Carroll County Family Bible Records


Strickland Family Bible

These records were copied as entered by Michael Hilt and were contributed by Jerri Thompson


From the inside front cover:

  • William Strickland was born September 8th 1841

    [From the back page of the bible:]

  • John S Roberts April 11 1838
  • John Stricklin was borne January the (illegible)1791
    [Under the entry another hand has written:]
    [indicating that he may have died in 1864, at the age of 73]


  • Polly Stricklin was born in the year 1801
  • Catharine Stri(illegible) was born August 8th in the year 1816
  • Henry Shane Stricklin was born the 24th day of Janary 1818
  • Rosannah Strickling was born the 7th day of March in the year of our lord 1824
  • Sary Stricklin was born in March 1826
  • Mary Jane Stricklin was born in April in the year 1828
  • Nancy an Stricklin was born in May in the year 1830
  • James Stricklin was born in June in 1832
  • Margret An Stricklin was born Febuary 20 in the year 1833
  • John Stricklin was born in March in the year 1836 and died when about five months of age
  • Eliza An Stricklin was born Sept the 4th 1839
  • Wm Harrison Stricklin was born Sept the 8th 1841 (entry is repeated on inside front cover)
  • Betsey Stricklin was born July 5th 1846



    On a blank page between the two Testaments:

  • Pollie Strickland, died Oct. the 18, 1861
  • Mary Ward, died June the 11, 1862
  • Sarah Ward, died July the 12, 1877
  • Catharine Walters, died January the 15, 1865
  • Betty Willson, died January the 27, 1883