Carroll County Post Offices & Place Names


Posted with permission of Bernie Spencer at NKY VIEWS

Began Closed   Town  
1894 1903   Adcock  
1865 1879   Bramlette (Early name for Sanders) ** see below
1838     Carrollton  
1870 1964   Eagle Station  
1890 1903   Easterday  
1876 1957   English  
1817     Ghent  
1837 1858   Grass Hills  
1879 1884   Liberty Station (Early name for Sanders)
1845 1846   Lock No. 1  
1879 1903   Locust  
1847 1851   Mill Creek  
1807 1838   Port William  
1844 1957   Prestonville  
1851 1873   Sandifer's Store  
1884     Sanders  
1882 1903   Tandy  ** see below
1880 1893   Wideawake (Prestonville)
1847     Worthville  

From Carroll County Historian, Bill Davis:

There is a minor error in the list of place-names for Carroll County, where it says "Bramlette" was an early name for Sanders. Bramlette was actually a spot where four roads converged on the border of Carroll and Gallatin Counties, a few miles north of Sanders. It later became known as "Carson," or perhaps Carson was just
slightly south of where Bramlette was, but the Bramlette Baptist Church remained. Carson was obliterated when the I-71 interstate came through, and the Bramlette Baptist Church moved about 1.4 miles east into Gallatin County, where it still exists, though only barely I'm told. "Carson" still appears on some maps.

Also still appearing on many maps is "Langstaff," which was the name of a railroad stop where Lower White's Run Road (Rt. 1112) met the Carrollton - Worthville Road ( Rt. 227) .

Tandy P.O. was located at a point where the the road from Ghent to Eagle Station met the road from Ghent to Sanders, and there was a place-name there called "ShooFly."



Carrollton Post Office History

In 1807, under President Thomas Jefferson, Carroll County (then Gallatin Co.) authorized Robert Plummer as first Postmaster. The custom was to change postmasters every two or three years and until 1865, this was done with more than seventeen men holding the position. In 1867 the post office was located in T. McNeal's grocery store on Main St. between 2nd & 3rd. In 1895 a permanent office was established in the Booker building on 5th St. and was run by Miss Elizabeth Grobmyer. In 1900, land on Highland Ave. was purchased from W. C. Darling and the office, which is still in use, was built by Gus Renchler at a cost of $16,629. This office also supplied Lamb, IN until 1907. Rural delivery began about this time and the first city carrier was Mr. Walton Banks. In 1917, another carrier, Mr. Joe Story, was added. In 1922, Mrs. Mabel Kipping became the first woman postmaster and served until 1933, when Mrs. Susan Hill was appointed.