Casey  County Cemeteries


Antioch Cemetery

Located on Hwy. 127, South of Liberty

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R. J. Ruberts  

Born Apr 23, 1840, died Feb 23, 1926. He was  the son of Vincent C. Rubarts and was named Lorenzo Jackson Rubarts but changed his name to Ranza Jackson Ruberts after a family squabble. He served in the 8th Kentucky Cavalry in the Civil War.              

Don Rubarts  

James Bell Ruberts

Son of R. J. Ruberts and Mary Bell Carson. Born Jul 1, 1875, died Sep 20, 1912.

Don Rubarts  

Charles W. Ruberts

Charles William Sr., son of R.J. and Mary Bell Carson. Born Jun 30, 1882, died May 22, 1959 
Don Rubarts  

Della Ray Ruberts

Wife of Charles W. Sr, born Feb 7, 1884, died Oct 15, 1977

Don Rubarts  

James Henry Ruberts

Born Dec 19, 1914, died Oct 8, 1908. Son of Charles Sr. and Della

Don Rubarts  

Carl E. Ruberts

Born Nov 13, 1917, died Nov 12, 1992.

Don Rubarts  

Alice W. Ruberts

W for Washington. Born Nov 28, 1925, died Jan 15, 1990. Daughter of Charles Sr. and Della

Don Rubarts  

Robert L. Ruberts

Born Feb 26, 1933, died Oct 7, 1983. Son of Charles Sr. and Della

Don Rubarts  

Infant Son

Born and died Nov 13, 1906. Son of Charles Sr. and Della

Don Rubarts  

Wm. Virgil and Hattie W. Rubarts

Wm is William Virgil Rubarts Jr. He was born Nov 13, 1887, died July 1, 1959. He was son of William V. Sr. and Maggie Mills Rubarts. His father died 3 days after he was born.  Hattie was born Nov 6, 1891, died Oct 14, 1965
Don Rubarts  

   Carl and Rena Hammond Rubarts         

Carl was born Aug 13, 1908, died Sep 28, 1990, son of Isaac N. and Lillie Napier Rubarts. Rena was born Mar 7, 1939 

Don Rubarts  

Edgar W. Rubarts 

Born Aug 6, 1901, died Dec 8, 1989. Son of Wiley Carson and Amanda Sweeny Rubarts

Don Rubarts  

Nannie Bet Rubarts

Born Jan 10, 1888, died Jun 1, 1955. Daughter of William V. Sr. and Maggie Mills Rubarts

Don Rubarts  

Rose P. Rubarts

Born Oct 26, 1905, died Aug 23, 1990.  No further info.

Don Rubarts  

Omer Carl and Avery L. Rubarts

Omar was born Jan 21, 1921, died Nov 30, 2000. No further info. Avery was born Feb 1, 1926. Wife of Omer Carl.

Don Rubarts  

   Additional Headstone Photos Contributed by: Rochelle Riordan