Revolutionary War Pensioners

Living in Carroll County - 1840

 This list of Revolutionary War soldiers was drawn up by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry, Secretary of War to Congress in 1835 and published later by the Kentucky Society of the American Revolution. Contains all the pensioners under the Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act of June 7, 1832. If shown, the first date is when the individual was placed on the pension rolls; the second when the pension began. Age, if shown, would be age at time of application (for the act of 1818). Used with permission of Sandi Gorin PDF files are Public Domain documents housed in the National Archives and acquired through Heritage Quest. By clicking on the names below, you will bring up a PDF file with all pages intact.

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Robert Knox: Roll: 505  Image: 595  File: W26190/BLWT26714-160-55

Nathaniel Sanders: Roll: 715  Image: 237  File: W8703

Medley Shelton: Roll: 731  Image: 711  File: W8717   

Jeremiah Gullion: Roll: 383  Image: 118  File: W8879

Jarret Demint: Roll: 262  Image: 400  File: S30984 

John Short, age 78: Roll: 735  Image: 695  File: S37386. Living with R. M. Tandy in 1840. 

Robert Scott, age 77: Roll: 721  Image: 897  File: S31350. Living with Robert Scott in 1840. 

Amos V. Matthews, age 79: Roll: 559  Image: 33  File: W9537-BLWT75006-160-55    

David Driskell, age 79: Roll: 283  Image: 355  File: W22974   Pvt., NC Line; 3 July 1820; 16 Nov 1819; $96; age 79 in 1840. Living with Green Driskell in 1840.

John Dean, Sr., age 84: Roll: 258  Image: 567  File: R2800 

James Coghill, age 82: Roll: 201  Image: 116  File: S35860