Casey  County Photo Album


Florence Viola "Florence" Patterson, d/o Patrick Luther Patterson and Gilla Combest. Pictured with her husband William R. Delk and their daughter Estella Delk.

 Florence was born in Casey County Sept 1880. She died 8 Aug 1958 in Seguin, Guadelupe County, Texas.


Contributed By: Richard Hollis

Howard Morton Patterson born Casey County and Martha Hogan Davenport born Casey County.


Contributed By: Richard Hollis

Mintonville Church, Casey County, Kentucky 

Circa late summer of 1918. The little girl sitting on the porch is Dorothy Wesley, daughter of Will (W. M. & Frances Wesley) 
 She was born July 22, 1915 & died Apr. 6, 1919, she is buried in the  Mintonville Cemetery
Christley Jasper is John Chistopher Jasper, bro. to Marion Tyler. (buried at Mintonville)
John T. (Thomas) Jasper  is the son of Terrell Jasper (buried at Mintonville)
Herbert Rainwater is buried at Mintonville cemetery born July 16, 1882 & died Mar, 1, 1957 . He was married to Della  Gosser buried at Mintonville Cemetery she was born July 8, 1885 &  died May 26, 1960 .

Others are: Wolford Dye & Cleve Roberts (no other information available)

Contributed By: Kathy Jasper Martin &  Richard Hollis