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The Carroll County Times

Thursday, May 10, 1855

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman


May 10, 1855 

The Carroll County Times

June 23, 1855 Saturday

Page 2 Column 2  Simon Pulliam, a blacksmith, who has been residing here two or three years, absconded week before last, apprehending an arrest for perjury, and assisting runaway Negroes to escape from their owners�both of which he was guilty of.  As a matter of course, he was last seen at Madison. 


Page 2, column 4  More Slaves, --six of the �personal property, goods, and chattels� of a Mr. Glitner, of Carroll Countym, Ky., passed over the river yesterday.  Some three years ago this person brought an action in the Supreme Court against a gentleman in Marshall, we believe, for aiding some of his �property� in their journey Canadawards.  He recovered $3,000.  Since that time he has lost 28 slaves, and the band that passed over yesterday are the last of an entire plantation�s stock.  He was here last week looking for them, but the engineers on the underground were altogether too cunning for him.


July 7, 1855

Page 3 Column 2  A list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Carrollton, Ky., July 1st, 2855

            AshG C., Brewer G H 3, Black G A, Barkley Saml, Baird Eliza, Coburn O, Campbell Geo T 2, Callender Philip, Carsteel Solomon, Campbell David, Dollins Wm., Day Philip, Devore Elijah, Dockens Frances miss, Eckley E R, Elston Anne miss, Emdin Henrick, Foster H, Gentry E mrs., Harper Jas 2, harper Henry E, Hinshaw John, Hobbs, David R, James Mary mrs, Jackson Jesse, Kabb P H., Lovelace Milley mrs., Mitchell Joseph, McQuithy Horace, McClain Martha Mrs., McClish James, McCann T. B. Miss, McFarland C miss, Mathias Geo, Purl J. c., Probascoe Wm, Richardson Jane, Ross & Knox, Supplee & Davidson, Stephens Samuel, Scruggs Abraham, Springer John, Smith John W M, Shutte Fogun, Sanders G W, Stickney J, Stewart John, Stafford H, Thebount E. C. Thomson Wm, Turner Rachel, Warmane John 2, Vogle Dutch, Vandegrief Elijah.


July 28 1855

Page 2 Column 2  Distressing Accident, -- A lad by the name of Williams, while engaged in pressing hay on the farm of Mr. W. Springfellow, three miles south-east of this place, met with a fearful if not fatal accident on Tuesday evening last.  He was seen on the platform for feeding the press, and it is presumed by those near by, that he climbed up one of the posts, near the top, where his head was caught by the turning sweep and jammed against the post, literally tearing off one entire side of his face.  He instantly fell to the ground, and was conveyed to the nearest house, where he received medical attendance as soon as it could be obtained from town.

Since the above was in type, we have learned that Young Williams died on Thursday morning.



Carroll Courier Carrollton Ky Saturday


November  1, 1851

A list of lettrs [sic]

Remaning in the Post Office at Carrollton, Ky, on the first day of October 1851, which if not taken out within three months, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Allnut, W. W.; Adams, Andrew; Belden, J. Jotham, Batsell, E.e. mrs; Batts, J. V. , W. L. miss; Bryant, E. C.; Barrett, Magruder; Bartlett, John; Banstetler, Elizabeth;  Craig, R. W.; Carton, James

Clark, Charles; Couton, Benjamin; Collins, Marry miss; Cook William; Casey, John; Coburn, Hannah mrs; Clove, L; Clements, Lucinda;  Coghill, Nimrod; Danbon, Joseph 3; Dewees, C;  Dickens, G. D. 2; Deny messrs , S F & J. M.; Danks, Francis miss;  Farmer, f. b. F.; Ferguson, J. L; Fagan, Patrick; Farmer, John;  Ford, W. f. 2; Foster B. F; Graham, Washington; Glen, Walter;  Hoban, Martin; Hanks, Washington; Hayden, John; Harrison, Garrett; Hanly, Harriet miss; Johnson, Henry; Jones, Robert; Kaster,  Nathan; Kendall Sally M miss; Kendell, James; Keal T. A.; King, John; Kaciynsey, J; Kenedy Wm E; Lourie, Samuel 2; Lyon, Wm. C; Lingenfelter W B; Luckett Jeremiah; Leonard, Laura C miss; Lewis Electa; Lee, Jesse; Mulden, Merett 2; McCarty, Jas S D; McDowell, Andy; McKay Ann miss; May Charles A; Mc Kay, A J., McKay, Oliver, McKay, Enoch; Mcdowell, Richard; May Charlotte miss; Mason Chas H; Montgomery Wm.; Miller, martin; McLure John D; Minish Geo; McCarty, Manreth; Mayer, Abraham; McCann, John L; Miller, John W; Netherland, Wm., Neiman, Frank; Noel, S. D. G; Neal, James; Nicolas, Kitty miss; Newel L E mrs; Osburn Harrison 2; Owen mary A miss; Perkins J D; pryor, Harry; Price J M; Pullam W A; Peyton, John; Perkins Emery; Pryor James; Roers nat; Ragsdale, Darius; Root Lucy C miss; Ringo W L; Snyder Nancy mrs; Stewart John; Searsy Wm; Stringfelter James; Smith Saml 2; Scott Ja p; Souther Allen 2; Sandefur J F; Scott Andrew; tingle Wm; Tandy Jeptha; Vanhorn A;  Weathers Lawrence; Waller E JM; Warren L l; Watkins W H 2; Wilkins J H; Webster Martha miss; Wyan E mrs; Whitaker Elijah; White O 2; Waller J, signed Ms. Root. P M.