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1894 Carrollton Democrat News

Submitted By: Virginia Tolman

Many births, marriages and deaths listed here.


    December 1893
    24 : born to the wife of Henry Daugherty, a son, weight fourteen pounds
    27 : died Wm. J. Taylor, "Rebel Bill," a member of the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry
    28 : born to the wife of James Pryor, a 12 pound girl.

    1 : Mrs. Elizabeth Craigmyle, buried
    3 : Born to the wife of John Breck, a girl
    4 : Born to the wife of E. C. Masterson, a girl
    ? : Albert Shirmer [Schirmer] and Miss Lula G. Brown were married (edge torn)
    ? : ____ Hunter died in Carrollton
    19 : Joshua Wilson died
    23 : Charley Sanders and Miss Anna Berry married
    24 : Married: Yancy Ford and Miss Patrica Gex
    : Joe Smith and Miss Blanche Wilson
    : Fred Matttlick and Miss Cleopatra Jones
    : Died Melvin Baker, brother of Mrs. R. W. Bruce and Marion Swango, in Needles, Col.
    27 : R. M. Spender died at Glencoe
    29 : Big Party at Mrs. Scott Tandy's
    30 : Jett Bros. Made first mash in new year
    : Branham & Huhn dissolved, Mr. H. going out
    30 : Father Richarts left for Newport to take a new charge; Father Ahman his successor here

    1 : Miss Ella Abbott's big meeting begun in Hunters Bottom
    2 : Rev. John H. Verles died in Colorado
    3 : Aunt Betsey Mills died, age 82, daughter of Elisha Mills
    4 : Mrs. Lavinia Harsin died
    5 : Democratic County Commitee changed date of primary from June 16 to April 7
    6 : Married Joe Westrick and Miss Katie Linish
    Mrs. Nancy Froman age 73, died, born Jan 13, 1821, in Ohio, married Apr 7, 1842 Hiram Froman, died at her daughter's in St. Louis, Mich.
    7 : Irvin Kemper and Mis Lucy Grough married
    8 : Woolen Mill resumed Business with W. F. Howe, Lessee
    11 : Rev. J. W. Vallandingham's firs serman in Carrollton
    12 : Miss Ella Steel dies
    : Married Alvie Jackson and age 18 and Miss Bettie Tingle age 17
    15 : Married Edwin Sothard and Miss Cora Sarlls at Vevay
    16 : Thomas Johnston died, he was born Sep 16, 1824, interred Riley cemetery near Dallasburg, the day following his death. He was unmarried. Two brothers, Isaac and James, and two sisters, Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Dunlap are the suvivors.
    21 : Martin Brown died, aged about 82 years
    : Married Miss Annie Spicer dau. of J. H. Spicer and Robert Griffith
    22 : Died Miss Daisy, daughter of Capt. Jas. W. Blackburn, in Woodford Co.

    [Rest of edge of paper torn and can't read through the end of February through March.
    The following is reconstructed from the actual papers � the dates are the date of the paper.]

    February 17 : Married M. L. Downs, Esq., and Miss Sue Kirkpatrick only daughter of Capt. D. W. Kirkpatrick, Thursday
    : Died Miss Ella Steele, Tuesday night at home of her mother Mrs. Mike Grasmick
    24 : Married Miss Mary D. Pavy of Madison and Joshua Howard of Carroll Co., at Carrollton
    : Married Miss Cora Sarlls, daughter of James Sarlls and Edward Sothard at Ghent.
    : Married Miss Aurora McDowell and Charley Ball at Madison
    : Died Mrs. Eaves, aunt of Mrs. Ben Hartman, last Tuesday
    : Died Mrs. Pauline Thomas, aged 77 years Wednesday at Eminence
    : Willis Bowlder, colored, was married to Clara Johnson, Wednesday evening
    : Died Mrs. Skinner, sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Hogan, at Lawrenceburg

    March (date of paper unless otherwise noted)
    3 : Married at Eagle Station Miss Lulia Ray and Byrd Furnish, Sunday
    : Married Clarence Barnes to Miss Myrtle McCann. Thursday
    Born to the wife of Charley Tighlman a daughter last Tuesday
    : Born Thrusday, March 1 to the wife of Samuel Dufour, a daughter
    10 : Born to the wife of George Rodgers, the painter, last Saturday night, a girl
    : Born to the wife of J. E. Delane, a daughter, Sunday, March 4
    : Mrs. G. A. Allen, mother of Dr. Allen, of Gallatin, died of heart disease during the burning of Thompson's Mill at Warsaw.
    : Married Miss Jennie Demit daughter of D. N. Demint and H. Morgan Kemper, at English
    : Married Miss Emma, Robertson, the daughter of Squire B. T. Robertson, was married to Louis E. Calvert, son of D. J. Calvert, at English
    : The remains of Mrs. James Pope, who died at Harriman, on the 3rd, were buried here [Ghent} in Scott cemetery, Monday morning last, she was a sister of Robert Scott, Sim Griffith, and Mrs. Scott Souther.
    : Thursday morning [March 8] Roswell Furnish and Miss Lizzie O'Connell were married at Vevay.
    17 : Born to the wife of Calvin Chapman, March 12, a girl
    : Tom Driskell, died, about 56 years old
    : Population of Carrollton, 2,746
    : Robert White and Miss Mollie Darbro created a sensation her Wednesday by eloping to Vevay, where they were married. [March 14]
    : Rufus Sarlls, son of James Sarlls, of this place was married in Chicago last Thursday to Miss Grace Whistler.
    : Died Curtis McGurie Harsin, died March 6, 1894, born Sept 26, 1875
    24 : Born to the wife of Ed T. Johns, a son, March 23
    : born to the wife of Ed. S. Peak, Saturday, March 17, St. Patrick's day a son, weight 11 1/2 pounds
    : died Abe E. Searcy, Sunday
    : John Nevill who was adopted by William Nevill found his brothers, Thomas C. Bibb, and William Gibson. The younger boys whose name was Gibson were adopted when their father died and their mother couldn't take care of them.
    : Sam Hall arrested for burglary
    : Married Marcus C. Darbro and Miss Allie, daughter of D. Bruce, Wednesday [Mar 21]
    28 : Actual date, Charles A. Bromley and Caddie B. Evans, married at Dean's Chapel
    31 : Mrs. Mary Conway will be 96 years old Monday, April 2
    Sam Ray and Mrs. Priscilla martin Davis, were married AT hotel Sieradorfer Wednesday [Mar 28]
    : Charles A. Bromley and Miss Caddie H. Evans married at Dean's Chapel, last Wednesday
    : Mrs. Hallie Dwyer, daugher of W. S. White, died in Kansas

    5 : Married L. H. Schuerman and Ollie Stout
    : City Council adopts the general Measure Ordinance
    7 : County Democratic primary � 1808 votes cast; full county ticket nominated
    11 : Some carvers strike at the furniture factory
    13 : T. B. Langley killed by cars at Worthville
    : Ed Bell and Miss Sallie Palmer married
    14 : Dr. Messink and Miss Ella Berkshine married in Vevay
    16 : Eleder J. V. Coombs lecrures in Carrollton
    25 : J. E. Torbitt and Miss Marguirere Tandy married
    : Marlett Brothers bought 5th street bakery
    26 : Fire at Jett's distillery�loss about $1200
    : Sam Hall attempts to break jail
    : J. J. Cox bought the Vevay wharf

    3 : Great bear joke by Herman Seppenfeld
    7 : Judge Donalson reduced ferry rates at Carollton
    10 : John Dean, Sr., died - 93 years, 8 months, & 23 days
    : Marriage of I. R. Barker and Annie Palmer
    13 : George Robinson's body found in the Ohio; he had disappeared about a week before
    : W. J. Dugan died of pneumonia
    : L. P. Sarlls stricken with paralysis
    13 : Children's day at Marvin
    14 : Elder W. E. Azbill, missonary in Japan, in C. T. C. King took possession of the Houghton
    15 : Captain J. F. Browinski recommended for hull inspctor at Cincinnati
    : Lightning destroyed J. L. Boswell's barn with 7 finely bred horses, feed, etc; heavy rain with hail
    16 : Death of Mrs. Walton Sebree, 35 years
    17 : Annual convention of Carroll County S. S. U. At Dean's chapel - big success
    19 : High school commencement in C.�six girl graduates; Dr. Hiner made chief address
    20 : Eighty of Gen. Frye's commonwealers passed up the Kentucky on the Little Sandy
    22 : Circuit court, 8 days; two persons sent to the pen.
    : Charley Porter died.
    : George Robinson's body exhumed and examined by physicians - no evidence of foul play
    25 : Ira Pyles and Susie Garriott married in Madison
    26 : Isere sunk near High Bridge - a total loss.
    : Watty C. Ferris died in Trimble
    : E. H. Smith's store burlarized
    : Cassalus M. Clay, Jr. visited C.
    27 : Jones Fletcher left for parts unknown
    30 : Decoration day partially observed
    : Death of Mrs. Margaret Scudder, aged 62

    1 : H. & P. Literary Society gave a big entertainment and had Hon. Will Cumback lecture
    : Republicans nominated a county ticket�the first time
    2 : Severe accident to Mrs. J. G. Ginn and Miss Kate Eblen; their horse choked down and fell over an embankment; the former bruised, and the latter had both arms broken
    3 : Children's day at the Methodist church in C.�pleasant exercises.
    5 : Mrs. Voiers' concert in Ghent.
    : D. J. Calvert and Miss Josie Morse married
    6 : Prize fight on Kentucky river between Kid Reed and Wm. Foster, colored. Latter badly beaten
    7 : Maried J. O. Stockdale and Kate Haley
    9 : Miss Hallie Walker died in Cincinati
    10 : Rev. J. J. W. Vallandingham ordained at Dallasburg.
    : Miss Cordie Stockdale died
    11 : Ford Dramatic Company began a week's engagement here.
    : Sam Day and R. Metcalf adjuged insane
    14 : A. J. Bruce and Mrs. Felicia Hopwood married
    17 : Rev. Jacob Ditzler at Methodist church for a week.
    : Married J. Aug McCarty and Miss Florence Hitt, in Hunters Bottom
    18 : Str. City of Madison sank at 5 a.m. off Madison, total wreck
    : John L. Williams, Sr., died aged 70.
    : Elder Stafford began protracted meeting at Eagle�successful.
    : John Aug Williams began a series of lectures at Carrollton Masonic Lodge
    20 : James Ellis died aged 76
    21 : John Nevill drowned in a small pool, aged 40
    22 : Sam Carr, colored, killed by lightning on Buffalo
    26 : George Armstrong died of injuries inflicted by Dick Boudurant.
    : Tow boat Moredock arrived with Kelly's army of tramps, passed up the Kentucky
    28 : Convention of sixth district W. C. T. U. Convened in C.; Miss Laura Clay and other celebrities.
    : Married Louis Westrick and Mollie Colbert;
    : Married Andy Jones and Susie Ford
    : St. John's Children Festival a great success. Net $325.
    29 : Democrat contest in C., medal to Miss Jennie Stringfellow.
    : J. M. Hutchison's child died

    1 : Death of Miss Katie Sparks;
    : Post office established at Adcock
    2 : Mrs. J. F. Tyree on Little Ky., suicide by drowning
    : Will of James Ellis and James Lowe probated
    4 : Schenck's warehouse burned, third time
    10 : Dudley B. Young, tramp printer, died in Carrollton
    : Charley's Stockdale's house burned
    11 : Adam Mat----? Was killed by ---- at Worthville
    12 : home of Mr. Wood near Prstonville burglarized
    13 : Wes Lostutter's tenant house burned, insured
    14 : Lawn fete Sanders Christian Church
    15 : Alfred O'Neal died
    : Elder Nutter began protracted meeting Sanders
    16 : L. P. Sarlls died at Milton
    : A. N. Shepherd overhauled the shanty boat Bucky Boy, near Louisville
    : Dr. Stewart located in Sanders
    17 : Miss Emma Davis, 22 died in upper Whites Run
    19 : Severe wind, considerable damage in Whites Run
    20 : Miss Jennie Bond died
    24 : Robert Stethan killed by train near Boston
    : Leslie Hopkins' child died
    25 : Marriage of R. W. Fisk and Miss Prewett McDonald at Ghent
    26 : R. F. Harrison became landlord at the Central
    29 : Children's day at Cove hill; big time

    1 : Harvey Cox drowned just below Vevay
    2 : Millard Pitman and Minnie Persall married
    : G. W. Darrah bought Branham's up town store
    3 : Dist. Democratic committee met at Sparta and ordered primaries
    5 : Allen Donaldson died at 72
    9 : Emmett Stout and Tillie Bishop married
    10 : Mrs. James Minor died at Sanders, 74
    : Hottest day, 104.5 degrees in the shade
    18 : E. C. Smith and wife injured in a runaway accident
    19 : Fielding Wood died, age 73
    20 : Catholic school opened
    23 : Mrs. D. T. Buck died, aged 35
    25 : Smith O'Neal and Miss Alma Widman married in Nebraska
    : Republican county convention
    27 : Miss Priscilla Barrett died
    : Wm. Shaw took charge of the Houghton
    : Grand banquet by Darling Distilling Co
    : Teachers' Institute opens, 5 days, Prof. Euqua instructor
    28 : Hon. G. P. Gullion died
    : Prof. Fuqua's lecture
    : G. W. Williams' house burned
    29 : Sam'l Adkinson died, age 60
    30 : Henry Watterson lectured in Carrollton

    1 : Jerry Burgin died
    2 : Mrs. N. A. Small died
    : Protracted meeting at Baptist Church in Carrollton
    3 : 'Ras(?) Blessing, former citizen, died in California
    : Miss Florence O'Neal died suddenly
    4 : District Democratic committee extends time, etc.
    5 : Henry Abbott and Miss Lizzie Smith married in Vevay
    : Mrs. Thos. Donaher died
    6 : Married Simeon Jackson and Mrs. Cinderella Jones
    : Tom Matthews nominated by Republican district convention
    8 : The Cochran reunion
    9 : Ed Greenwood and Miss Nettie Duncan elope, in Trimble
    11 : Charles Wigginton died in Illinois
    13 : Sam Singer and Emma Skirvin married
    14 : The wife of Capt. H. H. Adcock died, aged 49 years
    : Judge Donaldson "announced" for Congress
    16 : John Schunlaw cut Fannie Frazer, on the 19th a jury gave him 18 months
    16-24 : Grand Mission at Catholic church
    17 : H. J. Kuhlman drowned
    : Circuit Court
    : R. W. Nelson and J. A. Donaldson for congress, and C. C. McChord for railroad commissioner, spoke at the court house
    : Miss Jessie Haines Kindergarten, the first here
    : Public school opened in Carrollton
    : Dr. Hiner "returned" to Carrollton
    20 : Charlisle Denmark, first premium at Indianapolis fair
    : Married in Cincinnati, J. E. McDonald and Mamie Pollard; Clint Pollard and Carrie Schenck
    21 : Carrollton Chatauqua reorganized
    22 : R. O. Williams' colt show, B. H. Hopkins best colt, Jim Pryor best filly, E. W. Burge's colt show
    23 : Elder C. C. Brown resigned at Ghent, effect January 1
    24 : Samuel Thompson died
    25 : Allen McCann died suddenly
    : First frost
    : Mrs. Rollins had an almost fatal attack
    : Jo H. Grobmeier and Miss Kate Welmeller married
    26 : Married Tom Crutcher and Linda North
    : Married Rev. G. W. Boswell and Susie Moore
    27 : Thos. B. Scandrett died
    : The Milton News appears
    : Married Will Welger and Miss Katie Meier
    28 : Carpenter's store at Port Royal burglarized, safe blown
    29 : R. L. Bond's colt show, V. Jackson first prize

    2 : Fiscal court, $2,111.57 appropriated; tax for county purposes reduced to 5 cents
    3 : Big Barry meeting at Sanders
    : married G. B. Winslow, Esq. And Miss Lucy Hafford
    3-6 : Our stock men had great success at Owenton fair
    7 : Elmer Hayden and Mary Craig married
    9 : Mrs. Fannie Givens died at LaGrange
    : "Endeaver" reorganized at Christian Church
    : J. S. Stout and Ali Black had a cutting scrape
    10 : Married Dr. Harrison and Hattie Dailey
    : Married Dan Swango and Allie Parrott
    11 : Harry Steele and Lida Palmer married
    12 : Mrs. Ben Long died
    : Dr. Eaton lectured at Ghent
    13 : Mrs. Ed. Chatham died
    14 : Judge Donaldson seriously injured in a runaway accident driving near Covington
    15 : Married James Horan and Miss Nannie Kreutzer
    : Hugh Berry killed by C. B. James at Turner's
    16 : Congressional mass meeting in Carrollton, the like of which has never been seen under the sun, and never will be seen again
    : Great fire in Sulphur Station
    : Mrs. Emarine Tandy died, age 52
    17 : City Republican convention
    : Geo. Kleesattel and Miss Nannie Crawford married at Ghent
    18 : Col. Berry nominated at Walton by acclamation
    : Mrs. John Melcher died in Vevay
    20 : The Major Stafford house burned
    : Race between Barclay and Whisper at Lostutter's tract, the latter won
    21 : Mrs. Asenath Stanton died, aged 83
    22 : Jim Russell arrested for forgery
    : The Ford family held forth
    : City Democratic convention held adjourned from 15th
    23 : J. W. Butts' house rifled by thieves
    : W. H. Clark opened in Carrollton
    : Gee Montgomery's barn burned, great excitement
    : C. Deweese celebrated 85th birthday
    24 : Married Roland Kendall and Miss [Elvessa] Russell, daughter of Benjamin Russell and Nancy Tingle
    : Miss Lottie Shirmer died
    Married Ernest Young and Annie B. Taylor
    25 : Leo Thompson died
    28 : Elder D. T. Buck resigned pastorate of Christian Church in Carrollton, effect January 1
    : Arthur Burns and Ara Porter married
    30 : M. D. Lever, "converted jew," who fleeced Z. Gregory out of $93, was discharged
    : Dr. Eaton lectured at court house
    : Mrs. Brunner's barn burned
    : Little daughter of Louis McGuire shot and killed by her brother
    31 : Adams Express Co. withdraws from Carrollton and Ghent
    : Married H. [Huey] Aylor and Nora Bethell

    1 : First waterworks meeting
    3 : Col. Berry entertained by J. E. Grobmyer, Col Berry spoke at court house and Easterday
    5 : Dull's opera company
    6 : Election, Democratic majority in Carroll 808 (sheriff), Republican gains; Carrollton elects Howe, d, and Dlaken, r, to council; O. P. Searcy wins leglalative vacancy over J. T. Ellis; waterworks carried
    : Mrs. Jemima Marlett, died
    7 : Rev. C. T. Kincanon and Miss Bozeman married
    8 : Curt Jones and Mamie Dugan married
    9 : Arbor day celebrated by several schools
    : Will Bond and Florence H. Crutcher married
    12 : News of Mrs. R. T. Jett's death in Arkansas
    : Mrs. Annie Wilson, of English, died at 99
    : First "almanty boat" trial, the Robinsons, Judge Donaldson presiding
    13 : Rupublicans name Wm. McCrackin and H. Schuerman for waterworks board
    : James McNamara and Miss Mokely married
    15 : Married John Hartman and Annie Guinn
    16 : Drusilla, little daughter of Capt Noble Pryor, died of diphtheria
    17 : Mugby Junction Sanders Christian church
    : Col Berry's grand hunt in Whites Run
    18 : County Bible Socity Meeting at Prsbyterian Chruch
    20 : Charles Steele died
    : Bromley & May move to Eagle
    21 : Arthur Carraco and Bettie Adams married
    : Robt. Mitchell and Miss Kagle, married
    26 : Col T. D. Wright, veteran editor, died
    27 : Marshall Tharp died
    28 : Forrect Adcock and Miss Corbin married
    : Lawrence Garriott and Lillie Carlisle, 15 years eloped and married
    29 : Mrs. Orinda H. Adkinson died, aged 59
    : Miss H. McElrath's grand party
    : Thanksgiving day, union servies at Presbyterian church, sermon by Dr. Hiser
    30 : Judge Donaldson decided habeus corpus case, J. E. Cole vs Ella Cole in favor of the latter, action by plaintiff to recover the custody of their child
    : Carrollton Glee Club's entertainment

    1 : Wm. Matthews died, aged 40
    : J. O. Wheeler died, aged 35
    3 : Barker's works raises steam
    : Married Joe Haefela and Birdie Mitchell
    4 : Marriage of Col. Alex Thompson and Mrs. Anna Lowry
    : John Handlon and Tillie Schirmer married
    5 : Mrs. John Lafont died
    7 : Sherman, G. M. Dean's horse, died aged nearly 41 years
    8 : Mrs. Kitty Bowling died, aged 82
    : J. P. Schenck and wife, linen wedding
    12 : Sheriff Shephard arrested Noah Moody, an Indiana burgler
    13 : Jessie Smith and Miss Sadie Cralle married
    : Carrollton 100 years old
    : Uncle Jake Keller celebrates his 75th birthday
    16 : Married Frank Taylor and Eva Rudd
    : Mrs. Maggie B. Tandy died
    18 : Harry Chamberlin and Miss Birdie Price married
    20 : Daily mail to easterday
    21 : School dismissed till January
    : Glee Club went to Vevay
    : Big party at R. J. Bond's
    22 : Prof. H. H. Taylor at court house
    : Aunt Judy Malone died
    24 : Elza Wharton fell 27 feet and seriously injured
    25 : Miss Bettie Arnold married John W. Tedford of Lawrenceville, Illinois. Daughter of Joseph Arnold
    26 : Gen Duke's lecture in Carrollton, excellent, well attended
    : snowed 10 inches
    28 : H. & P. entertainment at Ghent, including H. W. J. Ham, the great lecturer
    : Masonic supper at Worthville, chief address by Rev. R. Hiner
    29 : Coldest day of the year, 2.5 degrees below zero.