Carroll County Marriages


Marriage records 1838 - 1938 are available through the Carroll County Clerk, 440 Main Street, Carrollton, KY 41008-1099, (502) 732-7005

In the past, copies have cost $1 (US), but check with the clerk before ordering.

To obtain a copy of the actual record contact the above address with the name, book and page number:


Index to Marriage Records

Contributed By: Marie Winburn

This site contains a copy of the indices of all recorded marriages in Carroll Co.,

KY from 1838 to 1938. Carroll Co. was created in 1838 from Gallatin, Trimble and Henry Counties, so any marriages before 1838 should be checked in those counties. The county maintained a separate bride and groom index. This site combines those two indices. The fourth column contains the book and page number of the record.

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         Marriages 1837 - 1891 

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Miscellaneous Carroll County, Kentucky Marriages 1838 - 1850

Contributed Marriage Records

William Smith & Mary Hunt - 1910

Silvia Smith & Drury Satchwell - 1918

Henry Abbett & Elizabeth Smith - 1894

Minor Family Marriages

1897 Marriages