Casey  County

I have pictures of a wonderful old walking stick which has been in my family for many years.  It is inscribed with date "Sour Wood Cut at Neeley Gap Casey County KY Nov 4, 1862".  The "S" in "Sour" is backwards....the carver didn't realize where he was going to start !

My Grandfather had it for as long as I can remember.  He died in 1972 in West Texas and I have had it since.  I never asked him the story behind it and how it came into his possession. Alas.
I think there were some major Civil War happenings in the area at the time, but this stick may be unrelated to the war.  Is there still a Neeley Gap?

answer: Neely's Gap is located on Highway 78  between Highway 49  and Hustonville,  KY.

Please share with local historians who might help me with understanding what may have been the circumstances in the month and year.
Karl Herzog