Casey  County


Additional Information on the Allen Family

Contributed By: Lisa Allen Nixon


Cora Peck Allen was O.T.'s first wife. Annie M. Whited Allen is the second wife to Octavus (O.T.) Allen. Octavus and Joseph are brothers. Beckham Allen, Otha Allen, James Eddie Allen and Stella Allen were children belonging to Octavus and Cora Peck. Otis Isaac Allen is the son of James Eddie and his wife, Mary Jane Allen.  George Choate is the husband of Dorothy Choate.  She is another child belonging to O.T. and Cora.  Their son William is buried there.

  Joseph Allen and Jamima Ann Peck Allen were married.  Jamima and Cora are first cousins.  Jamima's father Jake and Cora's father Isaac were brothers. 

Lela Allen Johnson was the only daughter of Joseph and Jamima to reach adulthood and have children with Robert Johnson.  (Bob and Lela passed within 6 weeks of each other.)  Gracie, Lily and Lena were infant daughters of Joe and Jamima.  One was stillborn, one died at 3 months and one at 9 months.  Grandpa Joe (Joseph Allen) couldn't afford markers when they passed so he marked their graves with glass jars with paper in them until markers could be purchased. 

   Benjamin Thomas Allen (1847-1923) owned the property the cemetery is located on at one point.  His wife, Lucinda Coffey Allen is buried there as well.  Their oldest boy is Benjamin F. Allen.  Their oldest girl is Mary Francis Allen Derringer who is buried with her husband, Jacob (they share a stone).