Casey  County News

(Transcribed from the Adair County News, February 3, 1904.)


Oldest Man in Casey County

Editor News:

It was my privilege a few weeks ago to spend a day with the oldest man in Casey county. As an item of interest I give to the readers of the News a brief sketch of his life as related to me that day by Mr. Marple, for that is his name--Thomas J. Marple, Atterson, Ky.

"I was born on Pope's Creek, in Marion county* on June 20, 1808. When about one year old, my father removed to Casey [County] and settled on Casey creek. Although only four years old at its beginning, I remember distinctly many things in connection with the war of 1812-15.

"My ancestors were among the early Catholic settlers of Maryland. I was born, brought up and lived in the Catholic faith until fourteen years of age, when I united with the Christian church.

"I have never been more than twenty miles from home since coming to Casey county, about ninety-five years ago, the longest distance being to the old water mill a short distance east of Columbia on Russell's Creek, to which I have gone many times with a sack of corn or wheat on horseback. I have never seen a railroad or steam car in my life. I cast my first vote for Andrew Jackson. On May 13, 1841,** I was married to Arena Sandusky and we are happily living together yet."

Mrs. Marple is a sister of Samuel Sandusky, Sr., who was so famous in his day for the manufacture of the celebrated rifles with which our fathers and grandfathers brought down the deer and turkeys, so plentiful in this region at an early day.

Mr. Marple relates many interesting incidents and adventures in connection with his early life, that would make the eyes of the youthful sportsmen of our time to sparkle and their ears to tingle to hear, but this would make a long story. He is well preserved for one of his age, and bids fair to live many years yet. He is respected and loved by all his neighbors, and all who know  him. May the sun of his life go down in peace. -- R.A. Hovious. (Transcribed from the Adair County News, February 3, 1904.

* Marion County wasn't formed until 1834. At the time of Mr. Sandusky's birth, the section of the state that was to become Marion County was part of Washington County. ** A number of online sources give their marriage date as May 13, 1838, but there's no record (of any date) to be found in the Casey County marriage records.