Casey  County Photo Album


This photo was taken in Yosemite in 1912. It is of the family of Stephen M. Goodman and Damey Elizabeth Eades Family. The third man from the left is my great great grandfather, Albert Clay Elliott, 1884-1972, holding my great grandfather, Dillard Clay Elliott, 1910-1997, the lady next to him in the black dress, Nancy Ellen Goodman Elliott, 1886-1920, holding Kelly Elliott, 1912-, still Living, and the the two children at the feet are Eerie Oliver Elliott and Lena Pearl Elliott. The couple sitting down are Stephen Goodman, 1863-1917, and Damey Elizabeth Eades Goodman, 1867-1937. The rest are all brothers and sisters, their wives and children. I would love if anyone could identify others.

Contributed By: Brian M. Perry

Aaron B. and Mamie Lanham Coleman Family, taken 1920.

Left to right: Loyd, Bertha, Ruth, Bessie, Irene & Clifton. James is kneeling in front.

Contributed By: Sonny Coleman

Originally posted in the Casey County News

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