Casey  County News


A Sunday-School Dust-up

(Found in the Yosemite community newsletter published in the January 25, 1905 Adair County News.)

"A trouble occurred at Grove Sunday that resulted in the serious cutting of John Patterson by Wolford Soard. It seems that Patterson accused Soard of stealing corn from his crib, and meeting at Sunday-school some words were passed, when Soard struck Patterson knocking him down. While down Patterson drew his knife, a small barlow with the point broken off, and attempted to cut Soard, but only succeeded in marking him about the face. John Estes, a half-brother of Soard was present and separated then, telling Soard to behave himself.  Soard then whipped out his knife and cut Estes' clothing  near the shoulder. He then went for Patterson again, cutting him in several places. Drs. J.T. Wesely and J.M. Haney dressed the wounds and say they are not dangerous. A warrant for the arrest of Soard has been issued,  but from last reports he was headed for tall timber, and may be conspicuous for his absence for the next few months."
The Yosemite letter in the February 1 edition of the News noted that the incident occurred on January 15th, and reported that Soard "is said to be hiding  in Lincoln county, near Kingsville." The letter in the next edition (Feb. 8) carried this breaking news:
"Wolford Soard surrendered to authorities here on the 26th and will be tried at Grove schoolhouse, Saturday Feb. 4... He seems to have come out hardly second best in the fight. His face would indicate that he had been monkeying with a buzz saw, or the business end of a cyclone. The trial promises to be an interesting one, and the boys have been advising us to have the mailita called out before convening court."
According to the next letter from Yosemite (Feb. 22 News), Soard's examining trial on the 4th "resulted in his being held over to the circuit court in a bond of $100, which he gave."
Alas, the yeoman correspondent of Yosemite failed to file a report with the News as to the final disposition of the case.