Casey  County News


This "sketch" of Middlesburg, Casey Co., Ky., appeared in the June 29, 1904 Adair County News.

A small village of about 400 inhabitants is situated near the source of Green river, on the break between the bluegrass and mountain region of Kentucky. This location has a special geological, psychological and historical value. It has a beautiful and healthful location. It is near the region where the first pioneers immerged into the forest to wrestle their homes from the wild animals and savage indians. Here the inhabitants can breathe the pure and refreshing air from the mountains, drink the health giving draughts of her beautiful springs and receive the inspiration of wild supernatural and historical sceneries, diffusive in all its grand panoramic beauty.

No higher or better testimony the conspicuous character of the people can be given than the fact that all the saloons have been expurgated. The people of Middlesburg are moral and religious and belong to the yeomanry of "the corn cracker State." ["Corn-cracker state" was a sobriquet for Kentucky.]

Three large churches, able ministers in each, and well-organized Sunday-schools.

The town is easily approachable from many of the counties having railroad facilities and has daily intercourses by hack with McKinney [in Lincoln Co.], its nearest railroad station.

The cemetery is one of the most convenient and beautiful ones in the state.

Middleburg Normal College, is an elegant brick building, two stories high, situated on an elevation overlooking the town, and is one of the most beautiful and commodious school buildings in the State. Prof. J.S. Lawhorn, the great educator of Paris, is principal of the college.