"Killed in Action"

Korean Conflict

Posted From Sandi Gorin and South-Central Kentucky-L, with permission

It's hard to realize, but the Korean War or Conflict is history. Everything but this instant is history and these brave men need to be remembered.  868 soldiers gave their lives in this conflict. Shown is the rank, branch of service, county of residence, date of death and whether killed in action (KIA) or Missing in action (MIA). Spelling is according to military records.

Coffman, Charles G., Cpl., Army, 26 Oct 1952, KIA

Miller, Lloyd K., Pfc, Army, 26 May 1953, KIA

Rankin, David L., Cpl., Army, 6 Sept 1950, KIA

Roy, Arvis F., Cpl., Army, 12 Aug 1950, KIA