Casey  County Lincoln Wells Marriage Registry


This marriage register was kept by Lincoln Wells who was the Casey County Judge from 1910 to 1914. These images were scanned by his granddaughter Joberta Wells. Names were indexed as they were written even though they were misspelled in some places. Some names were difficult to read. If I have slaughtered a name I apologize and will correct it if you let me know

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Adams, Egbert Gifferd, Nellie
Adkins, Harrison Mongomrey, Lula
Atwood, Silas Brown, Julia
Austin, Theo Tombs, Ella
Beasley, M.R. Tarter, Mary
Bill, Edward Vandiver, Alice
Bland, John W. Gibson, Maggie
Brown, Wm. Brown, Dollie
Cochran, Melfod F. Allison, Ada
Colman, Dennie McQuery, Roxie
Dunham, Earnest Ridner, Roxie
Earls, Frank Tarter, Lucy
Emmerson, Virgil Shell, Marthie
Garner, G.P. Hatter, Myrtle
Gibson, T.L. Johnson, Jane Elizabeth
Gillock, John Woodram, Carline
Goodman, Albet Basten, Edith
Griffen, Willie Hall, Lizzie
Grubbs, Auther Turpin, Mattie
Haggard, Arther Hansford, Eter
Hansford, Arther Fair, Susie B.
Hatter, Sam F. Robarts, Mattie H.
Hider, Geo. J. Grider, Edna
Holsclaw, S.A. Tate, Patsey
Host, Geo. William Gadbery, Nelie Grace
Lucas, W.C. Fredrick, Mary
Lusler, Geo. Lucas, Flarnces
Lyons, Cloyd Burdett, Della
Marple, Virgel Allen, Bertha
Minor, Fred Miller, Elsie
Mongomery, Charles W. Whiles, Della
Neal, John Richerson, Bell
Parson, Wesley Martin, Nancy Jane
Phelps, Gifford Hampton, Stella
Phelps, Oscar Jones, Annie
Pitman, L.B. Brown, Euffie
Powell, S.O. Lawhorn, Katie F.
Raborn, Richard G. Lipe, Josie A.
Richerson, Leeman Terry, Anna
Roberts, Walter Leathers, Maggie
Ross, Teral Hampton, Ethel
Strong, J.W. Hubble, Stella
Summers, Dave Hix, Pellie
Sutton, Colman Bolin, Lena
Terry, Jason Godby, Della
Thomas, L.T. Wilkerson, Dollie
Thomas, O.D. Wilkerson, Susie B.
Vandivor, Carrell Workman, Gertie
Vandivor, John Osbern, Dollie
Vardiman, Geoge Wilkerson, Julia
Wall, Frank Maynard, Bertha
Wells, James Allison, Birdie
Werthington, Brady Hays, Laura
Wesley, Jackson Wesley, Timer
White, Eddie G. Napier?, Stella
Wilbar, Hory Wilkerson, Francis
Wilson, Wilford Brockman, Virtie

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