Carroll County

"A Carroll County Scrapbook - Section Three"

Contributed By: Roslyn McLendon

"This Kentucky scrapbook is all from Carroll County.
My Mom took all these articles from a Carroll County news paper - most pertain
to people who lived at Locust in Carroll County or Carrollton itself. 
Mom had all these pages in her original scrapbook.
 They are Carroll County history. Please use them. Roslyn"

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This is, sadly, the final page of the scrapbook.  The remainder are
poems by local and other people, movie news, Lindberg baby, and Dionne
Quints, and all kinds of quilt patterns and odds ends.  I hope someone has
received some information they can put to use and enjoyed reading as much as
I have enjoyed rereading and typing them.  Roslyn


McEntire-Skirvin:  Miss Mary Frances McEntire and Harry Elbert Skirvin were
married Saturday, Feb. 5, at Ghent by the Rev. A. V. McConnell, in the
presence of the bride's sister and brother, Miss Cleo and James McEntire.
the bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George McEntire, is a lovable and most
attractive young girl.  The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Skirvin, of
near Vevay, In., formerly of Ky and is regarded as a fine young farmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Skirvin left immediately after the ceremony, accompanied by
Miss Cleo McEntire and brother James and William Edwrds, for Lexington,
where they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens and Mr. and Mrs.
William Stevens, later returning to Vevay  where they will make their home
with the groom's parents until a house is completed on a farm near Vevay.

Mr. and Mrs. Donley Thompson announce the birth, Feb. 5, of a seven pound

Mesdames George and Verni Craig and Mrs. Ernest Young attended the
Homemakers club Wed. at the home of Mrs. Robert Young in Hunters Bottom.

Miss Betty Banks left Friday to visit relatives in Indianapolis for an
indefinite time.

Mrs. John Wyatt returned from Indpls last week.  Her friends regret to learn
that her condition is not improved.

Those who are very ill at the present are Mrs. Clarence Harsin, Mrs. John
Wyatt, Mrs.Ella Wright, Mrs. J. W. Dunn (Ida Belle Starkey), and Mrs. Oral

Clyde Taylor, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Davis and daughter of Notch
Lick, were guests of Mr and Mrs. Roy Thompson at Dupont, IN.

Mrs. S. Long spent Monday in Prestonville with her daughter, Mrs. Wilbur
Ayler and Mrs. Carl Harsin.

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Wright of English, were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Cribbins.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dunn, Mrs. James Willard. Dunn, and Mrs. George Taylor
and baby were guests of Mrs. Gladys Adams in Covington Sunday and visited
Clarence Christopher Dunn who is very ill in a hospital in Cincinnati.

Miss Margaret Thompson returned home after a ten day's stay with Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Thompson  were guests in the Taylor
home sunday.

George McEntire and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Skirvin
at Sanders.

Mr and Mrs. Elmer Dunn and son and Miss Katherine Shepard visited the
latter's grandmother, Mrs. Clara Sheperd who makes her home with Mrs.
Clarence Jenkins near Drennon Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Mcentire and baby, Mrs. Shelby McEntire and William
Edwards were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Riley at English Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carrico of Trimble county are spending a few days this
week with Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Furnish.

Roslyn (Dunn-Foster-Harman-Coghill-Starkey-Morrison)

Local Woman Drowns in cistern Tuesday Noon:
Another shocking tragedy gripped the hearts of Carrollton people when the
news was flashed over the city Tuesday about noon that Mrs. Uffie Henry had
taken her life by jumping into an abandoned cistern on the Beetem lot in the
rear of her home on Sycamore street.

For some time Mrs. Henry had been under the Dr.'s care, suffering from nervous
break-down and for several weeks her sister-in-law, Mrs. Paul Coghill of
Dixon, Il had been caring for her.

About 11:00 she told Mrs. Coghill that she was going to meet Mr. Henry but
instead went to the cistern, removed the cover and plunged in.  In about
five minutes Mr. Henry came home and on learning that she had started out to
meet him, began looking for her and noticing the disturbed condition about
the cistern, looked in, horrified to find his wife's body floating on the

His screams brought a number to the scene.  Ben L. Simonton who was painting
the Women's club house adjoining the Henry home, put his ladder in the
cistern and with the help of Jack Way and others brought the body up.

Dr. allen Donaldson was called and applied restorative measures, but to no
avail, due to the fact that the body had been in the water about 15 minutes.

Mrs. Henry whose maiden name was Maurice Hancock, was born Aug 8, 1898. a
daughter of the late John and Lula Webster Hancock of Trimble Co.

Of her marriage to Mr. Henry three children were born - Ella Jean, Doris,
and Uffie, Jr., the eldest ten years old.

Mrs. Henry is also survived by one sister, miss Ollie Mae Hancock who is
under hospital treatment in Madison after surgery three weeks ago.  Mr. and
Mrs. Henry spent Monday with her.

Last rites are being held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the Christian
Church, Rev. M. L. Brown of the Pilgram Holiness Church conducting the
service.  Interment will be in Odd Fellows cemetery.

Pallbearers are Messrs. Herbert, James and William Hancock, Walton Banks,
Wilbur Ford and James Thompson.

Flower bearers were Misses Louise Hancock, Mary H. Wilson, Anna K. Hancock,
Flora M. Henry and Mary Alice Carlisle and Mrs. Wilbur Ford.

Locust--Milton-Hunters Bottom.- Carrollton

Mr and Mrs. Charles Thompson are the proud parents of a son, born Dec. 1.

Miss Doris Taylor was the weekend guest of Misses Hazel and Bessie Nell

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harmon spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Taylor.

Miss Elizabeth Meier, elementary school teacher here, spent the weekend
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meier in Milton.

The people of Hunters Bottom were very much grieved to hear of the death of
Mrs. M. C. Hampton.

Miss Mary Caroline Walkenhorst, of Milton, was the weekend guest of Miss
Mary Louise Hancock.

Miss Fay Taylor who has had the flu for the past two weeks is improving

Mrs. John Henry, Miss Mattie Thompson, and Miss Rhoda thompson were the
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Banks.

Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Mullikin and son were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Luther

Elmer Dunn returned from Louisville for the weekend with his family.

Mrs. Oral Banks is on the sick list.

Mrs. Elmer Dunn and Mrs. J. W. Dunn were visitors in Madison Friday.

Mr. Morris Chatham is able to be out after several days illness.

Miss Betty Banks was a visitor in Carrollton Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Mullikin and son

Little Girl Dies After Day's Illness:
Little Emma Jean Pyles, eight years old, died suddenly at ten o'clock Friday
night at the home of her uncle, Marvin Pyles, on Fourth Street.  While she
had never enjoyed good health, she was as well as usual when stricken ill at
ll:30 Thursday night and sufferend excruciating pain until the end came.
Death was due to carditis.

Emma Jean was one of the six children of the late Herbert and Ethel Colbert
Pyles, her mother dying when she was 14 months old.  Surviving her are one
sister, Mrs. Archie Wright of Trimble county and one brother Hayward Pyles
of Carroll county.  Since the death of her mother she had made her home with
Mr. and Mrs Pyles, the former being a brother of her father and latter a
sister of her mother.

Funeral services were held sunday morning at 10:30.  at the Bedford
Methodist Church where her parents had held membership and were conducted by
Rev. Hahn, pastor, and Rev. Otis Bayer of Carrollton.  Burial was in the
family lot in the Bedford cemetary.

Mr. and Mrs Joseph Wright announce the birth of a son on April 29, name
Orville Allen, at the home of Mrs. Wright's sister, Mrs. Leslie Miller.
Mrs. Wright before marriage was Miss Daisy Cribbins of Locust.

Rev. W. E. Ferguson, former pastor of Locust Baptist church who graduated
Tuesday from the Baptist Seminary in Louisville visited a few friends have
Tuesday.  He was accompanied by his parents from Mississippi.

Mrs. Hallie Dunn was the Sunday guest of Mrs. P. J. Taylor.  Other guests were
Mrs. Dunn's daughter Wilma, and son, of Louisville.

Mr and Mrs. Richard Taylor announce the birth of a daughter April 30.
Weight, 11 1/2 pounds, name, Lynda Lee Taylor.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Thompson were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs. Richard

Mrs. K.M. Klinger of Ludlow, and Mrs. Gladys Adams and daughter Dorthey Jean
of Covington, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunn from Friday until
Sunday.  Sunday callers were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Dunn, Mrs. George Taylor and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Dunn and sons and
Miss Katherine Sheperd.

Mrs. Matilda Backus continues quite ill.

Mr. and Mrs. George McEntire Jr entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wetrick
and children of Trimble county, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor, Mr and Mrs. John

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Taylor announce the birth Dec. 21 of an eight pound
daughter, name Charlotte.

Mrs. Mattie Banks is visiting at the son of her son, Oral Banks.

Guests at the home Sunday of Albert Thompson were Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Carlisle of Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brindle, Mr. and Mrs. James Thompon
and daughter Elfreida.

Mrs. Mildred Backus is very ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Oral

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunn are recovering from the flu.

Little Lawrence Adrian Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Taylor of Locust,
died Dec. 29, 1937, being two years two months and five days old.  He was ill
only one day and night with croup and pneumonia and was rushed to the Kings
Daughters hospital in Madison, passing away just as they reached the
hospital. He leaves to mourn  their loss his parents and five brothers,
Kinsie, Allen, Floyd, Jimmie D, and Thurston and two sisters, Willana Jo and

Miss Doris Taylor, of Frankfort, spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Verni

Born, December 31, to Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor, a daughter, Delois Lane.
Mrs. Taylor is the former Miss Florence Belle Dunn.

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Thieman and children, Miss Clara Thieman, and Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Beetem and children, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Taylor.

Mrs. Orla Wilson of LaGrange announces the marriage of her daughter, Miss
Helen Marie, to Mr. Thomas Beetem Friday, Dec. 23, 1938.  The groom formerly
lived here, and attended high school at Carrollton.

Preaching Sunday Jan. 15, at Locust Baptist Church, Rev. W. E. Ferguson,
pastor.  Sunday school, 9:30 o'clock; 10:00 o'clock at Hopewell.

"Bound To Marry"   A play is to be given at Locust Auditorium, March 10,
entitled "Bound to Marry."

The following are the members of the cast:
Nell Brown, Leonard Johnson, Edward Supplee, Margaret Thompson, Forest
Kindoll, Gladys Harmon, Evelyn Stockdale, Lois Taylor, Willma Furnish.
The fee will be adults: 20 cents, children, 10 cents.

Milton Ky., Feb. 3,       To the Democrat:    I read all the bird stories I
can find, and I read in the Democrat about the starling.   I found one
Saturday morning in our yard frozen to death.  It is a beautiful bird.  My
sister is going to take it to school for her teacher to see.     Katie Ruth

Mr. Ernest Lacefield has just recoved from an illiness of erysipelas.

Mr. Albert Thompson and son Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. George Miller and Mrs.
Matie Banks were guests of Ernest Lacefield and family Sunday.

Mr George Miller, of Fairview, was the guest of Mrs. Will Smith a few days
this week.

Little Oris Jean, the two year old daughter of Mr & Mrs. Ernest Lacefiel is
very ill with bronchitis.

Ernest Taylor, of Louisvile, was the guest from Friday until Sunday of his
parents, P. J. Taylor and family.

Elmer Dunn retured from Louisville for the week-end with his family.

Mrs. Oral Banks is on the sick list.

Mrs. Elmer Dunn and Mrs. J. W. Dunn were visitors in Madison Friday.

Mr. Morris Chatham is able to be out after several days' illness.

Miss Betty Banks was a visitor in Carrollton Friday.