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Orville Monroe Wood

James Tandy Ellis

Honorable Henry J. Abbett




Other Locations Mentioned

 Adams, John Q.  Carroll  Boone, IN, Owen
 Adcock, Henry H.  Carroll  Nelson-VA
 Anderson, George W., Jr.  Carroll  Boone, MD, NC, IN, Shelby, England
 Bell, James W.  Trimble  Carroll-KY, VA, NC
 Bersot, Louis A.  Henry  Carroll-KY, Frankfort-Franklin-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, VA, MS, Switzerland
 Bond, Benjamin F.  Carroll  VA, Ireland, Grant, Owen, Gallatin
 Browinski, Anson S.  Carroll  Hamilton-OH, Poland, IL
 Brown, J.H.  Grant  Carroll-KY, OH, IN
 Butler, William Orlando  Carroll  
 Butts, John W.  Carroll  Culpeper-VA, Ireland
 Campbell, John W.  Trimble  Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY, TN, VA, PA, Scotland
 Carroll, Charles  Carroll  MD, France, England, MA
 Coblin, Louis  Carroll  Henry
 Conn, James V.  Carroll  Boone-KY, VA, MO
 Cooper, John C.  Shelby  Lincoln-KY, Pulaski-KY, Madison-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY
 Corn, William  Carroll  Trimble-KY, Fayette-KY, Prince_William-VA
 Cox, Atilla  Jefferson  Owen-KY, Carroll-KY, Orange-VA, Switzerland
 Cox, Robert E.  Carroll  Gallatin-KY, VA
 Craig, Virginius T.  Gallatin  Clark-KY, Carroll-KY, VA
 Crawford, J.A.  Kenton  Montgomery-KY, Carroll-KY, Jefferson-KY, OH, MO
 Crawford, James  Trimble  Owen-KY, Mercer-KY, Owen-KY, Carroll-KY, VA
 Crumbaugh, George W.  Lyon  Russellville-Logan-KY, Hagerstown-Washington-MD, Danville-Boyle-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Bullitt-KY, Paducah-McCracken-KY, Hardin-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY,
 Davis, John W.  Carroll  VA
 Dean, Chatz M.  Carroll  Grant-KY, Bourbon-KY, Harrison-KY, PA
 Dean, John, Jr.  Carroll  PA, NY
 Dean, John, Sr.  Carroll  PA, MD, OH
 Deweese, Cornelius  Carroll  Mercer-KY, Frederick-MD
 Dinguid, Jacob  Carroll  Christian-KY, Kenton-KY, VA
 Donaldson, Allen  Carroll  Boone-KY, Georgetown-Brown-OH, VA, IL
 Duncan, Paschal Hickman  Gallatin  Ghent-Carroll-KY, Corinth-Grant-KY, Harrison-KY, Danville-Vermillion-IL, Richmond-Henrico-VA, Columbia-Adair-KY, KS
 Dunihue, Alexander H.  Carroll  Bedford-Lawrence-IN, Ireland, OH, Livonia-Washington-IN, LA
 Ellis, David  Livingston  Henry-KY, VA, Bourbon-KY, Knoxville-Knox-TN, Lexington-Fayette-KY, Indianapolis-Marion-IN, Carroll-KY, Crittenden-KY
 Ellis, Robert  Carroll  Gallatin-KY, Owen-KY
 Foree, Prior J. & Charles M.  Shelby  Eminence-Henry-KY Louisville-Jefferson-KY Carrollton-Carroll-KY
 Fosdick, William Whiteman  Kenton  OH, Lexington-Fayette-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY, NY, Mexico
 Gaines, Frank H.  Carroll  Sullivan-TN, AL, VA, PA, NY
 Gaunt, John S.  Carroll  Boyle-KY, IN
 Gex, John A.  Carroll  Gallatin-KY, Carroll-KY, Switzerland-IN, Posey-IN, Switzerland
 Giddens, William Preston  Trimble  Ghent-Carroll-KY, Jefferson-IN
 Giltner, John M.  Carroll  Bourbon-KY, Trimble-KY, Eminence-Henry-KY, Lehigh-PA, AR, IN
 Givens, John Wesley Tyler  Warren  Daviess, VA, Lincoln-KY, Russellville-Logan-KY, Cleopatra-McLean-KY, SC, Milton-Trimble-KY, Worthville-Carroll-KY, Hopkinsville-Christian-KY, OK, MO, Greenville-Muhlenberg-KY, Princeton-Caldwell-KY, Marion-Crittenden-KY, Morgantown-Butler-KY, Ohio-KY
 Greene, Frank C.  Grant  Owenton-Owen-KY, Henry-KY, Danville-Boyle-KY, Worthville-Carroll-KY, OH
 Gullion, Wyant O.  Carroll  Frankfort-Franklin-KY, Harrison-KY, Boone-IN, AL, CA, PA
 Hawkins, J. Russell  Franklin  Fayette-KY, Boone-KY, Gallatin-KY, Carroll-KY, Hopkinsville-Christian-KY, Newport-Campbell-KY, Richmond-Henrico-VA, Spotsylvania-VA, England
 Hayden, James M.  Carroll  
 Hayden, Thomas C.  Carroll  PA
 Hayden, William  Carroll  Henry-KY, VA
 Haydon, B.B.  Henry  Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Lexington-Fayette-KY, Carroll-KY, VA
 Hoggins, J.W.  Gallatin  Bourbon-KY, Scott-KY, Carroll-KY, Montgomery-KY
 Hoggins, John W.  Carroll  Gallatin-KY, Bourbon-KY, MD
 Holloway, Robert G.  Oldham  Carrollton-Carroll-KY, Shelby-KY, TX, VA
 Houston, Family  Bourbon  Ghent-Carroll-KY, Lawrence-IN, Cass-MO, Monroe-IN, Shenandoah-VA, Iredell-NC, Cherokee-GA, LaSalle-IL, Livingston-IL, TN, AR, VA, OH, IN, MD, KS, Ireland
 Howard, S.L.  Carroll  Bracken-KY, Ohio-IN, OH, NY
 Howe, John  Carroll  Flemingsburg-Fleming-KY, NY, IL, Ireland
 Hurst, William Landsaw  Breathitt  Wolfe-KY, Frankfort-Franklin-KY, Carroll-KY, VA, Letcher-KY, MN, Louisville-Jefferson-KY
 Jett, James F.  Carroll  Effingham-IL, VA, MD
 Jett, James F.  Carroll  Lexington-Fayette-KY, AR, VA, MD
 Johnson, Calvin R.  Henry  Scott-KY, Ghent-Carroll-KY, Owen-KY, Cincinnati-Hamilton-OH
 Karins, Hugh  Carroll  Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Bourbon-KY, Ireland
 Kipping, A.F.  Carroll  Germany
 Lee, John W.  Trimble  Carroll-KY, Knox-MO
 Lewis, John T.  Carroll  Fayette-KY, Woodford-KY, VA, Scotland
 Lindsay, James Hiram  Carroll  Owen-KY, Gallatin-KY, VA
 Lindsay, William  Owen  Ghent-Carroll-KY, Lexington-Fayette-KY, VA
 Longmoor, Hugh T.  Kenton  Bourbon-KY, Mason-KY, Carroll-KY, Clark-KY, OH
 Lowdenback, W.H.  Owen  Woodford-KY, Franklin-KY, Henry-KY, Carroll-KY, Culpeper-VA, PA, Germany
 Martin, Rodger H.  Grant  Carroll-KY, Harrison-KY, KS
 Mattox, Lucinda  Harrison  Carroll-KY, Scott-KY
 Meade, Prentis  Carroll  Jessamine-KY, Fayette-KY, Oldham-KY, Jefferson-KY
 Montgomery, W.L.  Henry  Carroll-KY, Owen-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY
 Moody, M.B.  Henry  Carroll-KY, VA
 O'Neal, J.B.  Grant  Carroll-KY
 Orr, Emmett  Owen  Carroll-KY, Culpeper-VA, Ramsey-ND, NY
 Parker, J.H.  Hancock  Hancock-KY, Woodford-KY, King_and_Queen-VA, Anderson-KY, Lincoln-VA, Shelby-KY, Grant-KY, Campbell-KY, Owen-KY, Carroll-KY, Breckinridge-KY, VA, England, Prince_William-VA
 Perry, Ernest Napoleon  Adair  Simpson-KY, Russellville-Logan-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Daviess-KY, TN, Hawsville-Hancock-KY, Calhoun-McLean-KY, Lawrenceburg-Anderson-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY,
 Potts, William Guthrie  Daviess  TN, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Shepherdsville-Bullitt-KY, Hebbardsville-, Henderson-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY, OH, Union-Boone-KY, Irvine-Estill-KY, Horse_Cave-Hart-KY, Mt_Hebron-Owen-KY, Canada
 Price, William M.  Carroll  Henry-KY, TN
 Ramey, Henry Smith  Jefferson  Carroll-KY, Gallatin-KY, Henrico-VA, TX, IN
 Rice, William J.  Carroll  Montgomery-KY, Jefferson-KY, Macon-MO, Dearborn-IN, PA, Ireland
 Sarlls, J.W.  Henry  Gallatin-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Ghent-Carroll-KY, PA, NY
 Sarlls, Lewis P.  Trimble  Ghent-Carroll-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, NY
 Sarlls, Richard  Carroll  Posey-IN, Union-KY
 Smith, Henry Clay  Carroll  Montgomery-KY, IN, VA, OH
 Snyder, James O.  Trimble  Carroll-KY
 Souther, R.M.  Carroll  Owen-KY, Oldham-KY, VA
 Stringfellow, Charles N.  Carroll  Lexington-Fayette-KY, VA, PA, Ireland
 Strother, Richard H.  Trimble  Carrollton-Carroll-KY, Bourbon-KY, Gallatin-KY, Culpeper-VA
 Tandy, Albert T.  Carroll  
 Tandy, E.J.  Carroll  Lexington-Fayette-KY, Kenton-KY, Culpeper-VA, Germany
 Terrill, William R.  Boone  Trimble-KY, Carroll-KY, VA
 Turner, William J.  Henry  Prestonville-Carroll-KY, Culpeper-VA
 Vance, David N.  Carroll  NY, Ireland
 Varble, Pink  Jefferson  Carroll-KY, Oldham-KY, IN, MS, MS, NC
 Violette, Jerry Deane  Grant  Kenton-KY, Carroll-KY, Gallatin-KY, Clark-KY, OH, LA, VA
 Walden, Winston  Kenton  Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Barren-KY, New, Liberty-Owen-KY, Mason-KY, Fleming-KY, Carroll-KY, Cynthiana-Harrison-KY, Rock_Castle-VA
 Wigginton, Charles S.  Carroll  Trimble-KY
 Williams, William B.  Carroll  Harrison-KY
 Wright, Shelby  Carroll  


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