery   Located on 227 and Goose Creek Road.
Lewis Cemetery #2   Located on  Goodman farm on Goose Creek Road.
Lewis Sanders Cemetery  
Lindsay Cemetery   Located on Dividing Ridge Road. 
Lindsay/Scott Cemetery   Located on Sharon Road, South of Ghent on property owned by Mrs. Kate Gex.

Louis Wright Farm

Luckett Cemetery   Located off Kendall Road.  This cemetery is maintained.
Lutheran Church Cemetery  
May Cemetery   Located on 549 ( Mound Hill/Cove Hill road).


Masterson Cemetery   Located on US 42 one half mile east of the highway 36 and 227 junction. 
McKay Cemetery  
Methodist Church Cemetery   Located in Carrollton,  at Highland and Fourth.
Mills Cemetery   Located on Stafford Ridge Road, near Buffalo Creek. (Also known as Mills/Hanks Cemetery).
* Miscellaneous Burials  
Mitchell Cemetery    Located on Searcy farm on 36 & White's Run Road.
Mound Hill Cemetery   Located on Mound Hill Road. (also known as, Humphrey Cemetery).
Mullikin Cemetery   Located on US 42, near Little Kentucky river.
Ohne Cemetery   Located off King's Ridge Road, near Mt. Hermon Baptist Church.
Old Christian Church Cemetery Ghent
Old School Cemetery   Located near Eagle Station.
O'Neal Cemetery   Located at Ghent.
Petitt Cemetery   Located on Lanham Road. Reported as destroyed
Presbyterian Church Cemetery   Located on Highland Ave, Carrollton.
Prestonville Cemetery Prestonville, KY
Price/Scanland Cemetery   Located at Martin's Nursery.
Pulliam Cemetery Located on highway 36 (Milton Road).
Ramey/Farres Cemetery   Located on Boone Road.
Rice Cemetery   Located on Black Rock Road.
Robbins Cemetery   Located in the rear of Rio Vista, (a Private Residence) on Highland Ave, Carrollton.
Robertson Cemetery   Located West of English Cemetery on Mill Creek Road.
Saint John's Cemetery   Located in Carrollton behind the Catholic Church on Fifth Street.
St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery   Located behind the Church on highway 36. Hunter's Bottom.
Saint Peter's
Sanders Cemetery   Located on Dow Corning property on US 42.
Sanders Cemetery  Located on McDaniel Street, Sanders Kentucky. This is an African American cemetery.
Sanders, KY Cemetery  
Sanders 2nd Baptist Cemetery Located off McDaniel Street in Sanders.
Scott Cemetery    Located in Ghent Consolidated Cemetery.
Scott Cemetery #2   Located on Dividing Ridge Road. Two graves.
Scott #2
Searcy Cemetery    Located on the Lindsay farm on Goose Creek Road.
Sebree Cemetery   Located on Black Rock Road.
Skirvin Cemetery    Located off highway 47.
Spicer Cemetery    Located near White's Run Christian Church on highway 36.
Spicer Cemetery #2    Located on highway 36, between Easterday & Eagle Station. This cemetery has been destroyed.
Spillman Cemetery    Located on Wright's Ridge Road.
Stafford Cemetery   Located on Stafford Ridge Road, south of I-71.
Standard Materials Company Cemetery  Located at Standard Material Co, on highway 36 in Hunter's Bottom. This cemetery has been destroyed or relocated. 
Starkey Cemetery   Located on East Locust Fork Road. 
Stewart Nevill Farm
Stringfellow Cemetery    Located on 36, near Indian Hill.
Tandy Cemetery    Located on the Searcy farm on Goose Creek Road.
Tandy Cemetery #2    Located on Lanham Road, one mile from highway 36.
Tandy Cemetery #3    Located on the Lula Abbett farm on 227.
Tandy Cemetery #4    Located on Dividing Ridge Road.
Taylor Cemetery   Located on Wright's Ridge Road at the junction of Panther Run road. Cemetery is maintained.
Taylor Cemetery #2   Located on Fairview Ridge Road.
Thompson Cemetery   Located off Panther Run Road. This Cemetery has been Revised.
Thompson Cemetery #2    Located on highway 47 near Ghent.
Wayland Cemetery    Located on the Ghent/Eagle Station Road.
Webster Cemetery    Located Mound Hill/Cove Hill Road
Webster Cemetery #2    Located at Tucky Farms on White's Run Road.
White Cemetery   Located on highway 36, east of Hampton's Creek
White's Run Baptist Cemetery  Located in Easterday.
Whitehead Cemetery    Located in Easterday at the junction of 36 and 122.  Next to White's Run Baptist Church.
Wilson Cemetery    Located one half mile southwest of the English Cemetery, to the right of the Gilgal Road underpass.
Wilson Burying Grounds  
Worthville F & AM Cemetery  
Worthville Masonic Cemetery    Located In Worthville, on Cemetery Street, South of the RR tracks.
Worthville Cemetery  
Wright Cemetery   Located on Wright's Ridge Road. 
Young Cemetery    Located on Conway Road, off highway36 in Hunter's Bottom.
2 Unnamed Cemeteries  Located at highway 55 & 389, at entrance to T. B. Forbes farm.

Located on Banks farm at gas line, 36 near Locust Road.