Casey  County Family Trees


The Coffman Tree

Contributed By: Stan Coffman

Jacob Coffman fought in the Revolutionary War, and came to Casey County about 1815 from eastern Tennessee. He married first Catherine Linebaugh and had the following children. Mary Elizabeth & Jordan Rousey, Susannah & Joel Green, Jacob & Catherine Lane, David & Patsy Southerland, Mary Polly & David Young, and John & Nancy Ellen Ellis. He married second Chloe Richards and their son Frederick married Sarah Sally Cloyd.

Jacob II and Catherine had the following children, Thomas & Mary Wizer, Jacob & Permelia Lynn, David & Barbara Hafley, John & Elizabeth Hafley, Rachel & George Tapscott, Catherine & Perry Qualls, Nicholas who never married. He married second Necy Reynolds and they had the following children, James & Eliza Welcher, Nancy & Evan Lane, Prior & Martha Edwards, Sally & George Clarkson, Warren & Nancy Turpin,
Enoch & Mary Turpin.

Thomas and Mary had the following children, Franklin died young, Polly & Christopher Wheeler, David Jacob & 1st Martha Kendred & second Mary Atwood, John G, Margaret & a Thompson, Amanda & Francis Wheeler, Nancy George & Martin Alexander Barlow, Thompsy Fletcher & Nettie Peyton.

Thompsy & Nettie had the following children, Oscar David & Edna Peavey, Will & Ida Hughes, Mary Green & Benjamine Salzman, Archie & Marie Wethington, Ethel & William Atwood, Jesse Jennie never married, Flossie & Oscar Long, Ace & Ada Marie Peck, Thompsy married second Sarah Ann Scott Atwood.