Casey  County Photo Album


Daniel F. Rainwater Family

Back Row L to R:   Joe, Elbert, Daniel F. Rainwater

Front Row L to R:  Ruth (my Mother); Everett, Hetty, Ella, and Sarah.

Contributed By: Hal Irving

Frances Rainwater Tarter

Contributed By: Hal Irving

How Daniel Rainwater Bought His Farm

Contributed By: Hal Irving

After Daniel Francis married and started having children he worked for other people including his father Giles. He saved as he could to the day that he could purchase his own farm. Around the turn of the century DF heard that a 60 acre farm was to be sold at auction within a week or so. He nosed around Mintonville a bit and heard several folks guess that $50 would probably win that auction for the lucky bidder. He scraped together all he could manage and found he had $50.  On the appointed day he went to the auction. Before doing his bid he stopped and asked his Father, Giles, if he had any money. Giles said that he had none except some pocket change. Daniel searched his pockets and with his Fathers change came up with a dollar in nickels, dimes, and quarters. He bid $51. He had just bought that farm.
This farm is still on Rainwater Road just down the hill from the Mintonville Church and was later owned for many years by his son Joseph.