Casey  County News

Adair County News, May 9, 1900
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Dick or Mont Burton, whose parents it is said live at Campbellsville, has gotten himself into a
trouble which in all probability will terminate in the breaking of his neck. Dick and Alexander
Burton were in Casey county, acting as private detectives, on their own authority, trying to locate a moonshiner, Dump Royse, by name. The would-be-tectives were traveling along the highway near the residence of a Mr. Holt. They met Mr. Holt's little son and threatened him with guns drawn, but the boy finally escaped from them, went home and secured his gun and waited the appearance of the two men. Presently they came up when the boy made some demonstrations, but his mother, sister and father disarmed him, and told Burton not to shoot, but he fired four shots, killing Miss Holt instantly. Burton escaped into Pulaski county, but was subsequently arrested and lodged in jail at Liberty. This killing occurred little over a week ago, but excitement is said to be high. It looks dark for Burton.

Adair County News, December 12, 1900
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Our readers will remember that some months ago Mont Burton and man named Holt got into a shooting scrape in Casey county, near the Russell line. During the shooting a little sister of Holt's was accidentally shot by Burton and killed. At the recent term of the Casey Circuit Court Burton was indicted and tried for murder. The jury was out but a short time, rendering a verdict of manslaughter, fixing Burton's punishment at seven years and nine months in the penitentiary. At the same term John Bell was tried for carnally knowing his stepdaughter under thirteen years of age. He was given thirteen years in the penitentiary.

Adair County News, February 6, 1901
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Our readers will remember that at the last term of the Casey Circuit Court Mont Burton was
convicted of killing a Miss Holt and given seven years in the penitentiary. The case was taken up, and last week the Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of the lower court. Burton was drunk and shot at the girl's brother when she was killed. A life term would not have hurt.