Casey  County News
Adair County News, Wednesday, March 13, 1907
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Liberty Girl Gave $25 to "Cincinnati Drummer," Who Went for License to Marry and Never Returned
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(The News reprinted this article from the Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky.)
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Josie Ann Wheeler, age 18, of Liberty, yesterday was furnished transportation to her home by [Louisville] Mayor Barth after the girl had told of being induced to come to this city by a Cincinnati drummer, who, according to the girl's statement, had promised to marry her. She was totally without money, having given her alleged lover all she had--$25--together with other valuables. She applied to the police and Mayor Barth yesterday morning. She came to Louisville Tuesday night [probably March 5th], most of her time since then being spent in waiting for the return of her alleged sweetheart.
According to the girl's story, she received a letter Monday from her drummer sweetheart, to whom she had been engaged for some time. She was instructed to run away from her home and come to this city to marry. At the train she was met by her sweetheart, who saying, that he was temporarily short of money, was given $25 by Miss Wheeler. He instructed her to go to the Farmer's Home Hotel and he promised to follow soon with the marriage license and a minister.
Since that time he has been missing. The police have been furnished with a description of the man and are on the lookout for him. According to the girl's statement, he is from Cincinnati, and often sold goods to her uncle, a merchant of Liberty. It was through her uncle that she met the man.